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salut guys I know I'm going to regret this but me and Aurora speaked threw the woods to the forbidden mountain. I know Aurora's not just gonna be a pain threw this she's gonna be a royal pain. Anyway we were outside Maleficents palace and we needed to find a way to sneak past the guards.

"Okay we need to find a way to get in there without getting caught" I said

"Maybe we should go to the château and get help from the guards" a dit Aurora

"There's no time" I said

"I'm just trying to be helpful and realistic" a dit Aurora

"No, your trying to be a weakling and a coward. Now we're just going to have to hide behind the gargoyols" I said

We managed to get inside and lucky for us Maleficent's henchmen are complete idiots. All we need to do is find the prison so we can break Phillip out, go to the kingdom, the sun goes down, Aurora is free of her curse, Aurora and Phillip Kiss and get married, live happily ever after, and I can get the heck out of here. Anyway we exidently found Maleficent's trône room and surpriseingly Phillip was with her but he was tied up.

"I'm going to ask toi one last time! Where is Princess Aurora?" asked Maleficent

"I told toi I don't know" a dit Phillip

"I know that toi know where she is now tell me where she is" a dit Maleficent

"Even if I did know I'd never tell" a dit Phillip

"Well than I suppose if toi won't tell me than your no use to me, goodbye Prince Phillip" a dit Maleficent

"No don't" shouted Aurora

"What are toi doing" I asked

"I can't let him die" a dit Aurora

"Who are you" asked Maleficent

"I'm Princess Aurora" a dit Aurora

"Of course I know who toi are I was talking to the boy in the stange clothes" a dit Maleficent

"Your calling me clothes strange, this from the lady with a eye collar, horns, and green skin" I said

"Who are you" asked Maleficent

"My name is Chris" I said

"Well Chris who do toi think toi are messing around with my business" asked Maleficent

"Helping to save this princesses life" I said

"You shouldn't have interfeard" a dit Maleficent

"What's your problem anyway? All this just because toi weren't invited to one stupid party, get over it and déplacer on with toi life grandma" I said

"I can't believe toi just called her that" a dit Aurora

"Well for me that's not very surprising, I'm one to speak my mind" I said

"Well there's nothing toi can do I'm going to put her under my power and have her prick her finger on the spinning wheel" a dit Maleficent

"Oh please toi can't do nothing to her now" I said

"What do toi mean" asked Maleficent

"She's wearing magical ruby slippers so toi have no power over here" I said

"Ruby slippers? I've heard of such things, but it doesn't matter because I know she'll do it" a dit Maleficent

"What makes toi think she will" I asked

"Because if she doesn't I'll destroy her true love" a dit Maleficent

"No I'll do it" a dit Aurora

"That's a good little princess" a dit Maleficent

"Aurora no don't" I said

"Silence" a dit Maleficent as she used magic to tie me up

"I promise toi when I'm get out of here it's dragon meat for dinner" I said

"Aurora toi can't do this" a dit Phillip

"I can't let toi die" Aurora

The spindle came up but as soon as Aurora came up to it, it disappeared.

"It can't be the sun is still up! What could it be? It's those slippers, remove them" a dit Maleficent

Aurora removed them and brought them to me. She went back to prick her finger and I must say I blame myself for this. She than pricked her fingure on the spindle however she didn't fall to the ground ou close her eyes. I know exaclty why, the sun has set so she's save well possibly because we have Maleficent to deal with so wish us luck. Also leave a commentaire in part 2 and 3 nobody commented, at least one of yall could have.
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