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posted by dclairmont
I've already made an article like this for my haut, retour au début 7 (link, link, link, link, link, link, and link), and thought it was about time to make one for my eighth, Jasmine. Despite Jasmine's "low" place, I really, really l’amour her! If toi don't include Anna and Elsa on my list, she's actually sixth. I've really been warming up to jasmin lately, moving her slowly out of my bottom 5 and there's a possibility that she could déplacer up even higher. This will be a scene-by-scene review, so it may get quite long. So let's get started with the article!

We're introduced to jasmin with a bit of a bang. I l’amour how she stands her ground against her father and stands up for what she believes in. She's in no way passive and if she believes there's a problem she wants to fix it. I find this very admirable, as I'm quite passive myself (more so in real life than on here), and I l’amour how she's not just going to get married because the law says so. Some find her spoiled ou bratty because of this, but marriage is no small thing, and I think jasmin is completely justified to have the feelings she's feeling. toi can also tell from this first scene that jasmin is a free spirit. She just wants freedom and equality, which reminds me subtly similar to Pocahontas (who's in my haut, retour au début 3). All in all, Jasmine's first scene captivates me immediately and her presence really stands out.

The suivant scene we see of Jasmine, the marketplace scene, is my favori scene for jasmin as a character. The scene as a whole hints towards many of Jasmine's less appreciated personality traits. She's actually quite kind, which is shown par her giving the pomme to the little boy. Also, she's a quick thinker. She plays the part of a crazy woman masterfully and she quickly learns how to jump from buildings. I l’amour how she doesn't look down on the townspeople. She doesn't think of herself as "better" than them. She actually gets to know Aladin and actually opens up to him. I l’amour the scene where jasmin is talking about the castle. It, again, leads to the fact that she really doesn't care about the materialistic stuff of being a princess. I really think people should give jasmin plus credit for her kindness and wit.

The suivant scene, we get the news that Aladin is "dead". I l’amour how jasmin is already so invested in a "street rat" affirming that she really could care less about social status. I l’amour how jasmin says the words, "It's all my fault Rajah" as it shows that she's not afraid to admit her faults and take responsibility for her mistakes. Princesses like Merida always get praised for that, but jasmin (and Pocahontas I might add, but that's off topic) immediately take responsibility for their mistakes.

"I am not a prize to be won!" Ahh, Jasmine's famous words, and how true they are. She again stands up for herself and won't take any of the crap their trying to force on her. I l’amour how sarcastic she is when she first talks to "Prince Ali". Sarcasm is one of my favori qualities and it's one I admire in Jasmine. Only after "Prince Ali" opens up to her does she give him a chance, which again affirms the point that she doesn't care one bit about looks ou social status, just who the person is on the inside. Jasmine's intelligence is again displayed in her saying, "It's a shame Abu had to miss this," which was a really smart way to go about the situation in my opinion.

I l’amour towards the end, jasmin tries to help the situation, but ends up failing. I've always loved characters that can't do it all (which is probably why jasmin is a spot higher than Mulan on my list) and I think this makes jasmin plus relatable and less of a super-character. She's even willing to Kiss Jafar to help the people she loves, which shows how she puts others above herself. Again, she's an amazing actress. Which I find entertaining and admirable. She's also excepting of other's flaws. She realizes why Aladin lied and accepts him for it. jasmin is accepting, smart, yet can't do it all.

To conclude, jasmin is wonderful. She's free-spirited, kinder than donné credit for, uncaring of social status, realistically flawed, quick-witted, and all and all just a well rounded character. She can be a bit rash and emotional, but her flaws add to her character and just make her really fun to watch. Jasmine's definitely an amazing character and I'm glad I'm finally learning this. Thanks for lire everyone :)
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posted by awkwardanna
Pocahontas and John Smith
-smacks Disney- NO HISTORICAL ACCURACY GOSH GO AWAY and er, I just really saw no chemistry ou l’amour between them.

Ariel and Eric
I felt like their l’amour was quite shallow, like she was all like "Dayum, he's fine. Lemme become human so I can Kiss that boy!" and while he was kind, and she witnessed it, I just didn't feel it was real.

Snow White and The Prince
This is basically again because of a lack of chemistry. I found it quite heroic that he saved her, but she was like, what? 14 (I think)? So I always was a little uncomfortable with that.

Jasmine and Aladdin
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@Disney Princess -Life outside of the château proved to be an adventure for Jasmine. rejoindre along and relive some of Princess Jasmine's best moments!
jasmine's best moments
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A little quickie article on how I feel Moana would have been written if it was released pre-revival era. toi know, before Disney became so OBSESSED with being subversive and different from their précédant films.

Before I get into this, let me just tell y'all something, there's a difference between a cliche and convention. Having a l’amour interest, a fully developed villain ou a colorful cast of characters is not "cliche". Those are conventions, in other words, standard things that we've simply come to expect from certain genres of movies.

And if toi really want to put some clever twist on these...
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Sorry this is so late!

I l’amour how she just barges in and takes over the dwarfs' lives. She comes in, starts bossing them around, and runs that cottage like a business. It's freaking hilarious! XD -MaidofOrleans

Something people credit Belle a lot for that I never see them do for Snow- she doesn't care at all about appearances. She's surprised to see the Dwarfs because presumably she never has seen any before (also, she just woke up to see a bunch of strangers anyway). She doesn't laugh at them ou think they're freaks for being different. And of course the hag. Snow looks past her scary appearance...
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posted by disnerdtobe
One of my favori things about Disney is the art of animation. It's what keeps me loving Disney even into my adult years. It's also much easier for me to rank animation than it is to rank films ou princesses.

Warning: I am VERY picky, and obviously the animators can animate much better than I can with my judgy critique.

1. Cinderella
Cinderella, Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty are definitely my haut, retour au début three favori animation. My number one was Sleeping Beauty ou Pocahontas but then I decided that I like Cendrillon the best.

I've heard Cinderella's animation being called "vanilla" ou "bland" but...
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Today I'll be sharing my ranking of the Latin Spanish voices of the Disney Princesses. I grew up with most of these voices so they're special to me. There are only two singers that I dislike in the list, but in general, I find most of the others very fitting for the characters. I'll probably be ranking the English and Catalan voices at some point, and maybe other languages too. I hope toi enjoy it, and I would l’amour to read your thoughts!
Let's start...

 Dulce ruiseñor, canta por favor
Dulce ruiseñor, canta por favor

#19 – Cendrillon 1950 (by Evangelina Elizondo)
I don't like her voice at all on Cinderella. I know she...
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In this article I will be posting which Princess do I relate to the most. This took a few days and it was extremely hard to do but I think it's accurate for me. Since I'm a guy, I relate mostly to their personalities and relationships with their families. Hope toi enjoy lire it! ^^

#12 – Tiana
I have big dreams; I think I'm quite good at cooking too. But other than that, zero in common.
Differences: Her relationship with both of her parents is better than mine. I'm plus romantic and not as amer as her when it comes to finding love. I don't think it all depends on...
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I'm a huge fan of Rick Riordan's books, and I thought this would be an interesting idea! First of all, let me explain toi a bit: there are 20 cabins in Camp Half-Blood, each of them belongs to a god, and their demigod children live in their respective cabins. For example, Percy Jackson belongs in cabine #3 because he's a son of Poseidon, and Annabeth Chase belongs to cabine #6 since her mother is Athena. The 20 cabins are:
#1 – Zeus (king of the gods)
#2 – Hera (goddess of marriage and fidelity)
#3 – Poseidon (god of the sea)
#4 – Demeter (goddess of nature)
#5 – Ares (god of war)
#6 –...
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Now I want to rank DP wardrobes. First I will tell about my style preferences.

My favori colors: purple, plus ou less every shade of blue( but especially turquoise) and green, pink, white, black, grey.

Using link my favori styles are romantic and creative. My least favori one is for sure trendy, I'd also say I'm mostly not a fan of dramatic. I have mixed feelings about classic style: I tend to dislike it in its purest form but I can like some elements of this style when they are combined with elements my favori styles.

My favori historical fashion eras: Renessaince, la Belle Epoque(...
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Source: The Little Mermaid: 30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition Blu-Ray
posted by AdelitaI
I doubt if this article belongs here but since we have similiar lists for Esmeralda and Meg, I decided to publier it here. Here is favori DP liste I believe princess Mei from Mulan II would have. Mei highly values romance and also admires people with Rebelle and rebellious personality.
P.S. I am planning to do the same lists for Ting-Ting and Su but these are going to be plus difficult to make.

11. Tiana

I am sure that Tiana would be Mei's absolute least favori DP. Mei would see Tiana as boring, narrow-minded, unromantic, overly rational, materalistic, unadventurous and pig-headed workacholic....
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Source: The Little Mermaid: 30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: The Little Mermaid: 30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition Blu-Ray