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I haven’t done one of these, and I honestly just felt in the mood to write something. I thought this would be good and I have some pretty strong opinions about some of these films. These are just my opinions.

10. Cinderella
I hate this movie. Sorry. There is absolutely nothing interesting about it. The characters in this movie are really bad, the king is the only genuinely engaging character, his banter with the duke is the only really interesting thing about this movie. Every other character is either just annoying ou I feel neutral about, even Cendrillon I have a tendency to feel neutral about, except for Charming. I cannot stand him. Any scene the mice are in is interminable. Gus, don’t even get me started. I just wanted Lucifer to catch him so badly! His doh-doh-doh voice is so annoying, and he is so stupid, he never learns! Honestly, they had to give a song to these grating voices? The first half of the movie has no direction, it just goes on and on with no purpose. I can’t get emotionally invested in this movie at all, I honestly don’t really care what happens. I am honestly getting tired just écriture about this movie, I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t watch this version for years after I watched the Rodgers and Hammerstein version, that one is so much better and plus engaging! I really don’t like this movie, at all.

9. Aladdin
This movie is fun and entertaining. And entertaining and fun. And… hmm, what else is there to this movie? If toi haven’t read my favori princess article/ don’t know my feelings about Jasmine, here is a little summary- she had all the potential to be one of my favoris and then the seconde half came along and she Lost all her mojo. That’s kind of how I feel about this movie in general. Genie is another really good example of another problem I have with this movie. He is really fun and humorous, but par the end of the movie, it’s just too much. My favori joke of the movie- Jafar, Jafar, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, GREAT!- is at the end and I find myself not even laughing at it because I’m just so worn out from the jokes. The first half of this movie is awesome, but everything about it either peters out par the end ou is just too overdone. However, it is fun and entertaining enough that I do genuinely like this movie, and enough to watch it relatively frequently. It’s nothing deep, and don’t look for any strong message ou anything thought-provoking, but it’s a fun ride and worth the 90 minutes it takes to watch it.

8. Tangled
I once saw someone say this about Tangled, and I personally rather agree with it- I heard Raiponce was going to be a moving painting animation and it was a dark story. But what happened? "Let’s compete with Dreamsworks!" I’ve a dit before that Raiponce is what I’d expect from a Disney/ DreamWorks colab. It has all the hallmarks of a Disney movie- a classic fairytale, a princess, romance, songs, side-kicks- but the écriture and humor feels very DreamWorks-y to me. Things like the modern phraseology. My other big problem with this movie is Rapunzel and Flynn. They’re good characters, they have good dialogue (when they aren’t using words such as “like” as a verbal pause) and interesting complexes and backstories, but there’s just nothing original about them. I’d actually say that applies to a lot of this movie, there’s just very little original about it. Anyway, whine whine whine, there is a lot to l’amour about this movie. The plot is fantastic, one of Disney’s best. The side characters are actually really fun and enjoyable. I l’amour all the pub thugs! Mother Gothel is also a great villain, subtle and very well-crafted. The journey Rapunzel and Flynn takes is full of entertaining twists and turns, and there are some really moving moments, not to mention my last name is Flynn and there is a character named Flynn in this movie. I just wish there was plus originality in this movie.

7. Sleeping Beauty
I can’t really think of what exactly to say about this movie. It is just so unique that it’s difficult to find a way to explain what is good about it. I really like how much time is spent on the fées and the other characters, actually. I find them entertaining. I don’t even notice how little time is spent on Aurora and Phillip because I’m having so much fun watching the other characters. Really, this movie is about the fairies. I really enjoy watching them, Merryweather especially is just constantly entertaining. The storytelling in this movie is also unique and completely different from how most stories are told, and I like that Disney took a risk like that. This movie isn’t as much about what is happening to someone, but what is happening in general (hope that makes sense,) which I find really refreshing. For example, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I’m always way plus interested in what the big crowd is doing when the Dark Mark appears than what’s going on with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I really like the way the conflict is handled and addressed in this movie. The side characters are all interesting and humorous, and the villain is just EPIC. The score is beautiful (it’s Tchaikovsky, duh) and the animation is the greatest in existence. Stylistically and artistically, this movie is a masterpiece, and I personally find it entertaining and engaging.

6. The Princess and the Frog
I really like this movie. The characters, songs, general plot, animation, setting, I just think it’s all great. The only real problem with this movie is that it’s all just too cluttered. They needed to go through and éditer one plus time and get down to what was really essential in this movie before going into production. However, it never really distracted me. Either I’m a lot plus intelligent ou a lot plus simple-minded than the general audience of this movie, because I was never once confused. This is the DP movie with the best characters. All of them are super entertaining and never fail to keep me interested. Tiana may have the strongest work ethic, but she is sassy and I think she’s really fun! Naveen is hilarious and so is Lottie, not to mention her dad! Big Daddy is so underrated! Facilier has a ton of charisma, and all of the side characters keep me in stitches. The plot, while cluttered, is a fun one. The setting is the best possible setting. 1920s New Orleans! I l’amour it! People are way too harsh on this movie, it’s really enjoyable.

5. Beauty and the Beast
This movie is obviously a great one. It’s just a really enjoyable movie. I l’amour the characters. Belle is a much plus interesting and layered character than she’s donné credit for. The side characters are also really entertaining. Chip is cute, and everyone loves Mrs. Potts. Gaston and the bimbettes, while shallow, are really entertaining. I l’amour the witty exchanges between Lumiere and Cogsworth! They may be my favori part of the movie. I really l’amour the village and everyone who lives in it, I l’amour the Gaston scene and all the time at the pub! Going back to what I a dit about Harry Potter in the Sleeping Beauty paragraph, I think I like watching what’s going on in the village better than watching Belle and the Beast!

4. Pocahontas
I l’amour this movie. Pocahontas is, of course, my seconde favori princess. I’ve always loved this movie, it was one of my favoris growing up. I would always pretend to be Pocahontas watching John Smith and sneaking down the rocks to where he was. The meeting scene is so intense! The Englishmen are actually pretty fun, especially Thomas. John is great, he’s adventurous and his cockiness is actually pretty amusing! Nakoma is one of my favori characters of a DP movie. I l’amour all the steaks she has to contend with and the consequences all her choices will potentially have. I l’amour how real what she is going through with Pocahontas is. Watching a friend make choices that (you think, anyway) harm herself is something extremely relatable and something really hard to deal with. The movie has an epic plot with intense steaks and is just- epic.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
I l’amour this movie! It is such a classic, and would be even if it wasn’t the first. I find this plot really compelling and incredibly charming. And every time it starts to get a little too light-weight, the Queen comes back and brings her little creepiness back. Not to mention she has the best villain death ever- it’s the vultures that really make it. I really l’amour the scenes between Snow White and the dwarfs. The dwarfs are all really hilarious. I’ve realized that I really like scenes between characters better than scenes of plot and action. This movie is just so timeless and charming and one of my favoris par Disney.

2. The Little Mermaid
I absolutely l’amour this movie. At its core, this movie is just a really good l’amour story done really well. I actually really l’amour it that there was no over-done cheesy message ou underlying metaphor. At its core, The Little Mermaid is just a story. And what a story it is. Ariel, while flawed, is a very interesting and really a very sympathetic lead. Eric, while less layered and flawed, is still a very nice and enjoyable guy. I l’amour the steaks and how much Ariel has to lose. I l’amour the fact that she does lose it, despite the fact she gets is all back again. Ariel and Triton have a really interesting and layered and well developed relationship, in my eyes. I also l’amour Ariel when she Lost her voice, she’s so exuberant and expressive! Those scenes are incredible and toi are just so happy with her. My only complaint is that patauger, plie grise and Scuttle are annoying.

1. Mulan
Okay, who here’s surprised? This is my all-time favori movie. Mulan is, of course, my favori animated character. I l’amour the relationships between all of their characters. The somewhat strained relationship between Mulan and her father is amazing, and I l’amour the parallel between Mulan and Shang and their father issues. The plot is serious, and I l’amour that there are real consequences from that. The village will remain burned and Shang’s father isn’t coming back. The tone changes are handled really well in this movie. Right before the serious burned-out village, we have A Girl Worth Fighting For. It makes for perfect contrast. Also, I like the way the massage is conveyed, especially considering how over-done it could have been. Have toi ever watched Honor to Us All- and I mean really watched it? It has some of the best subtext toi can find in a DP movie. Also, when toi really start to look at the movie, toi realize how layered Mulan’s character is. She is Rebelle and selfless, but she’s also kind of amer when her dad gets called off to war. Also, when the Huns reveal themselves in the city, she has this little moment with this really vindictive, “I-told-you-so” look on her face. Just little things like that throughout the movie really add to her character. Also, for someone who loves good character moments, this has some of the best to offer. The army is great and provide for some really fun moments. I l’amour how they all try to out-man each other and fail miserably. I l’amour the way they all treat Mulan as she is working her way through the army. I l’amour the way that, even though they can be mean to each other, they really support each other against people above them like Chi Fu. They provide for some great humor in this movie and are always enjoyable. But ultimately, the thing about this movie is that, despite the bad ending, the impossible solutions to all the solutions, despite Mushu sometimes trying too hard, when I watch this movie, it’s flawless in my eyes. This movie completely draws me in and I am completely absorbed in every seconde of this movie. I just absolutely l’amour this movie.
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Hi !!! Below is a short comic strip par me <3
Stepmothers are always seen as evil ou bad in these films but what if there is another side to the story and they have their reasons for their actions >>>

Disclaimer: This is for assignment purpose
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 The Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 Lady Tremaine from Cendrillon
Lady Tremaine from Cinderella
 Gothel from Raiponce
Gothel from Tangled
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Of course, we all have our faves and we feel a certain way when our favori princesses are getting criticized. For me, I do feel like Tiana gets quite a bit of flack, some deserved but some is quite overboard. For example, people call Tiana mean and even ruthless for simply doing what rayon, ray tells her par leaving him to fight off the shadows par himself but if she went against his orders, toi know that would be yet another opportunity for people to call her condescending. So I'm just gonna counter some complaints against Tiana.

Human Tiana is plus likable than frog Tiana.
Not really gonna disagree...
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