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posted by justgrac
A teenage Vanessa was standing suivant to Maria at athena's wedding . Sure she was only 19 but she was getting maried to soon to be king triton . They both kissed and a huge smile spree across Vanessa's face -sure she was a tinsey bit mad at athena but she was exteremly happy mostly . sirènes don't really wear dresses . They have kind of half shirts no fronts but long white fabric and white seashells. Athena looks simply beautiful. Of coarse flotsam and jetsam her pets were on her other side . She started calling them her babies. Soon after everyone got up and started talking . "so Maria it seems like something is bothering toi .... Is it that I couldn't meet your daughter that other jour I was doing something and-" " no it's not that ." a dit Maria "Gabriella is a beautiful child but but " "what" a dit Vanessa ."she was born deaf " a dit Maria . Vanessa was sure she was crying but they were underwater she couldn't tell. " oh I'm sorry about that " a dit Vanessa . They both stood in silence.

years and years later Athena has 7 ou 8 beautiful daughters that get along wonderfully. Of coarse Vanessa and Maria always visit many times with gifts for each little girl. Of coarse Vanessa has to admit her favoris are arista and Alana . One jour on the anerversary of king triton and Queen Athena everyone was at the surface. Vanessa was playing the harp when she saw triton give Athena a musique box. "of what a lovely thing" a dit Vanessa . They all say playing their instraments just like they did when they were kids . Then a ship came ."everyone get away " screamed Maria . Frantic shreaks came from averywhere . "Attina!!" she herd Athena scream. The poor girl's fin was stuck . Attina swam under and met up with Vanessa " stay put "she a dit . She swam up to the surface just to see athena's dead body. "no no no no no" a dit Vanessa . She cried and cried and she couldn't stop .
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