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 1. Normal dress
1. Normal dress
Sorry its been a while. This has only one outfit for Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I will only be including the 1951 cartoon film not the 2010 and 2016 film. That will come another time.

1. Normal dress
Alice is a young girl who throughout the film wears a blue dress, with a white tablier on top, long white stockings, black flat shoes and a black headband. It's very smart dress with the light blue and white matching well together. The young girl looks like any girl would look like in the 19th century. It's pretty. 9/10

That's it for Alice. My suivant Disney Herorine will probably be Megera from Hercules. I will try and get back to doing plus articles on a daily basis again so don't worry. As always commentaires would be appreciated and thanks for reading.
She has beautiful black hair,stunning brown eyes,clumsy,and a strong yet girlish personality.
She has gorgeous white hair,beautiful tanned skin, i like the tatoo on her face, she will do anything for her people,and she is not perfect.
She has great brownish/redish hair,nice figure,un real waist line,and sarcastic yet caring attitude.
2. Esmeralda
She has pretty big black hair,nice tanned skin,sees people for who they are instead of what they look like, and has a compassionate personality.
1.The Blue Fairy.
She has beautiful blond hair,captivating blue eyes (probably the most gorgeous eyes out of all the Disney heroines),a beautiful voice, and she wants people to do the right thing.
So, this is going to go from least to greatest. I'm going to be a little shallow and base this on their looks and not par their personalities.
10. Nani
She may not seem that pretty, but she has a plus casual and realistic design to her. She doesn't seem as fake as some of the other Disney characters, plus she has a pretty great body.
9. Audrey
Audrey has cute black hair, chocolat eyes, and full lips. Other than her, [pardon my language] big booty, she does have a nice figure, and if she tried I bet she could look just as beautiful as some of the Disney princesses.
8. Tinker Bell
As much as I like...
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