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we all know that right now there is a big fight between which is better harry potter ou twilight i say harry potter i used to be a twilight fan but now it bores me to death it's the modern jour romeo and Juliet that went so personally i like the actual romeo and juliet better. I'm here to talk about how much better vampire academy is than that twilight. vampire academy has so much plus tension and action packed into it, the plot is great and is so much plus planned out than twilight, the male characters have so much plus in them( eg dimitri is alot sexier and hotter than that try hard edward...
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So, recently Avery has come back as a strigoi...She attacks rose and dimitri's house because adrian is there. Cchristian and lissa were out at a restaurant that night and the baby was with them, so dont worry about adrian jr. because adrian and deirdre were so in love, she sacrificed herself for him and got badly hurt.dimitri staked avery then asked rose to call sydney.dimi and rose couldnt rush her off to hospital because then they would be telling about the world that humans dont know about. adrian tried using hispowers to heal her but they werent strong enough to heal strigoi wounds. he...
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