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Hello, and this is my final article on fanpop.

Here is what I will be answering for my final article-

What will happen to WDMD?

What will happen to Dexi?

If I want to see your art again, where do I go?

What is going to happen to WDMD-Doujinshi?

and some other important things.

So lets get started!

What will happen to WDMD?
I am gonna be on deviant art trying to find some people to collabarate with me for a WDMD Doujinshi(Fancomic) based off of PPG, Dexter's laboratory, and other Cartoon shows. I will not be making a Comic for the orignal WDMD. for plus information check out my DA account and check for...
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posted by suzyisbrute
haha!name change!!!

anyways Im sorry it can't be weekly but between nerdy friends, comics, first an of high school coming up, art class teaching, youth group singer, etc It's hard to stay up to rendez-vous amoureux, date so anyway im gonna make it easy on myself today and just do a news cast.

(opening musique plays)

(also 1 plus thing news cast has changed it's name thought of par my dad)

Douglas: Hello and welcome to crocks 25 at 11:49 where we snap up the news im your anchor Douglas E Mordecai III.

Bella: And im Bella L Utonium.

Douglas: So let's go to Dexter with traffic again being stupid enough to let Katie steer...
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salut everyone heres the deal....

So... Sierra and I were talking and I told her that about two years il y a when I was around 12 that I had written a theme song for our fanfiction (One Strange Family) I also told her that I would post this theme but my camera is being repaired right now so until I get it fixed Im just posting the lyrics in general.

Voices all around, wake up catch the bus thats a normal life (normal life) for a normal kid (normal kid).
Normal people all would do these things but, I guess we aren't normal cuz we don't do it like that...
Have toi ever seen secret lab explosions?
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posted by GingerxMandark
Bella:Oh man I can't believe my sisters went to book camp...mostly I can't believe Buttercup went to book camp...

Douglas:Hey Bella!

Bella:Douglas...your not at camp?

Douglas:Nah,Let's spending a week in the same room as thanks!

Bella:Anyways....looks like the mail is here....bills,bills,bills,bills,bills,and....jean magazine?

Douglas:Uggg the mailman put it in the wrong box again!!!


Bella:Hey it's a letter addressed to me!(
opens it)bla bla bla bla.....OMG!it's from my cousins in Spain!

Douglas:I thought they dies in a fire...

Bella:Well only me and my cousins...
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Last time Mason was crushing on Cindy Waters lets see what happens next....

Masondarl"LOOK LEGALLY toi CAN'T STAY HERE SO déplacer IT!

Cindy:LIKE toi CARE...FINE I WILL LEAVE....AND FOR THE RECORD.....I thought your braces were cute....(leaves)

Masondrak:Maybe Sierra was right....maybe I do need better dating advice....nah!she just a dit my braces were cute it's totally working!!!

(omg I get Mandark's system now lol!)

(Masondark picks up the phone and dials)

?????:WHO IS IT IM BUSY!!!!

Masondark:Grandad it's me stupid!

Mandark:oh toi again.....

Masondark:Yeah....the plan is totALLY WORKING....

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posted by Pokemon4321
This is about Gabby's Dad.... It's sad though...
It's a rainy jour and gabby and her dad are out side

Gabby: Dont go!!PLEASE!!!!(starts crying)

gabby's dad:.......(starts waking)

Gabby:what about mom?!!(starts crying harder)
Gabby: Trader!!!

(gabby's dad has a pigeote and uses the pokemon déplacer FLY)

Gabby:(thinking) someday I'll become a pokemon master.... Then youll have to face me!!!!

In gabby's room there's a note that says:

dear gabby,

don't ever give up on your dreams..
- your father

Sad... Isn't it?
Note to all readers:...I was super bored when I wrote this. that and, I want toi guys to know plus about Markdark and Darklord. This is a set of interviews I made with the characters. Some are funny, some are stupid, and all the others are both!!

Also we'll soon be having interviews between Derek and Dylan titled : "Future dork kings of the world"

SO! with that said! HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

And, here to interview the characters for me! IS......DEXTER!...........(crickets chirp).......BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!(lol)

Dexter: HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!(crickets chirp).......I deeply hate toi all......very...
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so were we last left off Darxy had gotten paint in her hair......

2 days later........

It was humiliating two days il y a when I got paint in my hair a lot had happened since then....I ran into Darxy and Mandark a few times I never thought of calling the cops...My dad still had his injury and couldn't be put back on the force until his leg was fully healed.....I also had drama as far as my relationships went....I had dated Justin for about 15 minuets then my cœur, coeur broke down seeing Manwell cry in a arbre and Dexi and Mandark breaking their own relationship to try and clean up the mess I had...
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"Dexter, are toi ok?" Blossom said, her perfect rose eyes in a worried expression. I just continued tighting the screw on my newest invention in my lab. Manwell sat across from me at the table, waiting for a spark from the bulb on the machine.
"Blossom's right. Today marks the anniversary of Mandark and Dexi almost gettin toi gone for good! toi should be lucky your alive!" Manwell said, taking two secondes to look away. The bulb flickered while his eyes were off it. " AWW DARN IT! toi STOOOOOOOOPID STOOOOOPID BULB! GRRRRR.. CAN I LEAVE NOW!?!?"
"MANWELL! calm down!"Blossom exclaimed."you...
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posted by suzyisbrute
question 1.

Who created the series "SpongeBob SquarePants"?

A.Butch Hartman

B.Genndy Tartavosky.

C.Stephen Hillenburg.

D.Tom Warburton.

Question 2.

In there series "Tuff Puppy" what is Kitty's last name?





Question 3.

Who created the series "Fish Hooks"?

A.Noah Z. Jones

B.Butch Hartman.

C.John A. Davis.

D.Rob Renzetti.

Question 4.

In the series "My Life as a Teenage Robot" what is Jenny's real name?





Question 5.

Who created the series "Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius"?

A.Genndy Tartavosky.

B.Craig McCracken.

C.Lauren Faust.

D.John A. Davis

Question 6.

In the series...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Hello people no weekly weird this week instead news!

Douglas:Hello this is Box 25 news at 10:45 Im your anchor Douglas Mordecai.

Bella:and Im your co-anchor Bella Utonium so first up on the news we are going to go to Blossom Utonium with the weather.

Blossom:Thank toi Bella!This week it will be rain in the cartoon world nothing but rain down in megaville for the week meanwhile in townsville there will be rain on Monday and the rest of the week sunny with a 44% chance of rain.In Ultratown all week should be rain with a 22% chance of snow back to toi Douglas!

Douglas:Thank toi Blossom!In other news...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Hello this is a "newspaper" I like to call the weekly weird....(not sure if I will have it every week)...but this is this weeks news.


This week many shocking things happened but the first would be the Dexi and Mandark relationship.
My "undercover" workers had caught them slow dancing on the dance floor of the school dance will Dexi and Mandark soon pair up for good?or will there still be bumps in the road? the answer is still unknown.As for Dexter and Blossom the breaking news was Dexter ACTUALLY WON A BET HE WAS RIGHT!!!!WILL THIS BE THE END OF THE WORLD?!The answer is sill unknown........
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Well I guess I was knocked out because I awoke to a boy who looked a lot like Mandark but wore orange and carried a lightsaber.

"Who are you?"I asked looking chains had been off and I had been set free.

"The names Mackdark....."He said.

"Why are toi here?"I asked even plus puzzled.

"Let's just say a family member told me toi might need help...."He replied still not giving me much to think on.

"Well I don't need it!"I yelled deciding my own judgment.

"Fine!"He a dit pushing a button and the chains tied me back against the wall.He threw a device on the ground.

"busted it a dit there was...
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Mackdark:uggg soooo bored.....Mason!....Mason!...are toi bored?!

Masondark:No im just yawning because it's a new fashion trend!of course im bored!!!

Mrs.Emily:Quiet down Let me introduce the newest addition to our class....Mrs.Cindy Waters...

(a tall figure walks in with long brown hair in a ponytail,a skirt,blue top,and sunglasses on.)

Mrs.Emily:Take your siège Cindy....


Mackdark:ooooooooo like her....

Masondark:do not!

Mrs.Emily:Now class today we will be continuing our studies on the declaration of independence.....Cindy Waters,are...
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Note to all readers: I got bored, I looked over my WDMD1 chapters, realized the STINK, and so am doing a rewrite. hope toi enjoy it.also, dexters accent is plus noticable, laugh while toi can XD.

When Dexter met Dexi 1 Rewrite: introduction



Dese, dese were de words dat tainted my tounge as I was unmercifully dragged toward my family's car. toi probably think I am over-reacting. But dere is a reason toward my seeming madness.

But, toi shall understand it soon enough, for right now I have to get to the story. The...
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I bent over walking tiered from school.Nothing could cheer me up.Because everyday I came accueil to an exploded laboratory,a ton of homework,and of course plus thinking to do.....

"I don't understand.....Dexty was supposed to be smarter,cooler,and not destroy my lab.....what went wrong?How did she go evil?I checked her for Mandark dna...."

The last of Dexty I had seen was yesterday when she introduced herself to the "other" villans who usually work together and alone on and off.The bad part was that Mandark had been hitting on Dexty which naturally made Dexi jealous and angry.But when Dexi...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Hello and welcome to the not so weekly weird!
coming soon there will be....COMICS!muahahaha!also art so soumettre pics and art to me and yours could be in then suivant issue(not that anyone reads this XD jk)


Chester Duncan and Tia were seen doing some very stange things.Chester has been caught calling Tia "beautiful" several times.Meanwhile-hey-who let mandark in?!(mouth gets covered with tape.Mandark:Meanwhile Suzy Airups falling for me-I mean...Mandark B Austronamanov?The answer is still unknown.(Suzy unties herself and hits Mandark with a frying pan)


This is from Dexter to...
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1.Your walking to school and toi hear the two girls in front of toi talking about you,you....

A.Slide up to them and say"What about me now?"and give them a fake smile.

B.Hope they aren't talking about how bad they feel for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

C.Plan to destroy them if I get hypnotized again to take over the world(making a note)

D.Um....I don't really care.

E.What?I couldn't hear toi im busy with étoile, star wars.

2.Your crush is a huge nerd and he/she asks toi to go to a starwars reanactment you...

A.RUN!!!He/she is cute but...NO!

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Okay so most people probably think Ginger is a strange name's not my real name....okay all began last an when I first met Suzy(the jour we discovered we both loved cartoons:)
so this is pretty much how it went....

(we were walking accueil from our cheerleading class)

Suzy:Yeah dorky.(I don't remeber what we were talking about but I remember her saying dorky...maybe it was Dexter XD )

Me:Okay are toi going to the dance?

(okay well if toi know suzy...she's homeschooled so this is where she hit me thinking I was trying to rub it in her face and crap...then after...
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Break:How long have they been fighting?

(Baily and Malory roll par fighting)

Katie:Almost 4 hours...

(They roll par kicking each other)

Baily:How dare toi call me a nerd....IN A BAD WAY!!!!

Malory:And im totawy pwettier than you!!!

(they fight again)

Baily:Your so weak!(kicks her across the street)

Malory:Can someone spewll white and newdy!!!( charges at her)

Baily:GRRRRRRRAAAAAAA!!!!!!(Eyes turn red and she charges towards Malory)

Katie:Okay thats it!....SHUT UP!!!!!!

(They stop)


Break:No Baily Katie is right toi and Malory need a break...hehe break....

(Baily slaps him)

Baily:Fine I'll just go...
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