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posted by HaleyDewit
“Where’s Barbie?” Katherine asked when Stefan was standing on the front porch of the Boarding House. She had gotten used to the sight of him with Rebekah.
“She’s out, doing something” Stefan explained vague. “Can I come in?”
Katherine shrugged and let him pass. Stefan turned around. “I’m looking for Elena. Is she here?”
“No, she’s at school. toi should know that” Katherine a dit uninterested.
“Not anymore she isn’t” Stefan said. “School’s over”
“Then she’s probably at the Grill” Katherine said, a little annoyed. “What do toi need her for anyway?”
“I want to apologize for what happened last time she came over” Stefan said. “And I want to make sure she’s okay. I mean, I know Rebekah’s blood already left her system par now, but still, it must have freaked her out”
He looked at Katherine who stared at some point behind Stefan. Stefan quickly turned around and saw Damon standing in the doorway.
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posted by HaleyDewit
DE song

I’m ready to let go
I’m about to give up all hope
On finding someone like you
I’m back at the start
After toi found a way to my heart
But I can’t reach you

I will find a way to déplacer on
And live forever in loneliness

‘Cause I’m trying to keep myself together
But it’s not getting any better
I’m doing all that I can
But toi won’t let me in
I’m trying to let go
‘Cause your l’amour I will never know
My heart’s shattered on the ground
But toi won’t change your mind

I know toi never wanted to
Make me fall in l’amour with you
But the damage’s been done
Now I can’t get toi out of my head...
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When I first heard that LJ Smith had been fired, I was tempted to think it was a hoax. Some fans speculated that LJ had been fired for something else, and her Pro-Delena stance was merely a cover up for legal reasons she couldn't go into. However, since LJ Smith has confirmed she has been fired, I think it's clear from the statement she issued that she WAS fired for wanting to make Delena endgame:

"(And remember, for fans of Bonnie and Damon, and strict Stefan and Elena fans, the immediate dynamics may be plus to your liking.)"

Stefan and Elena are mentioned, as are Damon and Bonnie. But there's...
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