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This Les Experts - Manhattan photo contains le dîner, salle à manger, signe, affiche, texte, tableau noir, tableau, and affiches. There might also be brasserie, rue, scène de ville, milieu urbain, ville, scène, urbain, cadre, mise en scène de rue, costume d'affaires, and costume d’affaires.

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[Disclaimer: I do not own ou gain profit off of CSI: NY ou its characters. It is owned par Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS, and all other affiliates.

Author’s Note: The song translated to Greek is compliments of Google.com and the Language tools I would l’amour to say I can write, speak, and read Greek but I can’t so I cheated. Hopefully it is correct.]

A Precious Moment

Stella Taylor turned off the baby monitor and walked down the hallway from the living room to her bedroom. She walked over to the lit de bébé to pick up her crying son, Nicholas Isaiah Taylor. She held...
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Chapter 7: The Mission is Announced

Mac and Stella woke up to the rising sun and quickly got dressed then made their way back to the barracks. They stopped outside of the Manning Barracks where Stella and the other women on Blue Squad lived. Mac wrapped his arms around Stella and looked into her eyes.

"Last night was amazing Stella, thank toi for sharing it with me."

"Thank toi too Mac it was wonderful I can't wait to do it again. So its 06:20 right now and we have the meeting at 08:00 to learn what our big undercover mission is going to be I can't wait. Isn't this so exciting?"

"Well I don't quite...
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Chapter Four: Beginnings

BUZZZZZZ!! The buzzer for the basketball, basket-ball game went off and the scoreboard read 42-36. Squad 1 ou The Blue Squad’s Woman’s basketball, basket-ball team had defeated Squad 2, The Red Squad in their opening game at Fort Bennet Military Base. The game was open to only non-military guests as it was elected to be a charity game for the local Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization. Game tickets cost $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. The Blue Squad consisted of six women who were Stella Bonasera (Center), Jessica Angell (Power Forward), Lindsay Monroe (Point Guard/Team Captain),...
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Chapter Five: Rivals

Don, Jess, Lindsay, Danny, Hawkes, and Aiden were all in the first SUV and Mac, Stella, Adam, Chad, Kendall, and Sam were in the second. They arrived at Frisco’s and all got out of the vehicles. They walked into the entrance of Frisco’s and gathered around a large table, tableau for big parties. All twelve members sat around the table, tableau and ordered their drinks. There was a local rock band playing on the performance stage at the front of the bar and some of the members of Blue Squad gathered around to listen and dance to the music. Mac and Stella found a cozy little booth towards...
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