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I wrote this song almost a couple of years il y a now, but I still l’amour this song. :) Tell me what toi guys think of it!


(First Verse)

Never had much luck

When it came to love

Nothing worked out

But I never gave up

But lately things have changed

My luck has rearranged

Because now finally

Guys are saying that they like me

But I can’t say I like them back

I guess I just don’t see them like that

(Chorus 1)

For I’m still waiting on you

To catch me

To let me fall into your arms

I’m still waiting on you

To save me

To let me know toi have my back

I’m still crazy about you

And I don’t know what...
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lol, so I wrote this song about how I feel about Taylor Lautner a while back. It's okay; not one of my best songs. But, I think a lot of people can relate to it in some ways. It could be about a regular guy who doesn't know toi exist who toi have a crush on too! :D Relate to it in anyway toi want to, but for me, this is a song for Taylor. :D
Enjoy! And tell me what toi think!

All I Want and All I Can’t Have

First verse: Perfect face and perfect skin
Still no trace of me being the win
He’s oh-so talented and oh-so hot
He’s really sweet and a liar he’s not
He’s one of a kind and he would like...
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posted by obd2scanner
link applicable to most vehicles up to 2006. Automatically read out mileage and adjust directly at will, no need to calculate. Can be used as a programmer. Let toi read, save, display, éditer the memory .

Attention:When toi use Mileage Master PC with computer,you can not connect with network.
1. Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software

Please note,anti-virus software can flag up Mileage Master PC software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software...
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posted by alexiaandjaydon
I have a crush on you
I wish toi were mine
I have a crush on you
Oh that's true

Yo, I have a crush on you
I'm not kidding, it's true
Every jour and night I'm thinking of you
Tryna make me and you
I've been caught staring at ya
But toi never seem to take the hint
Your funny and popular
I'm sarky and intelligent

I have a crush on you
I wish toi were mine
I have a crush on you
Oh that's true

I daydream about your face
I daydream about your smile
I daydream about your eyes and everything wild
I think I'm in l’amour with you
We're not even best friends
But I'd like to hang out with toi guys

Jaydon, can't we just try
Jaydon, pls try u and I

I have a crush on you
I wish toi were mine
I have a crush on you
And everything about ya

I have a crush on you
I wish toi were mine
I have a crush on you
And everything about ya

I daydream about you
I daydream about you
I daydream about you
I daydream about you
posted by writeratwork
Verse 1:

You're like a tiny sprout
Vanquishing my doubt
Pulling me in deep
To the claws of love
You've caused me to weep
Many, many times again


Our l’amour has been growing
like a tiny seed
Our l’amour has been growing
You're all I really need
Our l’amour has been growing
Like a little plant
Our l’amour has been growing
They can't take it away, no they really, really can't

Verse 2:
Dark hair
Soulful eyes
toi drew me right in
To the arms of your l’amour
In the heavens above

 haut, retour au début image
Top image
If toi have been wanting your crush to like toi bk than do something about him that your the perfect one for him
But here's a lame thing what. They usually do:worry about hair,eyeliner,lips and nails just make up and looks! That's not the kind of girl I know who would be successful
Oh and remember if toi read this and haven't joined the club come rejoindre link and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add me!
So please read the haut, retour au début image for the right thing to do and check out the bottom image for you! Good luck girls!
 Good luck!
Good luck!
posted by lalaland101
A boy walked into a CD store and saw a girl behind the counter.

She smiled and he thought it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen before and wanted to Kiss her right there.

He a dit "Uh... Yeah... Umm... I would like to buy a CD." He picked one out and gave her money for it.

"Would toi like me to emballage, wrap it for you?" she asked, smiling her cute smile again.

He nodded and she went to the back.

She came back with the wrapped CD and gave it to him. He took it and walked out of the store. He went accueil and from then on, he went to that store everyday and bought a CD, and she wrapped it for him....
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posted by ppgcowgirl
When I stare out the window, I don't see the cars pass by. When I stare out the window, I don't see the rain as I cry. When I stare out the window, all I see I you. Me and you.

I fell for toi hard. I tried not to, but l’amour can find a way through. I could feel the magic as we touched. I could see all that was good in you. But I know what's there, what I can't repair. I can dream. I can believe, but I can't deny what's true. She's still with you.

When I look into the nighttime sky, I don't see the étoile, star fly by. When I look into the nighttime sky, I don't see the moon shine bright. When I...
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posted by dxcfan
When your par my side

(First Verse)
People are such fools
jouer la comédie like they could walk by
Life is to short
To keep on the long way
when I know I past par toi everyday!

When your par my side
I know I can never die
Only when your here
Right suivant to me

(Second verse)
I go to the store
At 2 o'clock pm
Telling myself that "It only hurts when...."


Than toi walk....away
And my stops beating
It only starts when your par my side

When your par my side
My cœur, coeur is recognized
And my soul is shinning bright
Only when your par my side


posted by PUNKMUNK
toi make me lauph, toi make me cry.
I l’amour toi so much, but I don't know why.
I hate toi so much and I'm telling toi from the start; you're rude and careless, but embedded in my heart.
You're a part of my life and a part of me, but all toi do is lie so we can never be.
It hurts to think toi a dit no, but now I notice your glamour is all just for show.
Being without your l’amour takes it's toll.
Sorrow takes over and tears roll.
My cœur, coeur leaps when I see you, and cries when I do, and matches the beat of another heart, and it belongs to you.
My l’amour for toi is solid as stone, and you're king of my emotions,...
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Or... I might be interested in him still, but I'm not sure yet. XD
Anyway, my situation with him was unique, so I wrote a song about it! (I'm also currently écriture a story about it too! toi can find it on my fanpop club) toi see, I had a crush on a guy who I only saw in the hall! He's really cute, and I heard that he had a great personality, so I tried to meet him. :) I wrote this song over time as everything was still going on, and it has an ending to it too. :)
Enjoy! And tell me what toi think!

The Boy In The Hall

First Verse: I pass toi in the hall everyday
But I never had the courage to...
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posted by PonygirlCurtis7
The Good:

1. He (his name is Lev) smiles when i talk to him

2. He "chuckles" at some of the things i say

3. He always makes eye-contact with me

*4. He stands fairly cose to me (ex: whenever he doesnt hear something that i say he leans down so i can repeat it and he can hear. but when he does that his ear is like 3 to 4 inches from my lips! then im just standing there thinking "dude, if toi dont back up im gonna freakin hyperventilate and faint!"

*5. We always walk colse to eachother [sometimes our arms brush ;D])

6. He seems to enjoy my presence

7. He looks at me quite a few times (i feel like...
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Stage 1:

Who are you?
Oh what to do!
My hair's a mess
I'm wearing my worst dress
I have to look great
So toi give me a great rate

Stage 2:
I was nine
He was so kink
His dark hair
Soulful eyes
Drew me right in
Sleek hair
I'm starting to like this whole affair

Stage 3:
He looked at me
I was really, really tempted to flee
But his eyes
They were gazing
So longingly right at me
So L stayed

Stage 4:
He gazed so longingly
Not at me
But at another girl
This caused a great whirl
Inside I was weeping
I wanted him for keeping

Stage 5:
Last an
He looked at me
I was really really tempted to flee
But now I see
It was just young l’amour it turned out to be
So, this is one of the songs I wrote about the guy I like. Jonathon is my crush's first name, but we all call him par his middle name. I decided to use the name "Jonathon" anyway.
At first I wasn't sure if I should post this ou not, but I guess I will. :) Tell me what toi think! :]

Come to Me (Jonathon)

(La da da)
(La da da da)

(First Verse)
You are the greatest thing
That’s happened to me with a guy
I swear I’ve never gotten this far
But I’m scared to find
That our lack of communication
Will catch up over time
And everything I’ve tried to build will come tumbling down
But with toi not calling
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posted by vanillamoon08
So, I wrote this song over a mois il y a now, maybe plus than that, and it's about me and my crush's complicated situation, where he might've liked me before he found out that I liked someone else. But now that I like him, he rejects me. :/
I hope toi enjoy it!!!! :) Tell me what toi think!

My Friend (Don’t Lie

First Verse: Sometimes I wonder if toi ever saw me in your dreams
I know it sounds creepy but that’s only how it seems
Sometimes I wonder if toi ever were in l’amour with me
Even though now toi say toi don’t
But I just want toi to know that I’m here on the sideline
Waiting for toi if you...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
toi are my life
You make me speechless
You make me smile
Your a thriller to be around
You give me butterflies
I want toi to hold my hand when things get Bad
You never tell people to beat it
You accept people for who they are wether their black ou white
Your another part of me
I l’amour toi till the break of dawn
When toi cry I cry
I can't help it
Can toi feel it too
You want to change the world
Were no longer in our childhood
Lets come together as one
You don't stop till you've had enough
Your sometimes dangerous
I don't want toi to walk away
They don't care about us
Your my earth song
You'll never be a ghost to...
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posted by enlight3ment
I know that this is a place for the soda Crush, but I've seen other people talking about crushes and stuff here so I thought 'why not?'

The Positives

1) He laughs at some of the things I say.

2) I always catch him staring at me, ou his Friends looking at me whenever I'm walking in the halls.

3) He blushes whenever I talk to him.

4) My friend has told me that whenever I talk to him he seems sort of 'smug' about it and he's always watching me in class.

5) He's a piano player and singer, and whenever he's chant he's always looking in my direction.

6) I used to sit near him all the time in English....
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posted by vanillamoon08
This is an article to help all the girls out there who need help getting over a guy. :) I wrote this answer to a question on the réponses section of this club, and maybe it can help all of toi out in some way. :) If toi have a specific situation that toi want to talk about, toi can message me if toi like, ou simply commentaire on here. :)

1) Listen to any musique that toi think relates to your situation - This will make toi feel better about everything, and make toi feel as though toi are not alone.

2) Try écriture a song/poem about him - For me, I l’amour écriture songs, and toi would think that writing...
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posted by SapphireCat22
Well. Everyone goes to the grocery store right? Yup. Last time I checked, everyone eats food.
So...I always go with my mom. And I've noticed this guy. I'm not even sure what his name is. (FAIL) But, I've been looking at him. And believe me, I HATE being in the grocery store. But now, I'm stalling and saying, "It's okay, Mom. We can look for some plus stuff." So. I've looked at him. He's looked at me. But we haven't really talked... besides that usual "Can I help you?" ou "Do toi guys need any help finding something?". So, today my mom and I went to the grocery store again. And he was getting...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Do toi like my crush?
Name: Jean Michel ( John Michael)
Nickname: Bun
Sports: B-ball football
Subject: Science
Likes to draw I'm bored signs
Brown hair
Brown eyes
darker skin
Shorter than me
Color: Red
He is a lil stuck up but kind to toi like he is very confident that he is hott MDR and he is smart and very funny.
He is really cute and french so cute l’amour him so much do toi think toi would ever rendez-vous amoureux, date him ou have a small ou big crush on him and he is very very very outgoing and likes MJ like me and loves to wear fancy cool clothes and sunglasses lol.