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 Real vampires Don't Sparkle
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Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary (aka the best vampire EVER) does not appreciate being asked if he sparkles! :P
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aagh! I accidentally deleted this when I was trying to éditer it. here it is again with a new title:

Bella could have gotten over Edward in New Moon and even had a real relationship with Jacob in time, but she wouldn't let herself. She felt that moving on would diminish ou discredit her twu wuv with Edward and the pain she felt after he left. She wants to believe she can't get over it because she wants to believe that what they had was extraordinary, not like any other teenage romance. She wants to believe no one else in the world can relate to what she's going through. She was alone because she...
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As a fan of Twilight, I am part of a lot of related spots and discussions. However, as a Jacob & Bella fan, I often find myself disagreeing with most of the opinions of Twilight fans. In this article I'll go through some commentaires I've read (slightly altered - don't want anyone out to get me!) and why I disagree with them. It's really just an informal rant. :P

'Edward & Bella have things in common unlike Jacob & Bella'

... What exactly? Let me guess: Classical music? Bella knows one song and suddenly they have something in common. They both read? When do we actually read of Bella reading...
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I saw a review of the new Twilight movie, and in a generally negative review one thing a dit in defence of the movie was that Bella doesn't dress like a skank (paraphrased) and she just looks like a normal girl, which was called a good message as they felt it's healthier for girls to see Bella/Kristin Stewart on screen than someone like Angelina Jolie. That on haut, retour au début of the fact that I keep hearing people say in defence of Twilight 'well at least it sends tweens a good message concerning not having sex too soon' since Edward refuses for a long time, and pretty much all they seem to do is touch...
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I found these online, and thought they were kinda funny, :)
Credit: wiki answers,, b L o g s p o

How many Twilighters does it take to screw on a light bulb?
I don't know, they're all too busy fighting over who gets to be Mrs Cullen

What happened when Emmett Cullen stubbed his toe?
He made the whole city collapse!

Rosalie Hale was told to find something just as ou plus beautiful then herself. She came back with a mirror!

How do toi stop Jacob Black from attacking you?
You pick up a stick, throw it and yell "fetch"!

How do toi irritate Edward Cullen?
Buy him a dog and call it Jacob!

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Analysis mixed with humor...and toi get this video. Hope toi enjoy watching!
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