Esprits Criminels Similarities between AJs and JJs leaving?

KissKill16 posted on Sep 30, 2010 at 05:19AM
Did anyone else watch tonights episode where JJ leaves and think there we a lot of little jabs at CBS.

Like when JJ said "Don't they knew we're a family here? Do they even care?"

Or when Garcia said said "We're a family. That's why this works." and called JJ the glue.

I just felt like a lot of those could also be said about AJ's firing.

UPDATE: Also I just read an article on TV Guide, which essentially said them same thing but had this to say:

"The whole storyline [about JJ's firing] was basically a giant middle finger to CBS for firing A.J. Cook...."
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il y a plus d’un an bblanche said…
I liked when they said "you're too good", I think here's the truth... I'm gonna miss her so much ...
il y a plus d’un an allison152 said…
Yeah, I know. I thought about that too. It's like they expressed their disagreement and anger about what CBS did though the entire episode... And Reid's "They can't just take you away like this!" was heartbreaking. And what Hotch saying he'll try to get her back was... Pure hope.