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Hugging myself, I gaze out over the La Reine des Neiges wasteland. Winds whistles over the blinding white of snow as it carries new flakes down to the La Reine des Neiges desert of the earth. I can barely open my eye due to the extreme chilling rushing over my bones. toi have trapped me here, in this twisted version of hell. The wind picks up, and sends me tumbling down a mountain of snow, which had not been there a seconde ago. This place is a death trap.
I reach out to you, but toi turn and walk away, abandoning me. Your cœur, coeur is cold. I want to help you, to heal toi of your wounds, but toi decline. toi are dying...
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posted by Cinders
 Larry the citrouille
Larry the Pumpkin
The citrouille Poem
I shall call it the citrouille Poem
Because it is short and fat, like Larry
Who also looks like a pumpkin

When I was a junior in high school, I tried to gather together 365 poems together so I could make a calender. Actually, my target was at least four hundred, so I could weed out the bad ones. I Lost the introduction that I wrote for my teacher, but these poems are based on aléatoire thoughts I'd have at one point ou another throughout the day. Most are funny, some are not. Generally, it's kind of how I like to see life. Happy, amusing, but very precious. So I present to toi the Unfinished...
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The Golden Tear part seven
please tell me if toi want me to continue in the comments! enjoy!
I waited and waited and I thought the hole thing was a prank
but then Kyle finally can in the room and a dit "I'm sorry Eva there
was a million paschen's toi must of thought I stud toi up" I said
"yeah I kinda did but it's okay your here now" and then my mom
and Molly and David walked back into the room. Molly a dit "Mama
Eva we got toi an ice cream!" and David a dit "yeah if grandma didn't
eat it all" and Mom a dit "ha ha very funny the only thing missing is
the cherries David and Molly" David a dit "Mama Eva...
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