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me: ok sorry i havent writen an artical in a wail becuase i was working on my art for a littel bit but i am back, and ready to write, p.s. rose35 is gwens littel sister, hope toi enjoy.

(DJ out of his the truck and knocks on bridgettes front door)

Gwen: (mumbeling anrey jiberish to her self) vm dsjkgbbjgbskgjksgjkvx

(gwen opens the door to see a dressed and read to go DJ standing at the front door)

DJ: oh sorry where toi guys still sleeping?

Gwen: uuhh yes what time is it?

DJ: 5:00

Gwen: why did toi come to get us so erly?

DJ: well i thought if toi guys where ready to go that i would take toi out...
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me: so from now on i am going to introduce every episode, thats all i have to say for right now, enjoy.

(bridgette is just wakeing up and gwen is still asleep)

Bridgette: *walks into the cuisine to see courtney up awake and dressed* wo good morning sunshine, toi already awake, what time is it?

Courtney: 6:00 so toi need to go wake up gwen we only have an heure till the bus comes to pick us up.

Bridgette: but my mom will go drop us off at school.

Courtney: hehe no parents, no car remember?

Bridgette: oh ya never mind lindsay moment. haha

Courtney: haha i will make toi guys breakfast.

(the girls get dressed...
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me: wow alot of drama in the last episode, i am going to try to lighten it up because that was deep yeah know, well hope toi like it.

(courtney ran all the way back down to bridgettes and is standing at the door,bridgette heers a nock on the door, p.s. gwen stayed the night)

Gwen: do toi want me to get it?

Bridgette: na i got it.

(she gets off the canapé and opens the door)


Courtney:*sniffeling and has maskara running down her face* i got kicked out because i am pregnet.

Gwen: courtney, what happend?!?!?!

Bridgette: here go take a douche first.

Courtney: ok ma-ha-ha-be...
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me: please make sure to leave a commentaire on what toi want everyones last names to be, and if toi want to be a character then just leave me a message on my profial ou leave a comment, and please just i l’amour to here what toi think its just don't leave me commentaires on how i can't spell trust me i know i am the worst speller of all time so thats it enjoy.

Courtney: yeah lindsay a dit that if penny had a baby girl she would name it rilly.

Gwen: wait is that penny girl pregnet??

Courtney: i don't think so i think she was just talking hypitheticly.

Gwen: thats a pretty big word to say in the same sentence...
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me: just btw in the articals i am penny summerjoy11 is summer and duncans "cuz" is Mp4girl and if toi want to be someone just leave a coment and also remeber to leave a coment on whet toi want there last names to be other wise i will make them up myself thats it hope toi like it.

Courtney: i....i...i don't know what to say this is so..well, unexpected i don't know what to say*smilling really hard*

Duncan: toi could say yes

Courtney: yes,yes a thousand times yes,oh Duncan i l’amour toi so much i promis i will come up with the money to bail toi out.

poliece gard man: sorry ma'am but visiting howers...
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ok well in the first book i didnt really like rasalie because she just kept on glaring at bella and being mean to her and giving her these nasty looks and what not, and it was just like really dude whats your problem but i am sure bella was to afrade to do anything about it.
Oh my gosh in the 2nd book i hated her because she want and f!@#$% everything up par telling edward that bella killed herself par throwing her self off a clif, and made him nearly kill him self i mean what the heck is up with that they are siblings(sorta). And then when she voted for bella to stay human i neerly Lost it, bercause...
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Dr.: toi are infact pregnet.

Courtney:*fighting back tears*oh......ok i will go talk to gwen now,thank you.

Gwen: so are toi pregnet?!?!?!?!

Courtney: ye ye ye*starts balling* YYYEEEESSS

Gwen: ok, come on, lets go home.

(in the car on the way home, courtney calmed down but is still sencitive to the hole thing)

Courtney: thank toi so much for being here and being so suportive.

Gwen: no problem, thats what Friends are for,its no bother if toi need eneything.

Courtney: thank toi ssssooooo much i couldent ask for a better friend.

(they both start to fill up but gwen holds it back and courtney just starts...
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(at lunch,courtney gwen and bridgette all sit down together)

Gwen: salut courtney,where were toi in first period?

Courtney: oh well me and duncan just pulled a prank is all.

Briidgette: And toi of all people skipped class to pull a prankon the FIRST jour OF SCHOOL!!!

Courtney: well i tryed not to but when he is staring at toi with thouse big blue eyes........

Gwen:OK OK we get it lets change the subject quickly the guys are coming.

Guys; salut girls!

Geoff :ok school is really a bummer toi have to like sit down and be quiet and like not talk at all.

Bridgtte: (in a playful way)awwwwww baby is that hard...
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me: we left off were duncan proswaded courtney into sciping class.

Courtney: sssssssoooooo are just walking arount ou what, i could be studying for bioligy.....

Duncan: ok rember how we stoll nourriture on TDI,well remeber that fealing if toi want that toi will have to wwate ok?

Courtney: okay then what are we going to then?

Duncan: we are going to playa prank on some teachers.

Courtney; NO NO NO NO NO NO, not teachers, Duncan i have to good of a record.

Duncan: they will never even know it is toi and me. okay. I am going to put one of thoughs mini popcornbags into a microwave the smell of the popcorn...
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sorry if i mis spell anything.i think that courtney is the best person on tdi tda and tdm, i don't understand why people don't like her,sure she is a littel bossy,but she is just being a leader.And i think she is really smart and nice.And i also luve how she is still in l’amour with duncan evan thoe she gets made at him.And i really hate how she was cheeted of tdi and i luve how she came back on tda, i checked Youtube and Google and ever were and the 3 moast likely people to win is COURTNEY duncan(who i also love)and beth, but i don't want to see beth win becauseshe was mean to gwen and trent and all that, but all i am trying to say is that courtney rox and if toi don't like her than your just haters.
courtneygirl out,
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i don't like how people are all like duncans cheeting on courtney with gwen, ou omg duncan and gwen are together. i don't think they are, so what they hugged in an episode so what. Mall goth and punk have a conection like brother and sister,i mean the guy has a pic of courtney under his pillow, i really dowt that duncan would dump courtney for gwen, i really think that duncan and gwen are just Friends so people can stop freaking making gwen and duncan tributes trust me they are not together. Eaven gwen a dit so on tda aftermath, so people just give it a break duncan and gwen are just Friends and duncan and courtney are togetheer and this is just how i feal, and toi guys are all like oh whatever. toi can think that but this is what i think so,
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me: the gang is in the parking lot hanging out over at djs moms car waiting for courtney geting ready to head down to the police departmant

(wail they are hanging out bridgette and were making out gwen was écriture and trent and DJ were listing to musique in djs moma's car)

Courtney: salut sorry i am late guys my teacher held us up she is shuch a b!@#$%

DJ: does such language traverser, croix her lips, trent?

Trent: i think it does, gasp!*jokingly*

DJ: dobbel gasp!

eveyone: hahahahahaha

Courtney: ok when we go to see duncan let me go first then we can all go in k?

everybody: sure, sounds good, k,ect....

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