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The Christmas Log is made of oak arbre and setting the log on feu on Christmas Eve is very important symbol for all Orthodox Christians everywhere.
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(12/04/08 Update: I'm currently cleaning up the dead liens in this article. toi can also

Ahh Christmas. The tree, the stockings, the mistletoe and - of course - the holiday télévision programming.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories were spent in front a of télévision watching such classics as the animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ou one of the myriad versions of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.

So without further ado, I am presenting toi with my big, big liste of holiday specials. I've tried to categorize the liste into subsections to make it a little plus bearable and consumable. The...
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Back when I was a kid watching Christmas specials on TV, Mrs. Claus was invariably portrayed as a sweet but dowdy older woman of slightly plump stature. She could cook a mean pie and reminded toi of your Grandma. Of course, we loved her and so did Santa.

But did toi ever wonder what Mrs. Claus might have looked like when she was younger? I mean, I assume she must've be smokin' (natch).

So why is it that so many of the classic holiday programs montrer us a Santa Claus surrounded par androgynous little elves and a matronly Mrs. Claus? I mean, it's cold up at the North Pole. Surely Santa isn't adverse...
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