Childhood Animated Movie Heroes Outfit Color Change Game - ROUND 1: Aladdin's rue rat Clothes (Aladdin)

TheCrystalRing posted on Mar 01, 2013 at 05:00AM
Well...this has been posted on the Childhood Animated Heroines and the Disney Princess clubs so I thought I'll post it here! Credit to BelleAnastasia for the idea!

- Every week I will post a screencap with a specific hero's outfit. For example in week one the outfit will be Eric's Wedding , in week 2 Shang's armor and so on.
- Each person, who wants to participate needs to change the color of the specific outfit and post their work in this forum. You can use either the screencap I post, or find another screencap of the outfit (if available, only entries with the full outfit will be allowed, If there are no screencaps of the full outfit, it is allowed to enter the contest with a screencap of half the outfit).
- For each color (except for black and white) there is a light and dark version; so for example both light blue and dark blue are acceptable
- Once both the light and the dark versions of a color have been used by two participants for a specific outfit, this color cannot be used by another person. For example if Participant 1 used dark red on an outfit, and Participant 2 used light red, Participant 3 is not allowed to use any shade of red.
- If an outfit is not originally in one color, participants are allowed to use the colors they want, regardless if anyone before them has used these colors, but no two people are allowed to have the same color combinations. So for example for Snow White's princess dress Participant 1 can change the skirt to green and the top part to black. Participant 2 is allowed to use either green, or black, but not both of them.
- The idea is to be creative and change the outfit color as much as possible.
- If somebody submits an image with the same or very similar to the original outfit color, the entry will not be counted.
- The point of the game is to change the color of the outfit, not to change the design. Therefore any editing of the outfit itself is not allowed. Any entry, that has changed anything else apart from the color, will not be counted.

- Entries are submitted for a 7 day period, after which a pick is created
- The winner of the pick will receive 1 prop from me, and will get to pick the outfit for the next round.

Have Fun!


Round 1: Aladdin's Street Rat Clothes - March 5th to March 12th
 Well...this has been posté on the Childhood Animated Heroines and the Disney Princess clubs so I tho
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il y a plus d’un an dimitri_is_hot said…
I hope this will go on ^^

 I hope this will go on ^^