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Thunder says he doesn't want to shake off his idol image in photoshoot and interview with 'Arena'

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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) says he doesn't want to forcefully shake off his idol image in photoshoot and interview with 'Arena' |
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) says he doesn\'t want to forcefully shake off his idol image in photoshoot and interview with \'Arena\'
Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) showed off his manly side in some gorgeous photos in the latest issue of \'Arena Homme Plus\'!
MBC drama \'Make a Woman Cry\', talked about his past as an idol and his present and future as an actor during the interview portion of the photoshoot.
He said, "I don\'t want to forcefully shake off the label of being an actor with an idol background. My overseas fans know me as \'Thunder\', and I\'ve received a lot of love as an idol. However, as long as I\'m acting, I want to show my image as \'Thunder\' as little as possible." 
SEE ALSO: Thunder starts Instagram + thanks fans for sending rice wreaths to drama press conference
You can see his full interview and pictorial in the May issue of \'Arena Homme Plus\'.
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Modeling sits him so much... He looks like an androgynous model that you see on international ramp. I don\'t know about his acting talent but his sister is one heck of an actress and I hope he is as good!
His getting hotter and hotter! Who would have thought! He was good looking before but now his really HOT!!!! (if that even make sense). Ever since he left  J.Tune Camp, we can see more of him now. I see a lot now because I follow everything related to him. I\'m sad that he left MBLAQ but at the same time happy because his all over the magazines and a drama too. He still needs a lot of work with his acting but he is definitely better than before.  
I dont think he\'ll ever get rid of his former idol title, i think he will always have Mblaq trailing behind his name no matter where he goes.
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