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 Buffy - Entropy
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Buffy Entropy screencap
Buffy contre les vampires
Sarah Michelle Gellar
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This Buffy contre les vampires screencap contains feu, flammes, enfer, and inferno. There might also be concert, cheminée, poêle, foyer, cheminée à foyer ouverte, and feu.

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toi know you’re a Buffy fan when…

You can sing all the songs from “Once plus with Feeling” from memory…and if toi can’t toi stare at the words until they are engrained in your brain.

You can quote Buffy verse that is appropriate for every moment…and your Friends look at toi like you’ve grown a third eye.

You spend your grocery money on the complete Buffy series boxed set

You stay up till 2 in the morning watching reruns on fanpop

You spend hours searching for the imitation Claddagh ring Kohl’s has in their jewelry department

You decide to take up ice skating after watching “What’s...
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