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posted by willow96
at season 5 some things are different!buffy has a sister.monks made them unreal memories only to bmake buffy protect dawn.she is a key that wants to be taken par a god named glory!rilley let vampires to bite him for fun and thatis a reason that he leaves sunnydale.joyce dies and spike understands that he is in l’amour with buffy but when he tells her she makes fan of him and she hurts his feelings!he decides to make a robot of her but his plan stops when the robot is destroyed.glory takes tara's mind and she is crazy.hen glory khows who the key is the scoobies ran away but an army that wants to kill dawn stop them and glory takes the key!dawn's blood will open a door between heel and it will stop only if she dies!the door opens but dawn is alive.buffy dies to save the world!!!!!
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Voting closed. Scoobies taking place now in chat!

Welcome Friends of the Buff, Minions of Spike, Watchers in Training, Zeppos, Wiccians, Broody Do-Gooders, Mystical Keys, Evil Masterminds, and of course former and/or current demons!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome toi tonight to the offical opening of The Scoobies, The Buffy Oscars event right here on your favori spot - The Pop.

Don't know what they Scoobies are? Just clicked on something that toi were curious about? Allow me to fill toi in on the exposition. The Scoobies is completely fan run, fan based, and fan broiled. Everything...
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Author's Note: This is set after Chosen. Spike died, but Sunnydale wasn't destroyed. The gang ended up saving it. Anya also didn't die. Spike was with Angel and company until he wasn't a ghost anymore, then he came here. Basically, almost all of the scoobies are away some where in the world, doing missions, and currently the only ones still in Sunnydale at the moment are Buffy & Dawn. Everyone else is off. Oh and in this story, Dawn is off somewhere in SD. Don't ask me why :) I just needed her out of the house.

There he was. Standing there. With his hands in his pockets, appearing to look...
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Buffy contre les vampires
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My bad jour got so much better with this video. Made par KaileeA42, footage belongs to Joss Whedon, WB, UPN, etc.
Buffy contre les vampires
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