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Reasons Why l’amour We Spuffy!

1)Because she only dates hot dead guys.
2)Because when he first saw her dancing at the bronze, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
3)Because he's loved her ever since the first time he saw her.
4)Because he wants to save the world.
5)Because they're in a band.
6)Because maybe she hates him, but he's all she's got.
7)Because he knows love's a funny thing.
8)Because she brought him accueil to meet her mom.
9)Because he called her cutie.
10)Because he's love's bitch.
11)Because she can't fool him for some reason.
13)Because her new boy's got, what's the word? Vulnerability.
14)Because when he got the chip, he went to her for help.
15)Because when he came to her, she helped him.
16)Because she fed him blood from a cup.
17)Because if she just says yes he'll be the happiest man on earth.
18)Because she a dit yes.
19)Because they were engaged.
20)Because he gave her a honking big rock for their engagement.
21)Because look how excited she is when she's engaged; when have we ever seen her that jazzed?
22)Because when have we ever seen Spike smile like he did when she a dit yes?
23)Because the people that go on haut, retour au début of the wedding cake were just a perfect little them.
24)Because he a dit "Look at that lip.... gonna get it, gonna get it."
25)Because she was living a dream.
26)Because she wasn't going to say Angel.
27)Because he's going to make sweet l’amour to her.
28)Because she was looking at the man she loves.
29)Because after the spell was broken, she told Willow that the weird thing was that she remembered how she really loved him.
30)Because where in Willow's spell did she say they had to l’amour each other? She just a dit to get married.
31)Because she thinks his name is majorly weird.
32)Because her name is not a classic either.
33)Because she kissed Spike before Riley.
34)Because her Friends wouldn't let him kill himself.
35)Because he wants to fight that evil!
36)Because he helped Giles when he was a demon.
37)Because when Faith was coming on to him as Buffy, he was interested.
38)Because she wants him.
39)Because he loves her even WITHOUT a soul.
40)Because he dreams about her.
41)Because Out of My Mind- can we say best dream sequence ever?
42)Because he was outside her house long enough to smoke at least a dozen cigerettes.
43)Because he was out for a walk..... bitch.
44)Because when he?s with Harmony, he's thinking about her.
45)Because he's good at twirling pool cues and poles.
46)Because he taught her everything he knew about the other slayers.
47)Because he's always been bad.
48)Because he's a lousy poet, but a good man.
49)Because she knows she wants to dance.
50)Because thats all they've ever done.
51)Because he tried to Kiss her.
52)Because she's floating all around him.
53)Because he won't push her away.
54)Because he's all covered with her.
55)Because she told him about her mother's illness- before she told Riley.
56)Because when he saw her cry he sat right beside her.
57)Because he wanted to know if there was something he could do.
58)Because he tried to comfort her.
59)Because she let him.
60)Because he sniffed her sweater.
61)Because he a volé, étole her undies.
62)Because she likes dangerous, rough, occasionally bumpy in the forehead region guys.
63)Because he made Riley jealous.
64)Because he wanted to know if she was naked under there.
65)Because he shows her what Riley was doing behind her back.
66)Because he had the best intentions.
67)Because if it wasn't for him we'd still have Riley on the show!
68)Because he saw that Riley was afraid that he was "hot for his honey."
69)Because he was.
70)Because sometimes he envied Riley so much it choked him.
71)Because he bought her chocolates.
72)Because he practiced his apology speech.
73)Because he doesn't drink from the disaster victims; she wouldn't like it.
74)Because he saved her from the vampire while she regrouped.
75)Because she trusted him to take care of her mother and sister.
76)Because he watches out for Dawn.
77)Because he calls Dawn "Little bit."
78)Because he dressed up for her.
79)Because he has Harmony pretend to be Buffy.
80)Because he asked Dawn what else Buffy says about him.
81)Because he gets along with her mother.
82)Because he was talking to her like they were talking buddies.
83)Because he wears cool leather coats.
84)Because he opened the door for her.
85)Because he offered her a drink from his flask.
86)Because the latenight stakeout could have been a date; if she wanted it to be.
87)Because it's not so unusual, two people.... in the workplace... feelings develop.
88)Because she's all he bloody thinks and dreams about.
89)Because he's drowning in her.
90)Because he lies awake every night (he meant day) thinking about her.
91)Because "Her light is all around him."
92)Because she can't deny it.. there's something between them.
93)Because it's heat... desire...
94)Because he can l’amour quite well, if not wisely.
95)Because a man can change.
96)Because he even wanted to kill Drusilla to montrer her how much she means to him.
97)Because when Dru looks at him all she sees is Buffy.
98)Because Dru knew, even before Spike, that he loved her.
99)Because he's in her life and she can't shut him out.
100)Because he kept pictures of her.
101)Because he had a Buffy shrine.
102)Because he's "compact and well-muscled."
103)Because he had Warren make him a Buffybot.
104)Because he had it made to so he could play checkers.
105)Because it wasn't one time.
106)Because it was lots of different ways.
107)Because Buffybot thinks Angel is lame, his hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid.
108)Because he brought fleurs when Joyce died.
109)Because he didn't leave a card.
110)Because he is the BIG bad.
111)Because he would have died rather than tell Glory that Dawn was the key.
112)Because he couldn't live with her being in that much pain.
113)Because she kissed him for real.
114)Because what he did for her and Dawn... it was REAL.
115)Because she won't forget.
116)Because his wounds are sexy.
117)Because he would do it... for the right person... person he loved.
118)Because she needs him.
119)Because he's the only other one that can protect Dawn.
120)Because she asked him to come with them to escape Glory.
121)Because let him drive the bus.
122)Because he saved her from the sword.
123)Because when toi say toi l’amour us all....
124)Because she invited him in. Again.
125)Because she's counting on him.
126)Because he will, till the end of the world.
127)Because he helped her save the world, twice.
128)Because she treats him like a man.
129)Because he made a promise to a lady.
130)Because he cried when she died.
131)Because he blamed himself for her death.
132)Because he helped her Friends after she died.
133)Because he babysat Dawn when she died.
134)Because he made Dawn wear a casque when she rode on the back of his motorcycle.
135)Because after she died he couldn't look at the Buffybot.
136)Because he cried when she came back from the dead.
137)Because seeing her alive was the happiest moment in his entire existence.
138)Because he notices her hands.
139)Because she notices his hands.
140)Because he counted the days she was gone.
141)Because if any part of that was Buffy, he wouldn?t let her go.
142)Because every night he saves her.
143)Because she can be alone with him there.
144)Because he was the first person she shared her dark secrets with.
145)Because he was the only one that listened to her when she came back.
146)Because he is always around when she's miserable.
147)Because he offered to "take out" her friends.
148)Because he tried to make her laugh.
149)Because he got her to smile.
150)Because she drank with him
151)Because he seems to l’amour that little face she makes while she's drinking.
152)Because she went to a demon bar with him.
153)Because she watched him play kitten poker.
154)Because she teased him.
155)Because he called her his lady.
156)Because she didn't object.
157)Because she's his lucky charm.
158)Because he got all protective of her when Clem commenté on her skin.
159)Because he is the only one she can stand to be around.
160)Because they had the bike, but they could steal the van if she wanted.
161)Because he was so much easier to talk to when he was trying to kill her.
162)Because she came to pompe him for information.
163)Because what else would she want to pompe Spike for?
164)Becuase he's got her back.
165)Because he sang to her.
166)Because he died so many years ago, but she can make it feel like it isn't so.
167)Because being with her touches him plus than he can say.
168)Because she never let him rest in peace.
169)Because he wants to take hi slove and bury it in a hole that's six-foot deep.
170)Because he'll follow her like a man possessed.
171)Because if his cœur, coeur could beat, it would break his chest.
172)Because she wanted the feu back and went to him to find it.
173)Because he told her, the pain that she feels it only can heal.
174)Because she has to go on living, so one of them is living.
175)Because he stopped her from bursting into flames.
176)Because the jour she does suss out what she wants, there'll probably be a parade. Seventy-six bloody trombones.
177)Because they had a big epic Kiss in OMWF.
178)Because they kissed all "Gone With the Wind" style.
179)Because par every convention of musicals, the couple who have the big Kiss must have a happy ending. Sorry, but it's set in stone.
180)Because there was the rising musique and the rising....... music.
181)Because she saved him from the shark.
182)Because Joan saved Randy.
183)Because "Ready Randy??" and "Ready Joan" was too cute.
184)Because Joan and Randy make a rocking fighting team.
185)Because he must be a noble vampire.
186)Because he must help the hopeless.
187)Because he goes to see her at the Bronze.
188)Because she makes out with him par the stairs.
189)Because even without her memory she felt connected to Spike.
190)Because she's the only human his chip doesn't work for.
191)Because he's calling her on the phone now.
192)Because we can't assume everyone is getting seduced.
193)Because he made her night complete.
194)Because their passion can break a whole house down. Literally.
195)Because he wanted her to stay; it was light out.
196)Because she agreed.
197)Because vampires get her hot.
198)Because he gets her hot par just touching her.
199)Because the only thing better than killing a slayer is......
200)Because he made her scream.
201)Because he knows where she lives now... he's tasted it.
202)Because he looks good naked.
203)Because he is in her system now, and she is going to crave him like he craves blood.
204)Because she hid the lighter in her pants.
205)Because she a dit she handn't seen it.
206)Because she liked it when he took it back.
207)Because she's his Goldilocks.
208)Because he told the social worker she was a good mom.
209)Because she told him to stop trying to see her.
210)Because When she was invisible and looking for a good time, who'd she run to?
211)Because "that's cheating!"
212)Because he was just exercising.
213)Because she plays with him while he's talking to Xander.
214)Because he wanted all of her, so he kicked her out.
215)Because he loves her even when she's wearing a hat with a cow on it.
216)Because he never complained about smelling the smell.
217)Because he knows she's better than this.
218)Because he can get her money.
219)Because when she went on her work break she spent it with him.
220)Because they ALWAYS miss the bed.
221)Because they can make a carpet look sexy.
222)Because he made her legs stop working.
223)Because they were having a conversation.
224)Because he was going to offer to redecorate her room.
225)Because she was amazing.
226)Because she likes him.... sometimes.
227)Because she trusted him enough to handcuff her.
228)Because he got the job done himself.

229)Because she always ends up in the dark with him.
230)Because she wanted to think of something other than the evil bloodsucking demon.
231)Because of the crypt door scene.
232)Because he can sense her.
233)Because she can sense him.
234)Because she dreams about him.
235)Because he may beneath her, but only in that Dead Things dream sequence.
236)Because she's his girl.
237)Because he let her beat him nearly to death, before letting her throw her life away.
238)Because toi always hurt the one toi love.
239)Because she couldn't use the excuse she came back wrong to sleep with him anymore.
240)Because Tara a dit he really loves her in DT.
241)Because he came to her birthday party.
242)Because he was jealous of Richie.
243)Because she helped him with the cramp in his pants.
244)Because everytime one of her Friends made a comment, her thoughts went to Spike.
245)Because she wanted him to hang out with her and her friends.
246)Because she called him Spikey.
247)Because if she knew what he was thinking, then he wasn't the only thinking it.
248)Because she went to him when Riley came back.
249)Because she wants him.
250)Because he always wants her.
251)Because he loves her and she knows it.
252)Because she couldn't believe Spike was the Doctor.
253)Because she wouldn't let Riley kill him.
254)Because being with him made things simpler.
255)Because she kept letting him in.
256)Because he can do it for five hours straight.
257)Because five hours isn't a little while.
258)Because using him was killing her.
259)Because he was not complaing.
260)Because she called him William.
261)Because she was jealous of his date.
262)Because it hurt.
263)Because when he realized it hurt her he left.
264)Because he was sorry.
265)Because he liked to see her happy; she glows.
266)Because some people can't see a good thing when they've got it.
267)Because he knew she liked ice on the back of her neck.
268)Because he wanted her to tell her Friends about them.
269)Because her best friend suspected that there might be something going on between them.
270)Because he smells really good.
271)Because he needed a spell to make his feelings stop because nothing else would.
272)Because it hurt to see him with Anya.
273)Because she saved him anyway.
274)Because he was good enough for Buffy.
275)Because he didn't want to hurt her.
276)Because he looked horrified when he realized what he'd done.
277)Because she had feelings for him.
278)Because when he came back, things were going to change.
279)Because she was upset when Clem a dit he had gone away.
280)Because he wanted to be a better person for her.
281)Because he wanted to give her what she deserved.
282)Because he wanted to take care of her.
283)Because he wanted to be what he was.
284)Because he had a speech for her.
285)Because she was worried about the scars on his chest.
286)Because she didn't tell anyone she saw Spike.
287)Because she liked him cleaned up.
288)Because they don't have the words.
289)Because he passed her the torch.
290)Because she knew he'd changed.
291)Becuase he put on an act for her.
292)Because she went after him.
293)Because he wanted the missing piece.
294)Because he got the spark for her.
295)Because she cried whe he told her about his soul.
296)Because he got his soul on his own.
297)Because it was for her.... to be hers.
298)Because he wanted to be a kind of man.
299)Because he will be loved.
300)Because she went to him for help even when he was crazy.
301)Because she knew what he did.
302)Because when he hit himself she stopped him.
303)Because she didn't want to stay with him, only because she thought she'd make things worse.
304)Because he helped save Cassie.
305)Because she'll tell him.... someday she'll tell him.
306)Because it's him and it's her and they'll get through it.
307)Because she couldn't just leave him in the school basement.
308)Because she felt for him.
309)Because things are different now.
310)Because she knew he never meant to hurt her.
311)Because she wasn't coddling him..... Riiiight.
312)Because he wouldn't let her blow up the principal.
313)Because she finally admitted she was with him.
314)Because he completely took her over.
315)Because he really did care for her.
316)Because she didn't want to be loved.
317)Because she looked crushed at the idea of Spike siring Holden.
318)Because he asked her how her night was.
319)Because he was concerned about killing someone she knew.
320)Because she didn't want to believe he was bad again.... and she was RIGHT!
321)Because he won't have Anya upside down and halfway to happy land.
322)Because it's not the chip dammit.
323)Because he talked to other girls only because he couldn't talk to her.
324)Because another girl couldn't mean anything to him.
325)Because, God help him, it's still all about her.
326)Because he couldn't kill her.
327)Because she couldn't kill him.
328)Because the First Evil couldn't destroy them.
329)Because not even the First Evil convinced him to kill her.
330)Because he asked if she would help him.
331)Because she did help him.
332)Because she has to get close to Spike.
333)Because she put him in her bedroom.
334)Because she didn't want to tie him up too tight in the chair.
335)Because he had to tell her to make the knots tighter.
336)Because he knew he made mistakes.
337)Because she knew she made mistakes.
338)Because he saw a man about a girl.
339)Because he won't let her shut him out.
340)Because he has come to redefine the words pain and suffering since he fell in l’amour with her.
341)Because she cleaned the blood off his mouth.
342)Because she would't kill him even when he begged for it.
343)Because she saw his penance.
344)Because he risked everything to be a better man.
345)Because he may not see it, but she does.
346)Because she believes in him.
347)Because when the First brainwashed Angel he wanted to kill himself, but when it happened to Spike he fought back.
348)Because she made her Friends protect him from the First Evil.
349)Because she wanted to save him from the First Evil.
350)Because she wanted to save him from the Ubervamp.
351)Because she knew he wasn't dead.
352)Because none of her Friends understood why she wanted to save him.
353)Because "It's not....... *sigh*......... toi don't know- it's complicated."
354)Because he was running out of time.
355)Because he knew she'd come for him.
356)Because he dreamed about her saving him.
357)Because she came for him.
358)Because she was not just a bloody figment.
359)Because she had tears in her eyes when she saw him.
360)Because of the looks on both their faces.
361)Because they knew what the other was feeling, just par looking at each other.
362)Because there were no words, none were needed.
363)Because she let him lean on her.
364)Because they walked away together.
365)Because she knows Billy Idol a volé, étole his look from Spike.
366)Because the girls l’amour Billy Idol.
367)Because secretly they were doing it like bunnies.
368)Because he does this cute thing with his tongue.
369)Because he tilts his head a lot.
370)Because he could have killed ou turned her when they slept together, but never did.
371)Because he has never killed any of her friends... like some other people. *couch*Jenny*cough*
372)Because he risked his undead life for her.
373)Because he has never bailed.
374)Because he can have lots and lots of sex.
375)Because there is no curse.
376)Becuase she could never kill him ou send him to a hell dimension.
377)Because he's crazy about her.
378)Because he's not broody.
379)Because for some reason Spike always knew.
380)Because they dreamed about each other.
381)Because she kept helping him, even though it was too dangerous.
382)Because she always needed his help.
383)Because he was always ready to help.
384)Because for him l’amour is simple.
385)Because for her it's REALLY complicated.
386)Because he fought par her side.
387)Because he wanted to protect her.
388)Because great l’amour is wild, passionate, and dangerous.
389)Because it burns and consumes.
390)Because he cares about her.
3891Because he has never felt anything like it.
392)Because she can't lie to him.
393)Because he would take care of her for the rest of his existance.
394)Because they believe in each other.
395)Because she ties him up. A lot.
396)Because even First Evil Buffy has a crush on him.
397)Because he calls her luv.
398)Because he calls her pet.
399)Because they have some of the most memorable kisses.
400)Because she can practice that love, give, forgive thing the First Slayer told her about.
401)Because think what beautiful kids they'd have! Okay, if they could have kids think what beautiful kids they'd have!
402)Because Angel and Riley have both found someone new to love. Why shouldn't she?
403)Because even if he is a monster, he's her monster.
404)Because Joyce liked him better than Angel. When did she ever give Angel hot chocolat with little marshmmallows?
405)Because she knows his Friends (well, friend). He knows her friends. He may not like them all, but he knows them.
406)Because she believes anything without a soul is an evil thing. Good news, he has a soul!
407)Because he's the best she's ever had. Even the scripts agree on this one.
408)Because he wanted to talk about their relationship. Proof he's not like other guys.
409)Because he has a proven track record of loyality to his girlfriend (Drusilla, not Harmony, because she's...well, Harmony)
410)Because as much as he denied it, we know he had a sexy dance.
411)Because they could be a superhero couple, fighting for chiots and Christmas.
412)Because a big deal was made about how much she loved poésie class. Hmmm, who do we know who was a poet?
413)Because Spike's not incredibly tall like Angel ou Riley were, so it actually looks like Buffy isn't standing on an imaginary stool.
414)Because Spuffy sounds so much better than Anuffy, Bungel, ou Biley.
415)Because he wanted to give her a garden.
416)Because imagine the fun crossover where Angel finds out!
417)Because she a dit she couldn't l’amour him without a soul. Guess now she doesn't have a reason not to.
418)Because he doesn't use nancy boy hair gel.
419)Because no matter how she acts ou what she does, he still loves her.
420)Because- straddling!
421)Because she wanted to spend time with him as soon as all the SITs were gone when she could have hung out with her friends
422)Because Buffy didn't think Spike needed to be chained.
423)Because Buffy didn't disagree with Spike when he a dit they had a lot in common.
424)Because Buffy was willing to call Riley when Spike's chip went off.
425)Because when Spike called out her name when he was in pain she ran to him and a dit "I'm here."
426)Because when Buffy and Spike were in the cave they instinctively watched each other's backs.
427)Because Buffy called out Spike's name when she saw he had fainted.
428)Because she was scared for him when the doctors told her about his chip.
429)Because even Riley knew that Spike was important to Buffy.
430)Because she gave him bite marks.
431)Because she went back into the Initiative with him.
432)Because she was concerned about his injuries.
433)Because she was feeling his ribs.
434)Because they held hands.
435)Because that was hot.
436)Because even the SITs know what's going on.
437)Because she is confused about the over part of their relationship.
438)Because of the cute looks they gave each other in the bar.
439)Because she thought his place was comfy.
440)Because Buffy didn't think Spike needed to be chained.
441)Because Buffy didn't disagree with Spike when he a dit they had a lot in common.
442)Because Buffy was willing to call Riley when Spike's chip went off.
443)Because they were finishing each other's sentences.
444)Because she got his chip out.
445)Because it was instinct.
446)Because she thought it was wrong for him to have it.
447)Because he can be good man.
448)Because she could feel it.
449)Because Giles knew she had feelings for him. He could hear it in her voice.
450)Because she didn't deny them.
451)Because they have a connection.
452)Because he relies on her.
453)Because she relies on him.
454)Because she wondered why everyone thought she's still in l’amour with Spike.
455)Because he thought of a crypt for two with a white picket fence.
456)Because he tried to be noble and be okay with her date.
457)Because she didn't want him to be okay with it.
458)Because he was so eager to go get Buffy on her date.
459)Because of the awkwardness in the car between B/S/W.
460)Because she went to Spike before she went to her rendez-vous amoureux, date ou her injured best friend.
461)Because even Wood, who has known Spike for 10 minutes, can see the closeness between them.
462)Because she needs him there with her.
463)Because it's not for his muscles.
464)Because she's not ready for him to not be there.
465)Because from now on, they're family.
466)Because sometimes toi just look at someone and toi know, toi know?
467)Because she thought that the reason they fought was because they couldn't admit how they really felt.
468)Because she wanted him to be included.
469)Because she called him Honey.
470)Because he has always had a fixation with her.
471)Because some girls go for the bad boy thing.
472)Because she can see that.
473)Because we all know what the best thing that's been in her mouth really is.
474)Because toi can feel the heat between them.
475)Because he changed for her.
476)Because what they have might not be pretty, but it's real.
477)Because he was her strongest warrior.
478)Because she knows all the cool vampires.
479)Because he was on her side when no one else was.
480)Because over 100+ years he's been sure of only one thing, her.
481)Because he loves what she is, what she does, how she tries.
482)Because she's the one.
483)Because they spent the night together cuddling.
484)Because of the way she was stroking his hand.
485)Because she chased after him.
486)Because the night they spent together was the best night of his life.
487)Because that night meant something to her too.
488)Because it was the first time he was close to anyone.
489)Because all he did was hold her and watch her sleep.
490)Because she was there with him.
491)Because she has the scythe because of him, because of the strength he gave her.
492)Because Angel was jealous of him.
493)Because Spike is in her heart.
494)Because she chose him as her champion.
495)Because he didn't know what he would have done if she'd gone up those stairs.
496)Because she spent what could have been her last few nights alive in his arms.
497)Because his sacrifice was for her.
498)Because she didn't want to leave him.
499)Because nothing will ever express their connection more, than when their hands were on fire.
500)Because she loves him.
501)Because finding their way back to each other is inevitable.

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