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       That Special l’amour Story
                Part 7

   Molly was completely surrounded in darkness. Though she was probably asleep, she could still hear. Someone else was calling her name, but this voice was unrecognizable. It was deeper and sounded like it was coming from someone older than she was.

  "Molly? Can toi open your eyes?" The voice asked.

    It was a struggle, but the girl managed to slowly open her eyes completely. When her vision came back, Molly realized she was in a completely different setting. It was a hospital room. She looked around to see her wrist connected...
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       That Special l’amour Story
                Part 6

   Molly was rubbing her stomach in agony. The pain never stopped and gave her the feeling of being sick. She tried to twist her belly to make it stop, but it didn't work. The feeling just got worse.

"Aah," She moaned silently. 

   The rose hair girl tried to think of a reason why her stomach hurt so badly, but nothing came to mind. It was probably just menstrual cramps. 

    "No," The girl hissed as another shock of pain ran up her spine. "Cramps don't hurt this bad." 

   Molly had just gotten these pains a few days earlier....
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          The Special l’amour Story 
                 Part 5

"Today's the day!" Molly a dit as her two Friends helped zip her wedding dress. "I'm finally going to marry Gil! My Gil! This is so exciting!"

    "Tell me about it!" Deema a dit as she finished hooking the back of the dress. "It's like the end to a Fairytale!"

    "Yeah! When the beautiful princess marries the prince and they live happily ever after!" Oona a dit as she combed her loosely curled hair.

   The Fairytale is finally happening for Molly today! It was her and Gil's wedding day, and she was really excited. She...
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        The Special l’amour Story
                 Part 3

    Molly woke the suivant morning to the chaffing of her own cheeks. Dried tear marks were plastered on her face and making white lines from her eyes to her chin. The girl seemed too depressed to get up, but she had to talk to someone. 

   The rose haired bride-to -be changed her party clothes from the night before and brushed her frizzy hair. Now it lay limp on her back as she put
on a blue hoodie, skinny jeans, and a pair of black uggs. (A/N yes, shes human) She stared at herself in the mirror and sighed. 

Was this girl...
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     That Special l’amour Story

    You believe that all of these l’amour stories start out the same way. There's one guy, one girl, and a forbidden connection that binds them together. Usually, this guy and girl have only known eachother for a mere day, and have fallen in love. But this story is different. This l’amour developed over time. From the first jour of preschool all the way to the last jour of college. This couple never crept apart. Now they have many decisions to make, and plan on having their own life together. And they don't even know that this life will have many twists and turns....
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