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Brooke Davis and Julian Baker

Julian first appears in "Our Life Is Not A Movie ou Maybe", as a film maker who wants to make Lucas Scott's book An Unkindness of Ravens into a movie. It's soon revealed that he had a relationship with Lucas' fiancée Peyton Sawyer after she and Lucas broke up a while back.

Peyton and Julian had dated and been in love, but called it off because Peyton was still in l’amour with Lucas. Even though everyone thinks that Julian is back in arbre colline to cause trouble between Lucas and Peyton, he denies this and states that he only wanted to come back to make a movie, and...
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So toi all know I think of this song, as Brooke & Julian's song. But if the musique tells the story...what does this song state:

Hey, hey, salut ,hey

Won't toi come see about me?
I'll be alone, dancing toi know it baby

Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love's strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on

Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

Don't toi Forget About Me
Don't Don't Don't Don't
Don't toi Forget About Me

Will toi stand above me?
Look my way, never l’amour me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps...
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brooke davis
Les Frères Scott
julian baker
I have been écriture this for a couple of days, it's originally published on, but I wanted to post it here to see how it would work out!
So please give it a try!!

Chapter 1: Good news and bad news


Brooke stared in shock at the pregnancy test in front of her. She couldn’t believe it. She, Brooke Davis was pregnant. When she had realized that she was 2 weeks late, she had gone out and brought out 5 pregnancy tests, and each and every one of them had been positive.

As she stared at the last test in her hand, she felt the shock ebb away a little bit, letting a new feeling seep...
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My favori citations from season 7. Feel free to commentaire with your own favoris and I'll add them :)

Brooke: I l’amour you. toi know that? I l’amour who toi are. I don't know how toi got there, but I'm glad toi did.
Julian: I'm glad I did, too, 'cause you're here with me.

Brooke: Sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy... but lately it just seems like a mess. And there are days when I would like to dive into that mess.

Julian: I don't need kids to make me happy. I just need you, Brooke Davis.
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Brooke's POV

Tree colline High School, Cafeteria

"I'm going to fail and eventually have to leave high school!"

"Show me your test! It can't be that bad."

I handed my best friend Haley my math test so she could see for herself what a loser I was. From her expression, I could tell she was as shocked par the result as I was.

"Wow, a 'D'. I can't remember that toi ever had been that bad."

She was right. I couldn't remember either. Or, wait! That wasn't true. I had bad grades in scientific subjects before and almost had left school. But that was a few years ago, and this time it looked very bad for me. I...
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1. They’ve both been hurt par Lucas and Peyton’s relationship

2. “I can’t do this anymore” – Julian broke up with Peyton because of Lucas, and Peyton’s presence partly lead to Brooke breaking up with Lucas

3. They both put on facades and they don’t let people see their true selves because they are afraid to get hurt again

4. Julian went looking for Sam

5. She’s the Priss and he’s the Stoner – And they ended up together

6. She made him relate to Lucas’ book

7. He knows how she likes her coffee

She has an...
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salut readers! So I’ve recently been hooked to the montrer One arbre colline and I am a HUGE Brulian fan!! There is a part to this story that I wrote before and to sum it up, basically Brooke ends up pregnant and she doesn’t want to tell Julian for fear that he’ll just stay because she gives him the news. Anyway, he leaves a message on her answering machine and tells her to meet him at the airport and tell him to stay. So of course she does and she also tell him she’s pregnant! Anway, I’ll post that stuff soon, but for now enjoy part 1 of my episode. It's not completed yet and for all of you...
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