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It was a cold jour in leaf-bare and Echo,FireClan's Medicine Cat,was in her den.Every cat knew that Medicine Cat's cannot have kits because if they did they would be breaking the warrior code.Echo was depressed because she had gone against the warrior code par having kits!Echo's mate,Ravenflight was laying in the tanière, den with her.After awhile Ravenflight had woke up and so had Echo.As quietly as they could they crept out of the tanière, den and ran towards the forest.Butterscotch a good warrior was standing at the edge of the forest and said"Are we ready to go"?Echo sighed and looked at Ravenflight then back...
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Leah was walking in the forest one jour looking for prey when suddenly something jumped out of the shrub that she was passing and realized that it was not an intruder.She suddenly caught the scent of a FireClan cat and turned around to see the brown she-cat apprentice Brooke as she gave out a mrrow of laughter and said,"I scared you, i know i did!" "Not now Brooke!I just Lost a rabbit because of you!What are toi doing here?You were supposed to be in camp training.Leah meowed".Brooke sighed,"I wanted to see what toi were doing".Leah walked back to camp with Brooke as she dropped a rabbit, that...
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blakie and brooke were playing there fav game "blind cat battle" its was called " toi always win blakie but this time ill beat you" a dit brooke "oh yeah thats what toi always say but i win" a dit blakie "go !" they a dit trying to find eachother "can i rejoindre " a dit a voice "sure who are toi " a dit blakie "im sam nice to meet you" a dit the she-cat " ok come on then " a dit brooke "how do toi play " a dit same "the rule of the game is not to open your eyes sence your opoent then atck them with a genlte shot last one to be standing is the winner" a dit blakie "ok thanks" a dit sam soon the game was over...
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Blake was waiting for the patrol to return with news. He was anxious about the prey stealing; even though he was a leader, he wanted to sink his claws into the ThornClan leader's throat. That's vile! he scolded himself.
He spotted Snowbell par the fresh-kill pile and trotted over to rejoindre her.
"Hi, Snowbell," he greeted her with a touch of his nose.
"Hello," she gave him a small lick on the muzzle.
Blake purred and grabbed a souris from the pile and sat down suivant to his mate.
"I hear about ThornClan stealing our prey," Snowbell mewed. "They have enough, why steal it from us?"
"That's what I'm wondering,"...
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