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posted by boomerlover
Storm pouted on the windowsill, looking dreamily out towards the woods.

I want to go there so bad... she thought. What am I thinking? I'm just a kit that's only 3 weeks old.

She jumped down and pondered to her nourriture bowl. She took a bite, and almost puked. This was her seconde jour eating real nourriture instead of her mother's warm milk. Her mother, Missy, was a regular cat, and Storm felt left out. But she did have two sisters who looked like her; Sapphire and Star. Storm's father had been a forest cat who looked like Storm and Sapphire. Except he had black fourrure and light green eyes. Storm longed to...
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posted by boomerlover
 Falling like the rain, crashing down again...
Falling like the rain, crashing down again...
(I'm going to be using lyrics from a sad song I l’amour in this)

8 weeks into Bubble's kitting, she awoke one night and felt a weird feeling. She decided not to wake her mate, for he was sleeping like a newborn kit. It seemed as if her cœur, coeur was purring. She loved him so much.

Bubble's stomach hurt, and she didn't feel well. She went and sat suivant to the pond, and began to lap up the water. The she-cat's awareness of being awake was falling, and she slowly fell asleep.

"So beautiful!" Bubbles gasped as rainbows and couleurs swirled around her. She let out a mew of laughter, and awoke to pain. Oh no,...
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posted by boomerlover
The suivant morning, Cleah awoke laying suivant to her Lost one. "Oh StarClan," she cried, looking at him. "I thought that was all a dream, but it's true!" The she-cat got up, and feebly licked Brisky's face.

"Cleah! There toi are!" Shade's voice came from far behind her. "What are toi doing-" Shade's voice was cut when seeing her brother laying limp on the floor. "Wha...How..." she sat down suivant to Cleah. "He...he was my brother, and I never hated him."

Cleah guessed Shade was with a patrol, because Brendon and Blitzy were with her. "Shade, Cleah, come on-" Blitzy stopped as she saw the horror....
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posted by boomerlover
I can't be. He thought. I saw him kill her right then and there.

Breeze noticed how Blake was just sitting there thinking.

"Are toi okay?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm fine Breeze. Thank you." He responded.

"You don't seem okay." Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"I'm fine Breeze." He meowed as a calm as he could.

"Alright,alright. Hey, I was wondering if I could go on my first ever hunting mission?" She asked sweetly.

"I guess...Stay close to the camp. DON'T go near, ou in, and other Clan's territory." He warned. "They'll eat you."

"Other Clans- they'll eat me?" She mewed.

"No," He laughed. "I'm just teasing....
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posted by boomerlover
I made some pictures that are printable, all toi have to do is save the picture, go to the folder toi saved it in, click on the picture to see it bigger, and hit the print button, print it, and color it!! It's fun!!!

toi can choose from:

A puffed cat

A puffed dog

A puffed squirrel

Other photos I will also add in black-and-white.

Got anymore characters toi want me to make for toi to print? Just tell me.

Here are some pictures to print, and if my scanner will work, I'll montrer toi two that I printed, and colored!! :D :D :D :D

Remember, toi don't have to print ALL of them, just print a few. Or, toi can print all, Idk it's up to you.
 Kitty print out!!
Kitty print out!!
 chiot print out!!
Puppy print out!!
 Squirrely print out!!!
Squirrely print out!!!
 Blake and Brick (Blake bottom Brick top)
Blake and Brick (Blake bottom Brick top)
 I printed it and colored it!! I also colored the kitty one, but my scanner hates me so it won't work. I drew the kitty with blue eyes, and brown fur. If toi want, toi can use the smae couleurs I did, as well as this one. :)
I printed it and colored it!! I also colored the kitty one, but my scanner hates me so it won't work. I drew the kitty with blue eyes, and brown fur. If you want, you can use the smae colors I did, as well as this one. :)
posted by boomerlover
Blake woke up in shock. He had seen his mother in his dream again. It had been a week since he had that first dream about her. He got up and looked outside. It wasn't even morning yet. He decided to go back to sleep.

Blake was in a dark part of the forest, and he saw Blossom walk towards him.

"Blake," She a dit in a soft voice. "Blake, I have something important to tell you."

"What is it, mother?" He asked.

"*sigh* Your father," She said.

"Yes, what about him?" Blake asked again.

"Your father," She went on. "Your father was not the one who killed me."

Blake woke up with his cœur, coeur pounding fast. His...
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posted by boomerlover
The suivant morning, Blake sat upon the Highrock, and let out a sigh. Being leader was hard. He always had to give commands, and everyone came to him for help. But it was also great. He got to be the one in charge, and nobody could backtalk him. The best part about being the leader, is that he didn't have to hunt, and everyone respected him, even the ones older than him.

There was a small rustling in the woods. It stopped. Then it started again. He looked, and saw orange fur.

Blake gasped, and almost choked on air. Could it be his father? Was it really the cat who had almost killed him? He looked...
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posted by boomerlover

Brick: Was a brave, loyal leader, until he went out hunting, and got caught par rogues. They told him lies, and turned his cœur, coeur against his Clan. He went back to camp, leading the rogues. He killed Blossom, and almost killed Burn, Brad, and Iain. He was killed par his son, Blake. Brick then woke up and realized what he had done moments before he died. He now weeps in hell because he misses his family. He wants to back above, and alive, with his only son. He wishes to rejoindre Blossom in heaven, but alas he is trapped in the depths of deep fire. We'll miss you, Brick.

Blossom: Was...
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posted by boomerlover
The suivant morning, the Professor was down because of his two daughters gone. Then, he got an idea.

"I bet I could make a sister for Buttercup!" He chirped. He leaped to the woods. For an old cat, he could run when in a hurry. He gathered sweet roots, spice leaves, and all the things he was sure a girl would like. He also grabbed a few of his favorites, too.

A few hours later, a big boom came from Professor's den. Buttercup ran over in shock.

"What was that-" But she stopped. Two chats lied there, dizzy. A male and a female. Not kittens, not full grown, but sorta in the middle.

Buttercup gasped. "Professor!...
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( Ramona and Echo are talking near a lake when caramel dur au beurre, caramel, caramel au beurre limped up to them.)

"OMG Butterscotch!" Ramona mewed. "Let me help you, I am a medicine cat toi know." Echo purred. "What happened anyway?" Ramona asked puzzled. "You look like you've been in a fight.". "Well, it's a long story....." caramel dur au beurre, caramel, caramel au beurre a dit in a soft voice. "We want to know." Echo a dit as she put some kind of herb on one of Butterscotch's wounds. "Fine, it all started....." caramel dur au beurre, caramel, caramel au beurre began.

I was in a cave with Billy and my mom. "Billy, stop playing with that dead peace of fresh kill." caramel dur au beurre, caramel, caramel au beurre hissed. "Shut up, I...
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posted by boomerlover
Note: Book 2, is about their life before book 1.

It was a beautiful jour in the woods, and 3 tiny mewls came from inside a den.

"Where all alone now!!!" The blond furred cried.

"I know Bubbles. I just blacked out for a seconde and then we were here. I just don't get it." The orange furred sulked.

"I mean, what did we ever do?" A black female hissed.

"I know, Buttercup. All I remember, is walking accueil from middle school with toi guys, and we walked don't remember after that!" The orange furred female cried.

"Blossom, I just wanna go home!!!" Bubbles cried.

"I know Bubbles," Blossom said...
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(story) beckys was up at sunrise like birds when the sun comes up hm.. i cant ..can i [i/] thoght beckys as she sat there looking into the lake "no its mine " a dit one of her kits playing around "its mine " a dit the other "well i cought it" a dit the smart sister "well i chased it here and im wet now give" a dit the strong brother "fighting over a poisson again " a dit becky simleing " yes but its mine" they both a dit becky glnced and took it off them and cut in half "there now toi both get a bit" a dit becky the two ran off [i] i should of never had a family then all this wouldnt of happendthoght...
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