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 ariana as a tdi character still working on her appearance
ariana as a tdi character still working on her appearance
Names: Ariana destroy Paloma George and la mûre, blackberry darkness amazon
species: Ariana is a loup and la mûre, blackberry is a mix breed
genders: females
age: 14 and 2
hair and tip of tail color: Ariana is red and la mûre, blackberry is stripes
fourrure color: Ariana is black ou brown and la mûre, blackberry is stripes
likes: Ariana likes hunting and la mûre, blackberry likes meeting new friends
dislikes: Ariana dislikes meeting new people la mûre, blackberry dislikes water
skills: both hunting and fishing
plus info: Ariana doesnt like meeting new people because she is a tab bit shy to met anyone her mother past away and father left her for death
la mûre, blackberry mother doesnt pay attention to her and blames her for everything because she looks like her father her eyes her marks her eyes the only thing she has from her mother is the attitude she gives wolfs
 black berry
black berry
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This is what AliKatNya made on youtube, about Graystripe and Silverstream from Warriors. Warning, this might be a spoiler if toi havn't read the third book.
chats of the forest
boomer and bubbles
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This is coming after the last article of my type ._.

Marie shifted in the den, different and strange scents filling her nostrils. This was not the usual smell of the nursery, it smelled plus like... CloudClan! She was in CloudClan territory.
Opening her eyes, Marie saw her mother and den-mates no where in sight. "Momma?" She called. "Momma!"
"Hush, little one," a soft voice aroused her, gently licking her head. "Hollyshine saved you."
"Who?" Marie was now panicking, wanting to get home. The pale blue she-cat in front of her looked inviting, but Marie was desperate to see her own mother's face....
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~Phineas' POV~

    A misty summer morning is a really big disappointment, toi know? Dark clouds hovering above seemed to be mocking me. "ha! toi can't do anything fun today! We'll make a downpour on your 'perfect' summer day." they seemed to say. As if on command, little sprinkles of clear water skirted the ground, seeming to cool everything off. "Darn it," I mumbled, turning my gaze to Ferb. "Looks like we can't build that giant cerf-volant like we wanted to today."
Ferb shrugged and laid back against his bed. He didn't look disappointed, but I was pretty sure he was. Thinking...
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Nicki was with fireclan for some months she saw her sister die slowly and brick too she always wanted to be in a clan but her evil side always came over her she was a girl who never knew she kill someone until its too late as the sun set down she starts to growl her eyes turn a different color and her fourrure turns a brownness color she is now Amelia she goes and hunts down her kill she is like vipère, viper and vampire she got vampire teeth she meows at the moon and goes off to the forest she came back with blood on her teeth and paws she is a sweet girl but dangerous at night i have to keep my kits with me all the time i hope u wondering who telling this story its blake im telling u this because shes a pack member and she is getting through it well i hope i help u guys out
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