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par TATU!! Not that Miley Gurl!!! sooooooo......yeah This was a really hard vid to get done (yeah I say that every time but it is so true!!)
fly on the mur
Les Super Nanas
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 the person that made the story
the person that made the story
bc:im so bored theres noithin to do up in here
blossom:i know but its school bc theres nothin toi can do about it
bubbles:shes right unless we have to transform in to the ppgz
bc:now come to think of it its i l’amour school better than that stupit skrit
miss.kean:hey toi three stop talking
beep beep beep
blossom and bubbles:teacher
buttercup:yo teach
all girls:we have to help the art teacher clean up
bc:for $10 dollars
blossom and bubbles:buttercup!the girls run out untile miss kean says
miss kaen:ok u can go only if toi anser this qestion what is 100 x 66 =?
blossom:100 and 993
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Brick and Blossom chant a duet to Good Girls Go Bad par cobra Starship.
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(I fly in to find Bubbles and Buttercup just hovering)
Me:What is going on?
(And Bubbles and Buttercup fly off without saying anything,which is sus)
Blossom thinking:*Brick is my match for a boy-friend! Who cares about science like Dexter Thompson(first love)! Brick can fly like me!! I l’amour him so much now/a crush of him!!:)*
Brick:Hey pinky!! Come down here!!
(Blossom goes)
Brick: I l’amour toi so much,I want to be your boy-friend. Would toi l’amour if toi were my girl-friend?
Blossom: YES!!! Lets go babe!!!
Brick: Lets have fun!!!
(And they fly off,and thats part 3 in this story,started par HyperBlossom37 and continued par WolfGirl259)
To be continued...
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