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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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il y a plus d’un an jstar18 said…
grif16 - thanks, it took forever to come up with a proper design then I remembered a bible story about the seraphims and I thought there appearance was perfect.
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
Well actually I liked the copying abilites a lot griff16...I have made two Zanpakuto with a similar ability in the past (though I have yet to post them), I do like the changes's well balanced and very interesting....I'm happy with the Changes on Ryuko (Dragon Fang)...I think it's fine for the Bankai to dispell and absorb 1-100..I was orginally going to suggest that..but I didn't no if it would seem too overpowered or not...I like it a lot..good work!!!!!
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il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
I'm gonna post a new one!!!!!
Name: Ron Kudoh
Height: 6’9’’
Weight: 488 lbs.
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: September 17th
Age: 609
Apperance: Ron is a tall black man that wears his hair in thick dread locks or corn rolls, often with pink balls or young girl’s hair pins or bows. He is extremely muscular with a chiseled face and deep green eyes. Despite his rather strange and intimidating appearance he is a handsome man. He often wears pink glittery eye make-up and fancy suits that are often pink. He likes to wear shimmering pink things, colorful toe socks (especially with cute characters on them like Hello kitty), sandals, tank tops and shorts, and gaudy jewelry.
Personality: Ron is very odd and feminine, enjoying perfume and jewelry. He often reads women’s magazines and frequently takes the quizzes. He is very protective of Ai, who is not only his personal stylist but his favorite person in the world. He has a terrible temper and won’t hesitate to snap someone’s neck or break their noses with his studded brass knuckles of those who offend him or hurt those he loves. He can be very rude and curses often, but has deep, warm side that emerges when he is around things he finds cute.
Occupation: The Kazaki’s Limo Driver
Previous occupation: 4th seat on the seventh squad
Favorite foods: every flavor of Jolly Rancher Sodas, Sunkist, red and pink Gummy Bears, Zebra Bubble Gum, and Pepper corn crusted steak with bell peppers and onion (He loves to eat cuts of meat with Reiko)
Likes: Jolly Rancher Soda, Sunkist, pink and red Gummy Bears, Zebra Bubble Gum, Hello Kitty, Care Bear Stationary (He buys it Ai when she goes to buy hers, he likes any that are pink, cute, and have little creatures on them), Kitty Land by Kikyo Aizen (a cute manga about animal friend and their adventures) , Halloween, the color “pink”, suits, pink nail polish, glittery items, Ai (his personal stylist), Cotton Candy Hair grease, pink clothing, toe socks, gaudy jewelry, cute sunglasses, hair pins worn by young girls, Large women, bows, pink thongs, bubble furniture, and playing games at the arcade (especially with Ai).
Dislikes: stupidity, people who offend him, Isshin Kurosaki, defeat, cough syrup, needles (reverts to fetal position), the stench of hollows, fish of any kind (dining), and anything that remotely taste fishy.
Love interest: Has an attraction to larger women. Has a crush on Lu Lu.
Family: Ange Kudoh (mother)
Favorite song/theme music:
History: He grew up in the sixth district in the Rukon with his mother Ange, and attended classes at the shino academy with his best friend Daisuke Kazaki. After Daisuke’s love interest Reiko defected due to her brother’s death he followed her with Daisuke and has remained loyal to them ever since. He has a soft spot for their daughter.
Zanpakuto: Shi-to Metaru taijiya (sheet metal slayer)
Release phase: waver
Spirit manifestation: a giant pink and black hamster with a bad attitude and a frilly bow on her head
Inner world: a cage
Appearance: A long sword with a black hilt with pink filling and a large thick blade, the tsuba is heart shaped. The blade is ten feet long, but grows to one hundred if he consumes Ai’s blood.
Shikai: A long blade with the same hilt when it’s sealed, but the tsuba disappears and the blade extends to twenty three feet. The blade will increase to 230 feet wide and long if he taste Ai’s blood.
Special powers: The blade can extend in width and length and though it’s very sharp and durable he can wave the blade causing it to move like a wave crushing whatever is in its range.
Bankai: Shainingu Shi-to Metaru taijiya (shining sheet metal slayer): unknown (at the moment)
Special skills:
enhanced strength (she can shatter walls just by running in to them)
Flash step master
Hand to hand combat master
Sword skills master
Kido expert
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il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
i have finally tried to think of a better bankai name which is..
Hariken no sutorimu o isoide (rushing stream of hurricanes)
my zanpakuto name was:sutorimu o isoide (rushing stream)
oh yea and dancing petal, nice character :D
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il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
now i fell like making a character
Name:Kurisu Ro
Weight:121 lbs
Birthday:November 10th

Appearence:Kurisu has light olive skin light brown hair and dark blue eyes he is not that tall compaired to other shinigami. His hair is short not as in nearly bald its a little bushy (not like an afro.)

Perosnality:Really smart and calm he likes being defensive. He is really shy but still likes to talk to quite alot of people. If there is a person who is talking to him that doesnt like him he will respond like the person who spoke isnt even there. He likes kido quite alot so he decided to learn even some of the forbidden kido but obviously doesnt use them. He is also been looking at heapes of information of if its possible to make his own types of kido.(found quite a bit of information and after trying to use his own he had some faliures but is still working on it)

Occupation:2nd squad 3rd seat

Favourite foods:sushi,ice-cream,caramel sundaes,caramel milkshakes, any spicey foods.

Likes: people that are nice to him, anything yellow or black,books, practising kido, practising hand to hand combat,practising sword combat.

Dislikes:mean people, anything green or blue, games, jokes that make no sense,squad 10 and 12 captains, defeat,uryu (fussy).
Love state:has crush on Nanao (thats my characters desision)
History:used to be very very poor with his mumm dad and sister. They were trying to make money by selling anything they could.Also attended classes at the shino academy with his sister Jeshika Ro.

Zanpakuto: sutorimu o isoide (rushing stream)
Spirit manifestation:a boy same height who is always wet and has never smiled, showed interest or even chuckled he wears a big rope which is blue with blades on every side. He also wears black rain boots.
Appearence: A regular katana with a metre sized blade and the hilt is a big wave going smaller as it comes in.
Shikai: a Massive glaive around about 1.5 metres each side. The blades have blue symbols on it and a part where you can hold or spin it.
Special Powers:has the ability to make anythings defense stronger eg. walls, the katana, anything hard or strong.
bankai:Hariken no sutorimu o isoide (rushing stream of hurricanes)
special abilities:
enhanced defense-can block nearly any kido and at least one or two shikai abilities by holding the sword normaly.
Kido master
Hand to hand combat master
sword skills Inbetween good and exbert
Flash step exbert
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il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
here is information and different things about m weapon and what it looks like
 here is information and different things about m weapon and what it looks like
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
Here is my first attempt at making a character. Tell me how i did

Name:Genshin Hinamaru
Age:Unknown (but appears to be 22)
Birthday:September 21

Appearence:He has shoulder length skragly brown hair and light blue eyes. He always carries himself well. With a slight muscular build.

Personality:He is a partier who loves to go to the bars and get super drunk and have a good time. He is an easy going guy who will go out of his way to avoid a fight if he can. But if he sees a person picking a fight with another person he will intervene to keep the peace.

Occupation: Wanderer

Favorite Foods:Meat,Fish,icecream,corn,fruit

Likes:Easy going people like him self, funny people, Peace, Saki, Beautiful women.

Dislikes:People who go around looking for a fight, people with a bad attitude, vegetables, kido(believing it to be a cowardly way to fight)


History: Not much is known about him but records show that a man fitting his description and with a similar zanpakuto wandered across a village in the soul society that had been butchered by a raiding army of bandits and that the bandit army was then slaughtered by this one man in a mater of minutes.

Spirit Manifestation: A large man with Shoulder length white hair and a handle bar mustache, He is wrapped in a large red cloak that covers his whole body except for his head and right hand. He wears a large red cowboy type hat with pointy ends. He also wears metalic finger covers on his right hand.

Inner World:An arrid flat desert with a constant sand storm blowing.

Zanpakuto name (shikia): Ryuko (Dragon Fang)
Release command: Rebel

Zanpakuto appearence: it becomes a 6ft long full metal double edged sword with a blade that is 3 inches from one side of the blade to the other with a large metalic skull right between the handle and blade.

Shikia Abilities:
1.The sword can absorb kido attacks 1-50 and charges them in the sword. With every kido attack i absorb my swords strikes become slightly stronger. Also with each kido attack absorbed the blade slowly starts to glow red and when it is fully glowing red i get a single strike strong enough to split my opponent in half if i dont hit the zanpakuto first.Once i pefrom my ultimate strike then the blades glow disappears and must reabsorb kido attacks to perform it again
2. and also despite the blades size it remains no heavier than a normal zanpakuto allowing me to swing it at the same speed my opponent would swing his blade

Bankai: Ryuko Zokuken (Dragon Fang's Heavenly Punishment)

Bankai appearence: my Sword stays the same but i am shrouded in a red cloak that covers my whole body essentially hiding my face in the shadow of the hood

Bankai Abilities:
1. Same abilities as my shikai but instead of absorbing only 1-50 i can absorb 1-99 and when the blade is fully red i can choose to use my ultimate strike or fire the built up energy off in an incredibly powerful blast wave that can cause serious injury if my opponent takes a direct hit.
2. red cloak that covers my whole body allows me to move through solid objects (like walls the ground and even the human body) but i cannot move through a zanpakuto or kido.(ex. if my opponent used a powerful kido blast or bakudo 81)

Special Skills:
Incredible Spiritual Presure(when he is not keeping it suppressed)
Immense Strength
Flashstep Master
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Master Swordsmanship Specialist
No kido (something he is very proud of)
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il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
Name-不安の風 (Unsettling winds) *Fuan no Kaze*
Shikai name-引き裂かれた空 (Torn sky) *Hikisaka re ta sora*
Release-人生のオークから秋 (Fall from the oak of life) *Jinsei no ōku kara aki*
Description of Shikai abilities- Hikisaka re ta sora has a pulling effect that makes it the center of gravity for enemies. It pulls all oxygen from the air and suffocates the enemy while they cannot get to the wielder, for the wielder has made Hikisaka re ta sora the center of gravity. Enemies fall stumble and fail to reach the wielder before they die of suffocation. The wielder has to be moving at all times while Kikisaka re ta sora is released.
Shikai (physical) description- The sword is pale blue and jagged not straight. The hilt is white with pale blue ribbon and three small white bells. The sword is not very long, only 2 feet.
Bankai name-分周器 (The divider) *Bun Shū-ki*
Description of Bankai abilities- When spun, Bun shu-ki makes an invisible and unbreakable wall that suspends all in the air, those who are in the air have no control over their bodies. The wielder throws hot air spears at those who are imprisoned, all the while trying to still spin the Bun shu-ki. The spears of air are formed from Bun shu-ki’s vibrating crystal hairs, it is highly difficult for the wielder to get a hold of them. But once they do, the spears of air also start to vibrate and become insanely hot. The wielder is not hurt by they’re Bun shu-ki but they become very weak after using it, weaker than the usual soul reaper. The wielder cannot move during this phase.
Bankai (physical) description- Bun shu-ki transforms into a long polearm. The staff is swirled and white. The tip when looked at by the naked eye seems to be deep blue hair that flays out in all directions. While actually the -hair- is extremely thin pieces of vibrating crystal. The end of the Bun shu-ki is pointed into a cone shape, this is the only sword part of the polearm.

Is that everything? Tell me if I missed something. :) Thats my sword, TYSM for making me think this up. I based the sword and names off of my own personality. Tell me what you think. Thanks. :)
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I love your character Clowe18...he is very interesting and has great development...thank you..Ron has a mind of his own and I have a knack for making borderline psychotic characters..I mean seriously could you really imagine a tall. chisled black man with young girl hair pins and Hello Kitty toe socks....
Griff16...I love the character just as much as the Zanpakuto you really took time to develop him.....great job...
Brokensun those are good changes..your blade seems much more balanced now....tayandkris4evr your Zanpakuto is breath taking..I love the description and the must have spent a lot of time working on it!!!!
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
great character..I like him as much as your Zanpakuto....

Clowe 18: I really like your Character, he is very descriptive and i can tell you put some thought into it...Thanks, Ron like Kurisu Ro has a mind of his own..the difference is that yours likes Nanao and mine likes little girl hair pins and gummy bears..I have a knack for outlandish characters..I mean could anyone ever really imagine a chisled black man with pink eye make-up and hello kitty toe socks lol
Broken Sun
great changes..your blade seems much more balanced!!!
I like your Zanpakuto..the imagery is beautiful and so creative...I love the name too!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Mika Mika
Height: 5’3’’ in a half
Weight: 106
Race: shinigami
Birthday: May 9th
Age: 121
Apperance: Mika is rather small with a light frame and lime green hair that is straight to her breast, she has jagged bangs and a couple of sweeping flips as it descends down her back. She often wears hats resembling animals that are almost always different. Her eyes are light green and she has lovely face and full pink lips.
Personality: Mika Mika is very energetic and hyperactive often daydreaming or being distracted by the slightest movement; this often said to be an aspect of her ADHD. Mika more often than not has an overly positive attitude, saying it could be worse even if she was to fall down a flight of steps or be struck by lightning. Mika is very sweet and empathic towards others feelings, she is very playful and goofy making funny voices, talking about her weird pizza creations, puppets, and stuffed animals. Many find her annoying though Izuru sees something special in her. Mika ofte nbreaks the ice by saying look I can pick my nose with my tounge, and than tries her hardest to achieve this feat.
Previous Occupation: student at Shino academy, barmaid or waitress
Occupation: lieutenant of squad 3 (after Kira took over the position)
Favorite food: Pizza (she often likes to eat in a variety of odd ways like pizza donuts, pizza cake, pizza taco, pizza curry, pizza pudding, and other concoctions), Mango, and sweets (after traveling to the world of the living she has come to like moon pies, jelly beans, gummy bears, and pixie sticks)
Likes: stuffed animals (she is often seen talking or reassuring them), pizza, having lots of activities to occupy her due to her ADHD, sweets, hats( so much so she has a different one on everyday and is said to often spend large amounts of money on them), frogs, dancing, singing, coloring books (she often sends her finished pictures to friends and was so excited when she saw giant plastic crowns in the world of the living that she bought over a dozen of them, though she was dismayed to learn that she couldn’t draw with them even though she kept them for decoration), funny pens that light up, make sounds, or that are childish in design, swimming, spending time with friends, being happy and positive, festivals, parades, having fun, Izuru Kira (not only her captain, but a man she’s been in love with secretly for years), anything that glows in the dark like stars, stickers, tattoos (she has one on her back of a frog and another on her shoulder of a lily), glitter, decorating usually with beads, glitter, pipe cleaners, and dolls, running, sports, futsal (though Renji has shown much interest in letting her play with squad six), lilies and toe socks
Dislikes: cruelty, manipulation, abuse (due to her morals and being abused by her mother for years), ham, people being sad or in bad circumstances, people thinking she’s stupid. Previously she disliked Momo’s Hinamori because of rumors circulating about her relations with Byakuya Kuchiki and Toshiro Hitsugaya. Mika knew that Kira had deep feelings for Momo and that she knew though she chose to not acknowledge them when it appeared as if she was seeing someone else, later she regretted confronting Momo about this because of how nice of person she turned out to be.
Family: Ro Mika, Shihori Mika
Favorite song:
History: Mika Mika was born into an abusive home with her younger brother Ro who were often mentally and physically abused by their mother Shihori. Shihori was said to live in a similar environment as a child, and Mika always insisted that maybe it was just that she didn’t know how to show her love any other way. While they both love and fear their mother, they have both become heavenly broken from it. Mika was originally accepted into the sixth division as the 12th seat but was kicked off the squad after she confronted Momo Hinamori blindly in anger, who Captain Kuchiki has feelings for. She later felt bad about this after she was attacked shortly after the fact and Momo took her to the infirmary. Later she apologized, in the two became friends. Mika Mika left for a short time, but Izuru who she spent time with in the infirmary while she was trying to make them feel better with puppets came to retrieve her asking if she would accept lieutenant ship on his squad. The two have gotten closer ever since. She saved Sakura after the defected squad ten invasion and tried dispatch Argos unsuccessfully. She has been sent to the world of the living with her captain to unearth the secrets of the soul merchants.
Zanpakuto: Magatte Imasu Kaeru Shita (winding from tongue)
Release phrase: croak
Spirit manifestation: a large green frog that is very hyperactive and loving.
Apperance: a wakizashi with a lime green hilt with red fillings and a frog shaped tsuba.
Shikai: her zanpakuto becomes a katana with a lime green hilt with darker green fillings and a tsuba resembling a large frog’s face while the sword resembles the tongue, the blade is usually silver but when she uses it like a tongue it changes to a reddish pink shade and can extend and move in any direction.
Special abilities: Her blade can become flexible like a frogs tongue and can extend and bend in any direction; she often compresses the blade and sends it flying to impale opponents. The blade can release acid darts that dissolve through flesh and bone by the tongue sweating out these particles. In this form she is also able to breathe underwater, expand her body to avoid cut like a frog’s throat belly, and get faster in water by gaining webbed feet when in water.
1. Suiya (acid arrow): a projectile acid dart from her sweating tongue blade, is performed in Bankai as well
Bankai: Doku Magatte Imasu Kaeru Shita (poison winding frog tongue): Her Bankai takes various forms; she has a sheer green dress that looks like seaweed that cuts down at her thighs and wraps around her breast, leaving her shoulder, arms, and back exposed. She wears green platform boots and has a two wrist length fingerless gloves that are used in battle. One glove which is yellow and red and has a frog’s face that moves and can spurt out darts of acid as well as extend its tongue for miles impaling or constricting foes, the other glove is green and yellow and also has the face of a frog. This frog also has an extendable tongue, but rather than sending out acid it constantly seeps excessive amounts of highly pressurized water that can burst out of her hand at foes or into walls crumbling them, she can manipulate the speed, shape, and the movement of the water through her reiatsu. She likes to touch the ground causing the water to drain within the dirt coming up as powerful geysers. She often combines the effects of her gloves creating torrents of acidic water. During the second phase of her Bankai she can increase her speed and lunging powers by altering segments of her body into frog like physiology, such as legs which can help her lunge at high speeds and a tongue that can dissolve foes through acidic saliva. She can summon her Zanpakuto into a giant rainbow colored frog that can breech walls through its never ending tongue that can dissolve through acid saliva and can swallow foes instantly dissolving them. The frog is incredibly fast and powerful, with jumping prowess and powerful attack capabilities, including an acid missile. The final phase allows her to absorb the toxins and acids into her flesh allowing her to kill you through skin contact, this weakens her greatly.

Special skills:
Flash step master (at a near Shinsoku level)
Hand to and combat expert
Kido expert
Sword skills expert
Powerful spiritual energy
il y a plus d’un an BrokenSun35 said…
Heh thanks Dancing Petal well im just gonna post the charcter for the Zanpakuto

Name: Shado Senken
Position: Leader of another branch of Ace of X (Ace of Clubs)
Age: Appears to be 22
Hieght: 6'2"
Weight: 204 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark blue

Appearance: Shado's hair is medium length and is messy most of the time. He wears a gray T-shirt with a black number 5 on it. He weard a pair of loose black jeans with a pair of black shoes. He has the Ace of Clubs tattoo with an X going through it on the back o his right hand.

Personality: Shado is a very laid back and funny person but is serious when a battle comes into play he spends alot of his time relaxing and when there is a battle he tries to avoid it as much as possible.
Strength: 100
Kido: 45
Speed: 100
Swordmanship: 85
Hand-to-Hand: 86
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il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Kyo Tsumugiya
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 pounds
Race: shinigami
Birthday: January 30th
Age: 200
Apperance: Kyo has black hair that has seemingly no part and is jagged with sharp banks and to the back of his neck. He has pale skin, but has a very toned, muscular body, which is more masculine than his brother’s (He is called the beef-cake of the 4th squad; he even has a fan club). His eyes are brown and he is very attractive. He likes to T-shirts with crazy prints and jeans when he is not in his shinigami uniform.
Personality: Kyo is extremely self-conceited and very perverted. He asks most every woman he meets if she will marry him and or bear his children. He also has a very artistic side were he loves to paint and watch animals and nature from high places that he climbs.
Family: Miki Tsumugiya (mother), (father), Kentaro Hiyama, Ryoji Tsumugiya (twin brother), and Ururu Tsumugiya (younger sister)
Favorite food: Blood…especially rare meat, alcohol—vodka
Likes: Tatsuki, attractive women, sume painting, sports (he often plays Futsal with Renji), looking sharp and stylish (he loves looking handsome and often buys some of the most expensive clothing imaginable), having things clean (his room and parlors are almost always dirty and he is made if any one sweeps up the webs because he enjoys the spiders so much), the idea of having a harem (Kyo is interested in both females and males), rock music, and playing the guitar (he is horrible at it, but loves it none the less)
Dislikes: Sweets foods including cherry vanilla soda and chocolate, Ryoji (who he feels has been able to live a free life without the burden of being the perfect son), rejection, cleanliness, abuse, and the resentment of taking his twin brother’s power as an infant.
Favorite song: Bringing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake (Ego, huh?)
Special powers: Being a Hiyama male he is able to increase his abilities by twenty times but he doesn’t practice this technique because it was forbidden. Kyo sucked out most of his brother’s reiatsu as an infant, resulting in the increased percentage that he can raise his powers (However, the 10 percent extra is often unstable).
Zanpakuto: kyuuketsuki (vampire)
Release phrase: Drink
Spirit manifestation: a male vampire with black slicked back hair and errie yellow eyes; he is the classic Dracula
Inner world: a Victorian mansion
Apperance: sealed his Zanpakuto is a standard katana that has a black hilt with red fillings and a silver square shaped tsuba.
Shikai: Kyuuketsuki changes into a slightly broader katana with a black hilt and red fillings and a vampire fang shaped tsuba; the blade looks as if it is stained in blood, often startling his opponent’s.
Special abilities: His shikai allows his blade to taste his foes blood once and then he cut them from any distance, killing them with deadly accuracy.
Bankai: chi Kyuuketsuki (blood lust vampire): He receives a Dracula like cape fastened with a crimson sash and a velvet undershirt that is wine red. His nails look slightly longer, black, and sharpened and his eyes turn blood red. His Bankai takes the form of a long sword with a completely red blade that appears to have wet blood dripping and rippling on its surface, this is only a scare factor. The guard has wings on it that flap and a mouth that has a tongue and sharp vampire fangs, this mouth often makes hideous noises and coughs up blood. The hilt is completely black. The cape can spread out into bat like wings so he hover and glide.
Special abilities: when he strikes you with his blade it begins to rapidly drain your blood and life force straining your thoughts and movements (whenever this is done the mouth on the guard pantomimes sucking), the opponent can get away but feels slightly weaker with every cut from the sword. When the sword finishes feeding the body begins to crumble and decay
Special skills:
Flash step master
Hand to hand combat master
Sword skills master
Kido expert
Healing saliva
Twenty X strength boost
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I love your character Broken sun he's a perfect match for your Zanpakuto!!!!
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ok im gana be posting alot today first i start with 2 more member of ace of X Natsu and Zelman then I work on the four fraccion of Dormirarbol the espada of sloth

Name: Zelman Evans
Age: 23
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Greyish white
Eye Color: Icy blue

Appearance: Zelman has short spiky hair that just covers the top of his eyes, his eyes are almost the same color as ice and when people look into deeply they often feel cold as if a draft just past though. Zelman wears a white jacket that resembles a tennis jacket that have black lines on the sleeves and white pants along with dark blue sneakers. He has the same tattoo that everyone in Ace of X has on the back of his right hand.

Personality: Zelman is a very calm, collected person and often likes to keep a cool head even during the middle of a huge battle. He often stays "cool" which defers sometimes under the circumstances. He is a very skilled musician especially with piano and saxophone plays both of them as often as he can. He loves to drink bottle water and is very obsersant of the weather and can tell the slightest difference in the weather.

Strength: 80
Kido: 70
Speed: 90
Swordmanship: 90
Hand-to-Hand: 60
il y a plus d’un an Ulquiorra1313 said…
This is an arrancar:

Name of release: Akumu
command: flow to the edge of darkness
The zanpakuto is two swords. They look ordinary when not released but when released, the hilt of one is black, slowly becoming white at the tip and the other is opposite, starting white becoming black
(I know its a bad description but oh well i should have a pic up sometime soon)

Abilities: Any strike with the blades causes no wounds but the target feels the pain as though the strike did hit only ten times worse pain.

The arrancar abandoned hueco mundo as soon as he became an arrancar because he was sick of the oppression of Aizen. He wandered until he came across the senkaimon being opened. He was taken in by Urahara and trained to fight as a soul reaper. He has a very solitude-istic nature to him and prefers to ignore everyone and go on missions alone. For looks I'll have to put up a pic as well for that

I have not been on here in forever cuz im writing a bleach fan fiction and this guy is one of my characters so ill tell yall when its done and where you can go to read it
il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
Thank you Dancing_Petal! That really made me happy, so, I decided to post the Character for my Zanpaktou. :D
il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
Name-Kohana Koizumi (Little flower, Little spring)
Appearance- Short light blue hair, that flays out, it goes a bit below the bottom of the ear. On each side of her head there is a long lock of hair, that goes about breast level. Calm, wise, light green eyes. She has a small nose and skin that is very pale, almost white but with cheeks almost always a little pink. She is 5’3 and is a lightweight. Most people can pick her out from saying that she has a long scar on her left hand. It starts at the knuckle of the pointer finger and goes up to the pit of her elbow. She has very long fingers and small feet. She chews her fingers though, around every finger tip it seems to be calloused. She’s not the most gifted girl, she doesn’t have big breasts.
Personality- She’s very calm and collected. She’s shy and has stage-fright but when you get to know her she’ll act silly and goof around. She’s very kind and whole-hearted. She is an extremely focused person and is always doing something. If she isn’t doing something, she’s listening to music or sleeping. She always has this look on her face like she’s asking a bunch of questions to herself. When she smiles you can barely see her eyes. She doesn’t get mad very easily. She likes to work with Kidou and practice with it. She is also a Flash Step Grand-Master. She likes to wear Victorian style clothes that have an antique essence to them. Her favorite colors to wear and black, white, and blue. She loves jeans but not if they’re skinny. She’s decently smart, but she excels in language arts and English, also she can speak 5 different languages. She is a master swordsman and enjoys making weapons and such in her free time. She loves to draw and she can play the piano professionally. She’s rumored to have family descended from royalty.
Other- Kohana was previously a living person. She grew up with her grandmother, not knowing of her father or her mother’s whereabouts. She died at the age of 18 when she was on a plane returning from meeting her father for the first time in her life. He was a good man, but, he was a soul reaper, and he didn’t want Kohana involved when she was living.
Kohana has a pet cat named Miki (Beautiful Story). Miki is always with Kohana, they haven’t parted since birth, when Kohana’s grandmother’s cat had kittens the same day Kohana was born. Miki died with Kohana on that plane, and there bond was so tight that they traveled together to the soul society.
Kohana is still training in the soul society to become a full fledged soul reaper.

Tell me what you think! Heres a pic. :)
 Name-Kohana Koizumi (Little flower, Little spring) Appearance- Short light blue hair, that flays out
il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
Oh. And if you have time, look up Young Demons in the Writing club, it's a story im in the midst of writing and im thinking of continuing it. :)
il y a plus d’un an Potatokittilol said…
Zanpokto: Hane no ten {heavens feathers}
Looks: it looks like ichigos sword when its not in shikai, large bigger then you,
Comand:Band with hell-
Shikia: your sword gets biggr and faster, glowing purple text is seen on the blade,
Shikia abilitys: you can call on your manifested sword to help fight, they are 2 people, the heaven part f your swor ad the hell part, heaven= a teen in a white dress no shoes, white hair, a large sword like yours, hell= another teen he has white hair a black-tee and some jeans, you can aso cackopen the earth opening a small entrence to hell.
Bankia:Band with hell,hells sutormuie hane no ten (hells rushing streams of heavens feathers} long name ! o.0
Bankia abilitys: you get black angle wings which gives u flying, you have you overgrown sword, your eye turn blue, you can call you manifested swords to help, open the Larger and the real gates to hell. and call on black dragon to help you,
you get faster, stronger, morkick ass, yu me lke chigos bania in this form but a little slower bcuz of the wings,
ill do a charater for this l8tr TELL ME IF U LIKES IT
il y a plus d’un an Potatokittilol said…
Zanpokto: Hane no ten {heavens feathers}
Looks: it looks like ichigos sword when its not in shikai, large bigger then you,
Comand:Band with hell-
Shikia: your sword gets biggr and faster, glowing purple text is seen on the blade,
Shikia abilitys: you can call on your manifested sword to help fight, they are 2 people, the heaven part f your swor ad the hell part, heaven= a teen in a white dress no shoes, white hair, a large sword like yours, hell= another teen he has white hair a black-tee and some jeans, you can aso cackopen the earth opening a small entrence to hell.
Bankia:Band with hell,hells sutormuie hane no ten (hells rushing streams of heavens feathers} long name ! o.0
Bankia abilitys: you get black angle wings which gives u flying, you have you overgrown sword, your eye turn blue, you can call you manifested swords to help, open the Larger and the real gates to hell. and call on black dragon to help you,
you get faster, stronger, morkick ass, yu me lke chigos bania in this form but a little slower bcuz of the wings,
ill do a charater for this l8tr TELL ME IF U LIKES IT
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I love Kohana Koizumi tayandkris4evr she is so adorable and orginal good job..
Potatokittilol I like your Zanpakuto a lot....I'm not sure if the dragon fits the overall theme of the blade though..maybe try a raven or crow since both represent aspects of death and passing
il y a plus d’un an ttyu1 said…
My Zanpakutou would be named Nikomaru.

shikia: I would say Make them fear death Nikomaru. It would turn into a black sword with a scull on the end. It would be able to make things fade by touching them because it would use the shadows to eat away at things. It would be able to open a void through time, and do other time based things. And lastly it would be able to up my speed by 100,000 mpg and let me go to speeds that let me actually teleport.

Bankai: Make all fade to darkness Nikomaru kagashimi.I would be able to control shadows with my mind. It would up my speed by 1,000,000 mpg and teleport still. Finally I could slow or speed up or do anything time based thing even stop the opponent from moving at all or going back or forward in time.
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Hi ttyu 1 I love your profile pic!
Now about your Zanpakuto..I think some of the abilites are very good but it seems very overpowered and is without a common theme...I mean the speed is insane...perhaps you should have a restriction to balance it out...but to be honest you could potenially three Zanpakuto out of this one..some of the abilites have nothing to do with eachother..but if you would like to keep them togehter you should find something to connect them all....keep up the good work though!!!!!
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…

Name: Ver Gray Perro
Name Meaning: Gray Dog
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 130 pounds
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Apperance: Ver Gray Perro has a rather muscular body and blue eyes. Her hair is bright blonde and kept in tight low ponytails that are clasped in green ribbons. Her skin is light tan and the remnant of her hollow mask resembles that of a canine. Her hollow hole is located on her right shoulder.
Personality: She is very hard and not very agreeable, always stating her opinion when most don’t care to here it. She is always ready for a battle or confrontation and is very good at piercing with her words. She doesn’t talk much but she does dispatch very useful information. She can be very rough and usually results to violence when annoyed which is most of the time (especially due to Barbosa) but she deep down she has a loving heart, and will protect those who can’t protect themselves.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants
Favorite food: Fried chicken liver
Likes: fighting (verbally as well as physically; she likes to beat up Sluggie), bossing people around, drinking, playing cards, saving remnants of the body of anything she kills (has been known to keep heads in jars and on plagues, with soul reapers she often takes their Zanpakuto), naming random places in Hueco Mundo (such as “Big eye”), mapping places (she is a known cartographer), and writing violent stories in which every character dies a tragic, horrific death.
Dislikes: Happiness, Soul Reapers, Sluggie, dried oatmeal cakes (Nari’s favorite food) and wheat grass, and idiots (which she assumes most people are)
Love interest: Unknown (claims to love only herself)
Family: Unknown
Favorite song/theme music:
Cero: Dark blue cero that explodes from the dogs mouth on her head as well as her own giving her a double cero.
Zanpakuto: Demonio Infierno Cerbero (Demon hell Cerberus)
Release phase: bark
Apperance: It takes the form of a metal pronged whip that is a dusty black with thick silver spikes studded on it; she latches it to her side or around her neck like a collar. When she releases her resurrection she strikes it on the ground.
Resurrección: In this form her mask expands and deepens to a dark grey and forms two other dog like skulls welded on its sides. She has a black studded collar and wrist bands. These heads can spew out hellish flames of a deep blue color, and she has heightened deft perception and infrared vision so she sees clearly in the dark. She can also scan the area with pulses of red light so others can get a slight since of where they are going. Her speed and stamina increases in this form as well.
1. Purgatorio Arder (purgatory burn): an explosion of fireballs from the three gaping, skeletal dog mouths on her head.
2. Visión Escanear (vision scan): uses her infrared vision to highlight the area
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Asesinato Intención Del Perro Demonio Infierno Cerbero (killing intention of the demon hell Cerberus): In this form her hollow mask retains its original form while the other two are segmented onto skeletal shoulder pads. She has a skeletal armor that exposes her cleavage and runs down like a bootee, with white and gray boning. She has a collar and wrist bans that are studded but take on a more skeletal appearance. Her speed increases to unfathomable speeds, surpassing a Sonido and she can release a large inferno (fire storm) using the wide mouths of the dog skulls integrated into her armor, the ones on her shoulders can travel down her arms and legs so she can attacks with fire melee techniques. She maintains the same memory depth perception and vision though know she is able to smell diseases and see DNA strands.
1. Demoler Infierno Llama (demolishing hell flame): a huge inferno from the gaping throats of the skull canines.
2. Visión Escanear (vision scan): uses her infrared vision to highlight the area

Special skills:
Master hand to hand Combatant
Sonido master
Whip skills master
High-speed regeneration
High intelligence
Map making skills
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced Hierro
il y a plus d’un an brianmiguel said…
Zanpakutou name : Seishinseii Takai ( Sincerity of Death )
Release Command : "Yasashi..." ( Be, Gentle )
Description: The Zanpakutou is meant for quick death and assasination but can withstand long battles. It is a dagger, all black with a silver metallic outline on the blade. On the bottom of the hilt through it's hilt is a hole where a purple lace is tied around a long silver chain that hangs off the dagger. The concept behind my Zanpakutou is to show the opponent respect before death, Bankai should only be used in dire situations.
Bankai Name: " Eien Kizu." ( Eternal Pain.)
Shikai Abilities :
1. " Shadow of Death" ( Kage Takai ) The Zankpakutou uses a sort of a "flash step" technique itself and can teleport to a reasonable distance from the opponent and the master. This is useful because it throws the enemy off my having the wielder in one place while the Zanpakutou itself carries out the assasination.
2. " Dark Thief " ( Kurai Kaitou ) The Zanpakutou can absorb reiatsu and use it for either itself or it's master every time it impales the opponent. (it also works sort of in the opposite manner) by cutting himself with the Zanpakutou, the sword absorbs some of the master's reiatsu and uses it for itself. Advanced training and mastering of the technique allows for minimal healing abilities.
3. " Dark Wind " ( Kurai Kaze ) The wielder uses a portion of the Zanpakutous power to increase his or her own speed in order to improve their "Flash Step" and escape from a trivial situation. (used mainly to retreat)
Bankai Abilities:
1. " Good Night... " ( Oyasumi Nasai ) Temporarily disables the opponent by blinding them with massive thick darkness.
2. " The Pain of Sacrifice " ( Kizu Gisei ) by impaling oneself with the Zanpakutou the wielder gains massively increased reflexes, and the ability to mentally slow down time.
3. " Twilight..." ( Tasogare ) [ Ultimate and last resort ] Using the Zanpakutou's blade to cut the chain of the Zanpakutou in half, causes another blade to materialize on the opposide end of the chain, resulting in two daggers. The daggers are identical except for the fact that one is pure white and the original is solid black. They both have equal strength and can absorb reiatsu from the spirit particles around them (similar to a quincy) not needing to impale the opponent. The white one has massive healing properties while the black one is solely for the purpose of bringing death.
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
Here is a new one. let me know wat u think.

Zanpakuto Name: Senjuko (Thousand Hand Fang)
Release Command: Unleash Your Wrath

Sealed Form: In sealed form it is 2 Nodachi that are hidden within my robes.

Realeased Form: The swords becomes a black armor that is worn around both of my fore arms and with a swift motion of my hands can produce 3 needles from each gauntlet between each of my fingers that are 8 inches in length and about a centimeter across.
I can produce as many as i want but can only hold 3 in each hand at a time and they are regenerated instantly. The needle move at the same speed as the byakurai

Shikia Abilities: By holding the needles in my hand i can channel my spiritual presure into them making them more powerful. At full power they only reach power equel to that of Hado 33 Sōkatsui.
1. Sentoran (Thousand Blade Sky): I press the 2 gauntlets together and dark void forms in between my hands and from that void thousands of needles equal in power to the byakurai come flying out.
2. Hyappotoran (Hundred Blade Sky): Similar to sentoran a dark void forms in one of my hands and fires out hundreds of needles that move at the speed of the Byakurai but have the power of Hado 31 Shakkaho.
3. Hachitoran (Eight Blade Sky): I hold 4 needles in each hand totaling eight. They are then super charged and when thrown move at twice the speed of the Byakurai and with the power of Sokatsui.

Bankai: Totsu Senjuko (Sword-Piercing Thousand Hand Fang)

Bankai Appearence: My bankai becomes a large metal backpack with two sword holsters on either side, each holster has three full metal blades in it that are approximately 3 feet long, have no guard and are shaped like very long spear heads. In the middle of the back pack is a large metal Skull with glowing red eyes. Also Armor covers both my arms the upper part of my chest and the lower part of my face covering my mouth and nose

Bankai Abilities: Similar to the shikai the blades can be removed and thrown but due to their size i can only hold 2 at a time and once a blade is removed the empty space instantly regenerates a new blade. I can also charge up the blade giving it more power. When the blade is fully charged it has power equal to Hado 73 Sōren Sōkatsui. But unlike my shikai instead of throwing the blades i could choose to hold them in my hands and use them as swords. The blades also move at byakurai speed.
1. Rikutoran (Six Blade Sky): My back pack launches 6 blades into the air and then has them all hover around me with the tips of the blade pointed at my opponent. They are instantly charged to full power and on my command all launch at the same time at my opponent.
2. Sotoran (Twin Blade Sky): The two blades i hold in my hands are instantly super charged making them as powerful as hado 91 and move at twice the speed of shunpo when thrown.When the blades make contact with something they create a powerful explosion that can deal incredible damage if someone takes a direct hit. The blades are hard to control when thrown with this move and so can sometimes be very inaccurate. Once the move is used it cannot be used again for another 5 minutes.
3. Ittoran (Single Blade Sky): I charge the majority of my energy into a single blade making it incredibly powerful and ungodly fast. When the blade makes contact with something it creates a massive explosion which could kill if it makes concact with a persons body directly and then showers a 1 mile diameter in needles which are at the same power as the byakurai and twice as fast.The move is hard to aim but with its explosion does not need to be dead center. The needles deal massive damage to anyone caught inside the blast range even if that person is me. The move can only be used once a week and due to how much energy i waste useing it should only be used as a last resort.

Here is what my bankai back pack looks like if my description wasnt good enough
last edited il y a plus d’un an
 Here is a new one. let me know wat u think. Zanpakuto Name: Senjuko (Thousand Hand Fang) Release
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Don't think of me as a asshole for calling this out but that idea can only come from one thing and that is The weapon Lucifer from Devil May Cry 4 I love that weapon in that game and i love how you changed it just enough so its not excalty the same thing like i said don't think of me as a asshole i just couldn't let that go un noticed
again another well thought out character
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
Name- 残念な信仰 (Deplored Faith) *Zan'nen'na shinkō*
Shikai name- 食い入るように見る依存性 (Devour Dependence) *Kuiiru yō ni miru izon-sei*
Release- 死亡弱い (Decease the weak) *Shibō yowai*
Description of Shikai abilities- Devour Dependence takes all aid away from enemies, air, water, sun light, anything that gives them power other than their weapons. But, only for 5 seconds. Basically the enemies are dead for 5 seconds. Devour Dependence takes its wielders life force and compresses it into a high power beam. This beam can only be fired six times. If fired a seventh (in a row) the wielder begins to die, they cannot be healed or saved if this happens. This beam is called “償う (Atone)” . Yet, this beam is only as powerful as it’s enemies sins.
Shikai (physical) description- Devour dependence looks like a big purpley dead looking muscle that attaches to the wielders fighting arm. The muscle attaches all the way up to the elbow and extends about 3 inches after the fingers. At the end of the muscle there is a single long claw like sword. The sword is a bit darker than the muscle and is 4ft long.
Bankai name- 不誠実な(Faithless) *Fuseijitsuna*
Description of Bankai abilities- To activate say ‘Soar, Faithless’. Faithless takes all emotion besides sadness, anger, and any other negative emotions. It plays out your regrets, your mistakes, and your sins. It drives you completely insane to where you want to take your own life, but you cannot. The wielder must say ‘Seep to deepest depths and soar to the highest of the heavens, return, reflect, and atone.’. Once those words are spoken the wielder must strike into the enemies forehead. After that, the enemy falls to their knees and is turned to dust, whether they are a Bount or not.
Bankai (physical) description- Faithless is actually two ‘swords’. On each of the wielders forearms a very large black/purple talon extends once inch straight out, then curves along (one inch) above their arm. It goes past the finger tips, each talon is about 3-4ft. Where the talon sprouts there is a tuft of soft raven feathers.
il y a plus d’un an tayandkris4evr said…
I love this forum! So very very very much!
Oh, Hey, Dancing_Petal, I really like your character Mika Mika! :D
il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
this is my other zanpakuto thats going to be for Kurisu's sister Jeshika and also what tayandkris4evr said nice character :D

shikai:Kako no kaika (blooming past)
release command:Omoide ga yomigaeru (bring the memories)
bankai name:Kako no kaika wa shōrai (blooming past no future)

description:its a blade with flowers growing on it pointing up the holder grows small petals on their clothes. Depending the color of your clothes gives you an upgrade of something e.g blue=defence red=attack light blue=speed and yea.

shikai abilities:
Jinsei no yobidashi (call of life):
it can heal only minor injuries like spall bruises, cuts or any type of painful marks.

Shīrudo o utsu (whipping shield)
it surounds the wielder in spikes (not at the front) and if the enemy tries to attack the spikes wip the foe with great power (and maybe poisioning them)

Konran no heya (room of confusion):
it surrounds the other person in lots of screens which show heaps of pictures and movies of the past which go so close to the eyes it highly damages them.

Bankai abilities:
Jinsei wa futatabi ikiru (life live again):
it can heal more major ijuries like big scars cuts or even things that aren't visable like headaches etc.

Seishitsu wa kyōsei-teki ni (natures force):
all the plants and trees around you go close to the oppenent and grab them while the holder has time to heal, shoot a kidou or slash the oppenent.

Haha no seishitsu wa gōmon (mother natures torture):
ths move can only be used once every 5 days if it is used more then once alot of reiatsu can be drained from the wielders body. It calls all the plants around some make a throne for thw wielder while the others grasp the oppenent then a massive life spirit (mother nature) comes up at smashes the oppenent with every single ounce of her power.

hope you like this zanpakuto :D
il y a plus d’un an Ahiru-chan said…
Normal Description:Long and light, this is a paired sword. The guards are oval shaped and have no decorative carvings at all. however three red/gold feathers with a black bead threaded onto each hang from the end of each sword.

Shikai Name:Seishin (Spirit) Phoenix
Release Command:Sagebi (Scream)

Shikai Description:by scraping the blades against each other they create a high pitch screaming sound. When the blades lose contact they turn into two sycthes with red ribbons at the end of each shaft. These ribbons can be used pull the sycthes back after they have been thrown.

Abilities:Togesuyou na Kyoubi (Piercing Cry)
The blades catch on fire. While in this state fireballs in the shape of birds (aka phoenixes) the birds then can be controlled at will and if the birds start to sing their piercing song can leave an opponent defenceless in their agony.

Musabori Shouku Kyoubi (Devouring Cry)
When both blades are still alight this move can be used. By bringing both blade together and then pointing them at the opponent a jet of fire shoots forth then just as it is about to hit the opponent it rears up into the shape of a giant phoenix before devouring the person ripping them to shreads and burning them to ash. This technique is most deadly and if the opponent some how mannages to dodge this attack it will not be for long as the phoenix will follow its target until the weilder has either called it off or is dead.

Chiryoosui(Healing Water)
Even if the blades are broken the shafts are industructable becuase they hold many small vials. When these vials are filled with the tears of the weilder and then placed inside the shaft, Seishin Phienix changes them so they can heal any injury or poison known.

Bankai Name:Ten no Seishin Phoenix (Spirit Phoenix of Heaven)

Bankai Description: The scythes mainly stay unchanged except that now the blades are constantly on fire. This allows the attacks above to be use much more frequently with much more force. With this Musabori Shouku Kyoubi (Devouring Cry)now has a seperate form of a phoenix that is always at call. This phoenix is the same size as the released form of the death row execution weapon. The weilder also gains the ability to fly having red and gold feathered wings sprounting from their back.

Hope you enjoyed my Zanpakuto idea.
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
lobos- dont worry i dont think of you as an asshole. actually i was wondering if anyone would pick up on that and if u look back at all my zanpakuto except for my first one i got all the ideas for my zanpakuto from that game. but we all have to get our ideas from somewhere.
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yeah good point my main character crow is a combonation of stark, dante, and deadpool also i didnt notice your other blades were from DMC4 ill have to look at them
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
yea my second one the blade was based off dantes sword rebellion and the bankai was based off those anoying flying guys from dmc4 who were shrouded in black robes. and my third on the bankai was based off yamato from dmc4.
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
tayandkris4evr I love your's perfect and so interesting..thanks for lovin mika mika she is borderline insane and cute..I'm happy she's appreciated...Lobos thnak you...Clowe18..your Zanpakuto is amazing...keep up the good work...Ahiru-chan i like the concept of your blade a lot...and of course Griff16 i think this is one of your better changes need to be made and i like this one a lot..probably make my second favorite of is busting out with good ones lately..I'm loving it
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
Name: Guy Polley
Height: 6’3’’ in a half
Weight: 217 pounds
Race: shinigami
Birthday: July 23rd
Age: 600
Previous occupation: 1st seat on squad 7
Occupation: Drummer of the Band Powdered Zombie, and the owner of his own beach club
Appearance: Guy is dark tan with frosted blonde hair, the stereotypical surfer dude. He is very handsome with long wavy hair that is feathered and falls to his broad shoulders. He is extremely muscular and has an attractive chiseled physique that he shows off by wearing little clothing, he loves trunks and tank tops and especially sandals or flip flops he buys with Ron. He claims he has a large scrotum and that it’s so long, thick and round that they called animal control once.
Personality: Guy is extremely perverted; perhaps even more than Shunsui, he is fun loving, dancing, partying, and getting dunk with his friends. He is loud, confident, and very sociable, but can be strong and intelligent in a crisis especially when it comes to his friends and Ai.
Favorite food: Canadian bacon pizza, wine coolers, and pineapple soda
Likes: attractive women, music, playing the drums, swimming, volleyball, long boarding, surfing, sports, hats, sneakers, dating, flirting, drinking, being naked, chewing gum, painting, views, sun tanning (has offered Ichigo the chance to do this with him), and waxing because he hates his body hair (which he get’s chastised for by Noriko)
Dislikes: He dislikes anyone who is rude to Ai or his friends (claims he will force her lover to do battle with him to get her), cold weather, anything involving fish because it reminds him of his father who was a fisherman who blames him for his mother’s death when he was born, spicy foods, and tan lines to the point wear he won’t wear a watch because of the tan lines.
Love interest: anything that is attractive or complements him in some way, has always thought that Noriko was beautiful but has been to shy to approach her because he claims real love makes a man shy, and promiscuous sex is different
Favorite song: Swim by Surfer Blood
History: unknown
Zanpakuto: sa-fin seishou (surfing spirit)
Release phrase: catch the wave
Spirit manifestation: a shark headed man floating on a surf board that is determined and perverted
Inner world: an endless sky full of fish
Apperance: a long sword strapped to his back that has a royal blue hilt with white filings, the tsuba is bronze and a half circle shape.
Shikai: his sword takes the form of condensed spirit waves he floats on that when stabilize appear as a board
Special abilities: he is able to levitate on waves of blue reiatsu, so he can travel at high speed and send them flying in foes and obstacles, cutting them like a blade.
Bankai: Rinrintaru Wanizame sa-fin seishou (biting shark surfing spirit): his condensed waves take the form of a large shark of condensed spiritual energy that he synchronizes with to phase through walls and smash into foes cutting them with its reiatsu body, when he is too weak or his reiatsu has exhausted itself the Bankai will loose Synchronization and will revert back to the sealed state.
Special skills:
Flash step master
Hand to hand combat master
Kido expert
Sword skills specialist
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
Sorry I know that post is a little racy and dirty but I designed him that way..I didn't mean to offend anyone
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
okay a while back i posted one of my characters toni I decided to revamped her last night and actually I think what i came up with is pretty good

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: bruja pantera de fuego
(panther witch's fire)
release command: ignite
bankai name: reina bruja de fuego (witch queen of fire)

Description: In it sealed state bruja pantera de fuego looks a katana, the hilt is orange and black and the guard looks jack-o-lantern colored orange and black the eye of the jack-o-lantern are diamond shaped and are 2 (one for each eye) orange jems. When released the sword melts onto her hands and form into dark grey glows with the same jem that were the eyes for the jack-o-lantern are now on the back of her hand on the golves.

1. Accensione(ignition): The material of the gloves is unique, it is no ornidary cloth, when she rubs the material together by for example rubbing her finger together or snapping her finger or rubbing her hands together, etc. The cloth creates spark then the jems on the back of the glow to amplified and controll the sparks. If this idea sounds like the pryotek gloves Roy Mustang wears that becauses it is that idea the very same. Toni can ignite anything in a 65 foot radius around her. To really simplied this ability if you seen Roy Mustang do it she can to. The limit to this ability if what she wants to ignite is moist, or inflamable then she can not ignite. Her real weakness is also similar to Roy and Crow if the gloves are wet she can not use how power. Her favorite techinque with this ability is to set the gloves on fire so they resembles claws made from flames allowing to attack phyical setting things on fire this is known as encender las garras (ignite claws)
2. quema de balas (burning bullets): This ability is created from her love for Crow and is suppose to mimic him this way. She snaps her fingers and creates bala size balls of fire that fly towards the opponent also at bala speed. When the bullets hit something opponent or otherwise they explode in a firey blast. She can create 6 at a time with a second bewteen each one so its create one wait a second make another wait a second etc., She can create a big one that is the size of the six combine but then she must wait 30 seconds before starting up again. She can also create all six at once by rubbing her hands together but again must wait 30 seconds before starting again. There are six just like revolvers which Crow uses.
3. laceraciones (lacerations): In this ability she rubs her hands together and creates a sword makes from fire, this sword looks vaguely like her sealed zanpakuto except longer, thicker, and bigger. She can use this sword like any normal sword but the sword does not cut instead it sets things on fire. Because of it size she it bit slow using it and almost clumisly and she must use both hands to weild it because it requires the jems full power to keep it from getting out of control. If she loses a grip on it the sword will grew to dangerous levels that could engulf her in fire and possibly kill her. If she lets go of the sword all together the sword just simiply vanish because the fire no longer has anything to sustain it.

Bankai Description: When she realses bankai a ball of fire surronds her for about 15 seconds this ball of fire resmebles a jack-o-lantern so you can vaguely see her in the ball of fire though the openings that are the eyes and mouth. After 15 seconds the ball disappates and she is revealed now wearing a long greyish coat that is plain except the back of the coat has a jack-o-lantern that looks like the one she was just surrounded by on it, her gloves are now longer and the figners resembles claws, she her chest is covered in a chestplate, she wearing black pants and silver clawed boots that have orange laces, she also has a long tail that can be use as a powerful whip, she is wearing a orange and black stirpped witch's cap that has a small pumpkin hanging from the point and a jack-o-lantern face on the ban. In this form she can summon a black and white broom stick called chispa palo
(spark stick) that can be use as a weapon or more often to fly on. Also to complete the witch motif she saids spell after each techinque.
Bankai Abilities:
1. encender todas: hechizo (all ignite: spell): In this ability she can almost complete controll over her ignite in her shikai. She no longer needs to rub the material of the gloves together. Instead of igniting stuff around her she can instead create vaguely solid objects of fire including daggers, crescent shaped slashes, disc, balls, etc. She can throw this at her opponent and can set things on fire. The weaknes to this ability is simply water if she is wet or there is alot of moisture in the air around her abilites are greatly weaken and to a great extent she can't use them at all.
2. quemar los dardos: hechizo (burn darts: spell): This ability is like her second ability is attempt to mimic Crow. She holds up her hand like a gun and fires off some bullet sized balls of fire from her finger tips they travel at bullet speed as well. They they are fire condense down they will piecre though most metals or other materials and when they collide into a person they are moving at such spee that don't create bullet wounds but instead do concussive damage. She can fire 6 in a row then waits 30 seconds to start fire again, just like firing and loading a revolver, she can fire all six shots at once to fire a cero like blast of fire which travels at cero speed but after using this she must wait 60 seconds. In a side note before firing she saids Bang!
3. laceraciones quema: hechizo (burning lacerations: spell): She creates a small swirling pillar of fire in her hand then the fire disappates and a sword that looks like her zanpakuto forms in her hand, the differences in this sword is that it is slightly smaller and appears to be glowing orange. She can use this sword like a regular one but when she slices the blade fires off a slice of fire that is about the size of the blade itself that travel at bala speed. These flames slices are weaker than that of her third shikai ability but becuase the sword is faster and only requires one hand she can fire off more faster. If she lets go of the sword its turns to orangish smoke and blows away and she must wait a whole 5 minutes before creating it again, if she uses it before that time the blade is smaller and weaker and the wait time is up to 6 minutes again if she uses if before then it gets weaker and the time increases by a minute.

okay all done i would appeciate the reviews and advice the will be more to come after this

il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
here is a new one. let me know how u like it

Zanpakuto name: Tsuzuriki (The Bound Demon)
Release Command: Abandon All Hope

Shikai Appearence: The blade turns a dark red and from the guard red lightning travels up and down the blade. The handle turns red and white and at the end of the handle is a group of red hairs.

Shikai Abilities: 1.The blade lets out a sound that is only audible by hollows and summons as many as i want to me under my control. I can not summon any that are menos level or above.
2. Shunki (demon flash): I can turn a hollow into pure energy which flows into my blade and then can be lauched out in a cresent energy wave which is stronger the more hollows i absorb.

Bankai: Hotsuzuriki (The Unbound Demon)

Bankai Appearence: My body becomes covered in glowing dark red tattoos, my eyes start to glow dark red as well. Large White and red metallic wings come from my back that are each ten feet long. And both my shoulders gain large armor on them that protrude horned spikes. My sword stays the same.

Bankai Abilities: 1.Similar to my Shikai i can call hollows to all the way up to adjuchas class menos. But i can only summon 3 adjuchas 10 Gillian and as many weak ones as i want.
2.Bankaku (Final Summoning): I summon a Vasto Lorde class menos to the field and absorb him into my body giving me a hollow mask similar to theirs allowing me to gain a ressureccion, an arrancars zanpakuto and a cero.
3.Ressurecion: I essentially become a more powerful form of the vasto lorde that i just absorbed.

Now i know someone might have a problem with the ability to summon as many hollows as i want but if u remember how weak they are u should see my logic in being able to summon so many. They are basicly just meat sheilds
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il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
lobos love the zanpakuto. i would have never even thought of that. i also love the bala type ability. over all this was a very well thought out weapon
il y a plus d’un an whiteflame55 said…
Weapon seems fine to me Lobos. Think it looks good.
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thank you two i appeciate the that btw grif16 i saw the other zanpakutos you made the first is diffently Yamato and the Second is of course Rebellion I'm surprise you haven't done Pandora (best idea ever!!)
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
you know i was thinking of a way to do pandora but if u made it a shikia wat would be the bankai and if u made it the bankai wat would be the shikia and then it also has 666 forms. i tried really hard but just couldnt do it. if u try i would love to read but thats to stressful for me lol. have u read my new sword yet?
il y a plus d’un an grif16 said…
This message is to everyone:
Where do u guys get the ideas for the majority of your swords?
il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
well i get my ideas usually from elements like my first one sutorimu o isoide i got that from using water since it is my favourite element then my second one kako no kaika i got that off my second favourite element earth (i count earth as nature and life) so in the final saying i get my ideas from things i like which could be used for a sword thing. Or you can do something straight out of memory or the mind like Shiro no konpasusutoretchi (stretching compass of castles) well thats just mainly because im kind of random sometimes but just look around and see what you can do good luck :D
il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
and here is my character for my newer zanpakuto

Name:Jeshika Ro
weight:112 lbs
birthday:October 23rd

Apearrence:she has a headband with a flower in her hair and all wristbands, anklets etc have small flower beads on them her hair is usually in a pony tail (hair bands have flowers on them) her skin is olive and her eyes are brown and only likes to wear skirts or dresses she doesnt like pants cause she thinks they are to boyish.

personality:she is a very happy person she doesnt really like boys because she thinks they are way to grose. She always has an uppy aditude and is never negative (thats why she hates sutorimu o isoides manifestation.) she always does what she is told to get a better reputation even if she got told to clean the boys bathroom no matter how much she would hate it she would still do it.She also has an ultra easy temper (get angry ultra easy)

Occupation:3rd seat squad 6
Favourite food:flower puff cakes
likes:flowers,flower puff cakes,flower power energy drink,peaceful people,work,Byakuya,Ukitake,Renji and mother nature
dislikes:gin,aizen,tosen,mayuri,zaraki,pe­opl­e who destroy peace, people who destroy flowers,mean people,some boys,fiery zanpakutos and sutorimu o isoides manifestation.

Love interest: renji
Family: Kurisu Ro
song theme favourite: calm and peaceful

Zanpakuto:Kako no Kaika (blooming past)
release command:bring the memories
Appearence:a massive flower hilt and the sword has pointy and poisonous spike twigs pointing out of it. (the spikes go out a little bit then point towards the tip of the blade.
Bankai: Kako no Kaika wa shōrai (blooming past no future)

Spirit manifestation:kako no kaika is a small girl (same height a ururu)with hair like tobiume. Around her head she has flower petals so when you like at her face it looks like a flower and she wears blue maids dress.

Special skills:
master sword combat skills
moderate kidou skills
good hand to hand combat
ultra ultra high intelligence

hope you like my character :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
il y a plus d’un an LOBOSdelRAYo said…
okay yester i posted a my character Toni revamped blade now its time for her revamped character

Name: Antonia "Toni" Leone d'Argento
Age: 23
Height: 5'8''
Wieght: 200
Body type: Athletic

Appearance: Toni has short silvery-white hair that she usually wears in a pony-tail, her hair for some reason grows longer half back when she activates bankai and warm almond brown eyes that seem to glow when she activates bankai, she has a very calm looking smile. Toni wears a very unique outfit consisting of a black shirt, the left arm sleeve is long while the right sleeve is shirt. She wears an an orange hooded half jacket (the short jackets that only go done to the below the breast) and black jeans and black sneakers. Toni also wears a bracer on her right arm that contains a hidden blade (similar looking the the hidden blade in assassin creed but the blade is longer) and a device on both her wrist that acts a grappling hooks. Toni wears a white belt that slants at her waist that contains a large pouch on the left side, the pouch contains a variety of objects to be use in battle from knives, smoke pellets, sometimes a grenade, bullets, or everyday items like a toothbrushes, hair brushes, candy etc. Toni calls the items (mostly the weapons) her "tricks", and she carries more of them in a nike bag that she wears on her back, the bag has a very halloweeny print on it, this bag she calls her big old bag-o-tricks. Theses tricks, along with her grappling hooks and as well as the hidden blade bracer along with her shikai make her fearsome opponent in battle. Toni has the ace of X tattoo on the back of her right hand. Even though Toni has the body of a normal girl her age she is very fit and even more so agile.
Personality: Toni is the "girlfriend" of Crow, as in even though they are dating he rarely acknowledges this fact where she on the other hand makes it a point to make everyone aware of this fact. She is a big beilever in true love and that everyone has a soul mate. She hates the fact that Crow is so lay back, and sleeps all the time because this means he not spending time with her so she often comes up with crazy plans to make Crow into the ultimate romantic. She is a very cheerful person except when she sees Crow with another woman, the term hell has no fury like a woman scorn is a understatement compare to Toni. She is often protective of Crow in almost everyway but at the same time she understand she can't worry about Crow all the time, he is a big boy and she most be prepare to protect herself when need be.
Strength: 65
Shunpo: 80
Kido: 75
Swormanship: 80
Hand-to-Hand: 100
below i have posted the best picture that shows Toni outfit and by I mean best picture I mean the inspiration behid the outfit
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 okay yester i posté a my character Toni revamped blade now its time for her revamped character Na
il y a plus d’un an Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I like your character Lobos
il y a plus d’un an Clowe18 said…
nice character lobos