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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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il y a plus d’un an Teedoe13 said…
Shinigami :
Name: Mamoru Takahashi
Rank: Substitute Soul Reaper Equal To A Captain
Hair: Black Hair Straight but a little curl at the end
Eyes: Hazel eyes
Description: Mamoru is 15 -16 around ''5'9'' in world of the living wears jeans and just a shirt (laid back) in soul society wears Shihakushō (like everyone else) while in Shihakushō he keeps his sword by his side in a black sheath with white lines spiraling around it.
Personality: Mamoru is a very reserved and quite person a bit shy but with his friends he is very protective and loyal he stands up for what he believes in and will do anything to protect his friends even if that means putting himself in harms way.
History: When Mamoru saw his whole family get murdered by hollows right in front of his face he swore to kill them on his moms dying action she thrust her Zanpakuto into his chest causing him to become a substitute soul reaper from there he meets Yoruichi Shihōin who trains him he becomes as fast as her but doesn't learn to use his Zanpakuto till he meets Soi Fon he then learns Shunkō from them he is also extremely skilled at Shunpo due to training with Soi Fon And Yoruichi Shihōin He is also one of the few soul reapers who can use Utsusemi. Mamoru is also very skilled in Bakudo and Hado skilled enough that he doesn't need a incantation unless he is serious

Zanpakuto's name: Kōri no yō ni tsumetai kaze (Icy Wind)
release command: Furīzu (Freeze)
bankai name: Shi no kōri-fū (Icy Wind Of Death)

Sword Description: The Handle is white while the guard is black and is shaped in a circle with a hurricane like design in the middle. The blade it self is straight until the very end where it curves to the tip at the base of the blade there is one word etched into the blade "Zetsubō" which translates into Despair ( To remind him of the murder of his family and how he doesn't want to fell that again )

Furīzu Kōri no yō ni tsumetai kaze (Shikai) - When Kōri no yō ni tsumetai kaze is released the air immediately around the blade turns so cold it starts to generate ice crystals and the area around the blade and user (me) becomes very windy and cold (10 foot radius)

Ability one: Saisentan (cutting edge) The user (me) swings the blade towards the opponent and says Saisentan causing a huge wave of wind towards the opponent this wind is at very high speeds which well let it cut through many things where ever it cuts also covers over with ice

Ability two: Toppū (Gust) As The Name States the user(me) swings the sword and says the word Toppu (Gust) which creates a powerful gust in the direction the sword was swung pushing everything back

Ability three: Haijin (Cripple) The User (me) touches the ground with the tip of sword everything in a 20 foot radius is cover by a sheet of ice then by saying " Haijin " The ice shatters causing whatever has been frozen to break.

Furīzu Shi no kōri-fū (Banki)

When the user (me) points Kōri no yō ni tsumetai kaze (Zanpakuto) straight forward and says "Banki Furīzu Shi no kōri-fū" there is a huge wave of chilling wind and the air turns ice cold and windy, the blade of my zanpakuto turns completely white with some ice crystals on the blade

Ability one: Mō fubuki (Blizzard) The user me points the blade up and the sky starts to darken as it becomes windy and ice crystals start forming until the winds are going up to 200 mph and going in a circular motion engulfing up to 5 miles around the user (me) along with the wind there are a bunch of razor sharp ice shards in there in the middle where i am the is no blizzard but even if there was i would not be affected

Ability Two: Kōri no kan (Ice Coffin) The User (me) runs to the opponent and cuts him then flash steps away and moves my zanpakuto just a little then causing the opponent to be covered in a thick casing of ice starting from the wound and then the ice shattering into shard that go into the opponent which then shatter to smaller pieces which then exit the opponents body causing bleeding and immense pain.

Ability three: Tōketsu-shi (Frozen Death) The User (me) point my sword to the sky saying Tōketsu-shi the blade then disappears into the sky while the sky turns extremly dark then down from the sky comes a tornado descending upon the opponent in the tornado along with sharp winds there are tiny ice shards cutting up the opponent then the user (me) swings the hilt of the sword in a slicing like fashion which then causes the tornado to disappear but the opponent to be frozen which then the opponent falls to the ground shattering into hundreds of pieces.
il y a plus d’un an MindReaper said…
Scream and Disperse, Shades of black monsoon
Zanpakutou shape and effect- Dual-Wield; His zanpakutou are both giant V shaped blades ( \-/ ) that have their handles at the lower part of the V but in the middle-inside of it as well. It's meant for stabbing and throwing, not so much as slashing. When stabbed with one of these, it poisons and plagues the nerves where it cuts. This plague makes the limb shrivel up and become useless within ten minutes. When stabbed with both at the same time, it doesn't matter how far apart the stab wounds are, no pain or damage is inflicted. However, within 5 minutes after the blow, whatever you do and where ever you move will be inverted and slowed. You may feel like you're walking foward or slashing foward, but to John, you're doing the exact opposite and with a slower tempo. This effect lasts until he releases bankai which negates the double stab. He can also throw these and guide them with the palm of his hands. He can't put a spin on them when he throws them because he could maim himself. He has to throw it straight and after it's out of arms reach, he can start guiding it. A weakness to close-up fighting. He guides the left V with his left hand and the right V with his right hand. The killing possibilities are endless.
Zanpakutou bankai and lower effects/releases (two releases)-
1st release- Shade of the hydra: The main reason he was picked for the 12th squad and research department, was because of this release. When he's not flinging the V blades and his target is worthy of research, he can point his right V blade at it and call the release. The end of the V blade quickly shoots towards the target and comes back at the speed of a flash-step. it's meant to dismember, not stab. Whatever it cuts off falls to the ground and then he flings the left V blade that aims to swoop up the limb and bring it back to the captain. He will most likely use this on targets that have a large amount of limbs and since he may need a few specimens from the target.
2nd release- Shade of the cyclone: A rather simple, yet deadly, attack. Only used when he's flinging the V blades. This release takes timing as well as patience. He has to get both of his V blades on both sides of the target. Once the blades are in place, They slowly start orbiting around the target and rapidly begin to pick up mach speeds. To John, the target is visible inside the cyclone, but to the target, all that they see is white all around. The white being due to the sharp end of the blades being everywhere at the same time. Thus begins the offensive stage. Since they're in the middle of the cyclone,they can't see when one of the blades crosses fastly through the middle. It's like being in front of an extruding object. It looks flat from the front but from the side it looks long and extrusive. This continues until bankai release, successful block or death.
Bankai- Single shade of the lily: When called, he connects the V blades from the tops of both V's and a pole/handle appears between them ( <--> ). This forms a double sided V spear that can be split into a maximum of 3 pieces (lily has three petals). This bankai is interchangeable with his second release. When called while released to the cyclone, both V blades break into 8 fragments and fly into the ground around the target forming a circle. The 16 fragments then dislodge and, altogether, center on the target. It only slashes, giving purpose to the bankai instead of killing the target by stabbing, despite the bankai release. When they meet in the middle, they connect and form the double-sided V spear. The spear flies up, flips and skyrockets towards the target either killing it or missing and returning to john. From the time that the fragments dislodge from the ground to the time where the spear returns to john, he can come up with whatever creative way he wants considering gravity isn't a problem. The spear going up, flipping and coming down was an example. He can then keep performing his 1st release also. However, he can't fling it and pick up material. Instead, he can call the release and extend the V super fast. He can also flip the spear immeadiately after the first extension and extend again. Distance is no matter. When the first release activates in bankai, the front face of the V spear elongates super fast to dismember and can also slash with the new distance of the V blade. The bankai basically mainly adds speed in flinging it, the ability to slash and connection of the weapons but sacrifices the basic effects of the zanpakutou. He can disconnect them at will (only in bankai) and the handle between the two blades dislodges from the spear and can block off attacks from close-up.

MindReaper commented…
And yes my characters name is john, toi see i recently started my own story where i completely redo the soul society characters of bleach and yes all of them.... with backstories and everything. :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an jadestaichou said…
Yo! This is my zanpakuto:

Zanpakuto name: Kirihane (Mist Flower) illusion-type

Release Command : Shuraudo (Shroud)

Shikai Abilities : It depends on the user, he can use any kinds of illusion, according to his mind. Either scary,bad,good,funny,etc illusions.
Shikai Appearance : It is look like a normal katana. But all of the sides of its handle has a flower icon on it, the handle's color is violet, and it has a chain with a flower on its tip. The blade is surrounded by mist.
Zanpakuto Spirit : A women wearing a violet and white colored kimono. The iris of her eyes has a icon of a violet flower (looks like Sasuke's mangekyou, but both eyes.) Her eyes bleed violet blood. That is the same as in owner, when he use its bankai.

Bankai : Hankodo Kirihane (Inverted Void Mist Flower)
Bankai Appearance : The same as in shikai appearance.
Bankai Ability : The enemy will be transport into a inverted zone. He will see Kirihane's spirit in there. The enemy cant use his zanpakuto or kido or something. (He can escape if he defeated the girl's spirit without using these stuffs.)

* Hane no Itami (Flower of Pain) - There is a time in the inverted zone. (When the user command this ability, the time will start) in every 3 minutes, a shining violet flower will sprout into enemy's body parts. Whatever the enemy's case in the inverted world, it is happening in his real body.

jadestaichou commented…
I made that zanpakuto in a short time. hehehe. suivant time. i will redo it. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Gin_Ichimaru said…
Shikai : Hyaku-yari
Abilities : Summons 100 blades from the ground.......... Wielder gains full control over the blades and control their movement as his wish
Bankai : Kamishini no sen yari
Summons thousands of poisonous blades from the ground.............. each one contains deadly poisons...... which is controlled by the wielder
blackpanther666 commented…
This has no imagination... The Bankai name is basically the name of Gin's Bankai... Would it kill toi to actually make an effort? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Demon13y said…
Zanpakuto name: Keibatsu to shi( punishment and death)
Normal zanpakuto form, guard is in the shape of a guillotine, and the hilt is blood red with a small dagger attached to the bottem of the hilt.
Zanpakuto release chant: The unworthy get punished, and that punishment is death.
Zanpakuto release: I have two swords in the same shape as wabiskae.
Abilities: punishment must strike first, but punishment can't kill the person, otherwise if you strike with death first, punishment will cut you. Death can be let go, to have a dieaty appear behind someone for a killing strike.
Zanpakuto bankia: The death dieaty appears behind me, chains wrap around my arms, and te dieaty holds a sythe. Although the bankia is a double edged sword, as you attack, the spikes on the chain dig deeper and deeper into my body. Although it is rarely that the fight goes past the first strike.
il y a plus d’un an darkfang649 said…
[zanpakuto's name/ Shi no kuro ryū or death dragon
shikai name] none
[release command] devastate

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3) savage blitz/and savage whip
=description savage blitz is basically like ichigos getsuga tenshou and savage whip is the sword attached to a raitsu chain that you slash about

[bankai name] - hell bent dragon shi no kuro ryu
[bankai abilities] - limited only (3) savage blitz again/ and savage storm
=description - savage storm is a combination between savage blitz and savage whip where you spin the sword all around your body launching savage blitz's in every direction
il y a plus d’un an rawrawbleach said…

Karinari bukatsu (splitting lightning)
Spread in all directions
Karinari Bukatsu no ten goku (splitting lightning of heaven)

[shikai abilities]
Zap anybody with over 1,000,000 volts

bankai abilities the one below
pink lightning
extremely fast
finds weak spots easily

this zanpakto is energetic and fun but when it comes to fighting it can be serious and very determine to win at any cost. It is also smart in many ways. the zanpakto takes a human shape
 Karinari bukatsu (splitting lightning) Spread in all directions Karinari Bukatsu no ten Goku (spl
il y a plus d’un an majordusty1 said…
here is mine.

shikai name. raikou saishi. lightning festival . forgive me if there is a translation error. im using an online dictionary. release is bare the fangs of light and strike from the sky.

the appearance of the shikai is of a white bladed hand and a half english long sword. the hilt is black and the crossguard is deep blue. there is a single gem embeded in the crossguard. the gem is a purple ruby.

the shikai abilities are as follows.

1.) the absorption and the channeling of electicity within a range of 400 meters.

2.) by sending gathered electricity into the sky it becomes exceedingly more potent and deadly. the electricity changes color from blue to purple.

3.) the gathered electricity can be worn as armor.

bankai. ikazuchi kamigami gekido.

the sword is replaced by a blade of pure lightning. while using 1-24% of my bankai's power the lightning blade is blue.
at 25-49% the blade is purple.
at 50-74% the blade is white.
at 75-100% the blade is black.

the abilities of the bankai are as follows.

1.) the range of absorption and chanelling is increased tenfold. also the electricity is now channeled through the blade and no longer needs to be shot into the sky to enhanced.

2.) the techniques for the shikai can be used with the bankai but are much more powerful.

the final form of my bankai is actually locked away behind a seal created by all thirteen of the gotei thirteen and the zero division together. the power of the black lightning is so much that anything touched by it is obliterated in the blink of the eye. as such only on two occasions will my full power be unsealed. first is if soul society is in danger of being destroyed. second if i enter hueco mundo. if my power is not resealed i will not be allowed to return. my shikai is more powerful than most bankai because of its flexibility.
il y a plus d’un an AceM150 said…
I'd really love a review from whiteflame55 or Blackpanther666, you guys are pretty cool.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an blackpanther666 said…
@AceM150. I can do a review for Zell and Roaan. I did read them and I find them both quite interesting, especially to the fact that you didn't make them overpowered, you just made them how you thought they should be, rather than just making them as 'perfect' as possible. So, therefore, I will do a review for each tonight. Thank you for the acknowledgement.
il y a plus d’un an blackpanther666 said…
AceM150: (Itsuken)

Shikai Abilities:

1. How long and large is the blade? How quick can the blade be formed at any given time? Does it take any period of cooldown after being used once, or a certain number of times? And last, does it use any amount of reiatsu to form the blade?

2. So, a Kido gun, correct? What Kido spells can be used by this gun? Does it have a limit to the innate power of the Kido being used? What rate does the gun fire at? How long does it take for the metal to form around his hand? Again, does this ability use any reiatsu in order to activate the ability and does it have a cooldown after being used a certain number of times?

(Comments: Interesting abilities. I like the Kido gun - it is quite a unique idea, as far as I know.)

Bankai Abilities:

1. Like with Shikai, is there a time it takes for the metal to cover Zell's body? Give me an example of what can't break the metal and what can? Is the strength of the metal dependent on the level of Zell's own reiatsu? Is there a limit to the number of spikes and blades that can be formed? How much reiatsu can be discharged? Can it be discharged at will, or does it come response to an attack, or danger? That bit needs defining somewhat.

(Final comments: All in all, I think this is an interesting Zanpakuto with unique offensive abilities. Not only can it be used swiftly, but it can also be deadly and has good defense in Bankai. Good job!)
AceM150 commented…
Ok I'm going to éditer a bit and repost later, but I'll adress your ?'s before I forget: il y a plus d’un an
AceM150 commented…
!. it should be about the size of a kunai typically. what I really failed to clarify is that the metal behaves like a living liquid. Yes, it takes a bit of reiatsu to shape ou déplacer it, but it's insignificant. Theoretically he could even make fun shapes ou what have toi out of it. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
I see. Well, either way, it's interesting. It was pretty good, anyway - At least it was creative... So many blades without any imagination get posté on here. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Lucky_dragon232 said…
I was just wondering whether or not I could get opinions on this Zanpakuto that I thought of a while back. For reference, I did use some of Zangetsu and Ryujinjakka as inspiration so here it is:

Sabun Jūjika (差分十字架) (Delta Cross)
Fire Elemental Zanpakutō (斬魄刀)
A white longsword (around 75 centimetres) with an abnormally long hilt (around 30 centimetres) and hiltguard stylized to look like wings. The hilt itself is wrapped in leather and has a tassel attached to it made of pure silk.
Shikai: Shōkyaku, Sabun Jūjika (焼却, 差分十字架) (Incinerate, Delta Cross)
Sabun Jūjika surrounds itself with and controls silvery flames at its wielder’s whim. These flames are powerful enough to ignore most mortal creature’s resistances to fire and/or heat.
Bankai: Ōritsu Shirogane Jūjika (卍解: 王立白金十字架) (Final Release: Royal Platinum Cross)
Upon the wielder’s command, Sabun Jūjika glows brightly before sending out four disks of fire to spin behind its wielder’s back for defense as its flames become more powerful and turn silvery-white.
Sabun Jūjika’s Techniques:
Hōō Hibana Zenmetsu (鳳凰火花全滅) (Phoenix Sparkling Annihilation)
Sabun Jūjika can throw its flames as dozens of small blasts in a target direction chosen by the wielder that is in front of or to the side of the wielder. When used in Bankai mode, Ōritsu Shirogane Jūjika can fire hundreds of blasts simultaneously.
Hōō Ryūsei (鳳凰流星) (Phoenix Meteor)
Sabun Jūjika can throw an arc of silver flames at an opponent when the wielder swings it. The arcs burn as well as cut and when used in Bankai mode, they can cause nearby buildings and bystanders to catch on fire.
Ta Ken Funka (多剣噴火) (Multi-Sword Volcano)
Sabun Jūjika creates multiple swords from its flames that burn whatever they touch and slash at nearby enemies that the wielder chooses. Each sword has a different design based on the wielder for both the blades and the hiltguards.
Ryū-Gire (竜切れ) (Dragon Slicer)
(Bankai Only, Automatic): Ōritsu Shirogane Jūjika activates “Ryū-Gire” automatically when it goes into Bankai mode in order to protect the wielder from harm. The disks of fire move to automatically intercept any projectile coming from behind, incinerating it to ashes, even if it normally was not flammable.
Ryūkyodai Zenmetsu (竜巨大全滅) (Dragon Grand Annihilation)
(Bankai Only): Ōritsu Shirogane Jūjika unleashes a giant pillar of silver flames that flies upward before raining down upon the area as thousands of blasts. Due to its randomly destructive nature, Ryūkyodai Zenmetsu is not used often.

The character who uses it I named Angelique Rose and she's a young woman with white hair and is around 175 centimetres tall. She's a quiet but elegant fighter, who tends to train by herself in isolation from others.
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Ichigosuke commented…
I like it. Have'nt been on this forum for a long time, seeing as the zanpakutous became unoriginal for a long time. il y a plus d’un an
Ichigosuke commented…
Your zan is originalish. I like that its not overpowered and it works the way a zan should: The bankai increasing shikai effects. Good job! il y a plus d’un an
Lucky_dragon232 commented…
Thanks.... I'm glad toi like Sabun Jujika. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Bleach0123 said…
Sealed Form: A Regular Katana
Shikai: Seiteki
Release Command: Shock to Death, Seiteki!
When Seiteki is released, it turns into electricity and envelopes the user. Then it is absorbed into its wielder's body, allowing the user to fire high-powered electric based attacks through various parts of the body (arms, legs, mouth, hands, feet, or the entire body). Seiteki even allows its user to shoot lightning out from both the sky and ground through telepathy. The user can also generate multiple electric swords for projectile assaults and melee combat. If the user is hit by other electric based attacks, it will heal the wielder and increase the wielder's speed and attack power.

Ability #1 Gekido no Kaminari: raises his clenched fist in the air and a large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target.

Ability #2 Denki Shīrudo: The user creates a shield of electricity that surrounds himself completely, nullifying attacks. If the opponent makes contact with the shield, they will get shocked.

Ability #3 Rakurai Hontai: This technique converts the user's body into electricity, making the user invulnerable to any attack. If a metallic weapon touches the user, the opponent will be electrocuted. This technique also allows the user to travel at 224,000 mph; the same speed as a lightning bolt. The size of the lightning bolt depends on the user's will.

Ability #4 Kaminari Kyūden: The wielder shoots a spark of lightning into the sky and causes black clouds to appear that surround the opponent(s) from above. The clouds will then shoot down lightning at 120 million volts. It is also highly dangerous to nullify the clouds, posing a great risk to those who to try and dispel it. If any clouds are destroyed by an outside force, the attacker would instantly be electrocuted.

Ability #5 Rakurai no Funka: Aside from coming down from the sky and being created from the user's body, lightning can also be generated from the ground itself to electrocute his opponents from below. The force of this sneak attack possesses enough strength to lift it's target several meters into the air, depending on the opponent's size and weight.

Ability #6 Rakurai no Kajōkaki: Placing one of his arms a few centimeters away from the other, held outstretched, with both of his palms open, the wielder creates a sphere of lightning around his outstretched forearm, from which a barrage of small, yet destructive lightning orbs is fired towards his enemy at high speed. Such oversized "bullets", striking in the same area, are powerful enough to produce an explosion on contact, which can engulf the target and knock them to the ground. The opponent will then be temporarily paralyzed.

Ability #7 Rakurai no Ken: This technique envelops the user's hand in an orb of lightning and then the user punches his target, thereby increasing the resulting damage. Before the opponent flies away from the force of the punch, the orbs of lightning then turns into a giant beam of lightning which blasts the opponent away with considerable distance and damage. Another way of using this ability is just simply blasting your opponent and skipping the punching part.

Ability #8 Shifuto Eremento: The user sends electric waves onto the battle field via telepathy. Any being who stands on the same battlefield will be paralyzed. If exposed to the electricity of this move for an extended period of time, it will cause unconsciousness and/or extreme mental confusion.

Ability #9 Denshi no Taiki: The user scatters highly charged electrons into the air, mixing it with all molecules of the gases in the air, allowing the wielder to sense and predict the opponent's next physical movement, see how fast objects are moving, the size of the opponent(s), and locate the opponent(s) if he/she/they are not visible by sensing the change in movement of the electrons.
Bankai: Seiteki Hoden
Retain all Shikai abilities but with 4x the power. This also causes the body to bulk up significantly in size, muscle mass, and height giving the user extremely enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes, and durability.

Ability #10 Rairyū no Hōkō: The user generates lightning in his mouth and releases it in a concentrated, destructive blast, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of him. The special effect of this attack, aside from the high damage it causes, is that, even if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them to a degree, leaving them numb and preventing them from escaping the following attack. By moving the user's head around as it shoots out, it can also employ this attack in an arched trajectory, in order to hit enemies which aren't directly in front.

Ability #11 Denkō Hōtengeki: The user raises both of his hands in the air at his sides and generates electricity between their open, facing palms. This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear/lance composed of lightning, which is used to hurl at the enemy. Once it strikes, not only will it make a hole in the enemy's body, but it will explode with pure electricity, shocking the opponent as well. Even if it misses, the electrified explosion will still do damage to the opponent(s). It's explosion radius is twice of a Lanza del Relampago, Cero Oscuras, and Gran Rey Cero combined.

Ability #12 Rairyū no Hoken: The user gathers a large amount of lightning around one of the his fists, bends the arm and then extends the fist forward in a punching motion. This prompts an oversized version of his fist, completely composed of lightning, is generated and rapidly fired towards the target. When it connects with the enemy, aside from inflicting damage upon them, the electricity stuns them, leaving them open to subsequent attacks.

Ability #13 Kakudai Denkō: The user shoots lightning into the sky and causes one huge thundercloud above the entire battle area. Then a huge bolt of lightning of 320 million volts that strikes for 3 consecutive minutes strikes with a destruction range of 2 miles. This attack completely destroys the opponent(s) existence while charging up the user as well, giving the user 6x the attack power. If attacks outside of the lightning touches the lightning, it will be completely disintegrated.
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Bleach0123 commented…
Haven't made a zanpaktou in a while xD il y a plus d’un an
AceM150 commented…
jeez talk about overpower il y a plus d’un an
Bleach0123 commented…
^other ppl have plus than 3 toi no. even rukia has plus than 3 il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an gabbalee said…
Name: tokume-zu "anonymous figure"
Release call: mimic
Bankai: Fukusu no zu "multiple figures"

Shikai description:
Looks like a normal sword that was made purely out of jet black stone. The blade is not smooth at all so that when you stab someone it will hurt more. This is a description of the original shikai. Because it can copy other zanpactos it will change appearances.
Can copy any zanpacto's abilities and appearance
Can change the appearance of the wielder to look like another shinigami
Gives the wielder faster reflexes

Bankai description:
It turns into black metal gloves with claws at the end. This is good for clawing the enemy to death and for someone who is good with close range combat.
Does not have to copy the appearance of the zanpacto in order to copy it's abilities anymore. The attacks. Just come out of the gloves. Though it still has to copy the appearance of zanpactos like zabimaru and hozukimaru
Can now combine and long range attack like hyorinmaru's and sode no shirayuki's attacks.
The wielder can now make up their own original appearance

Manifested description:
A girl with tied back dark brown hair. She has a blank mask on. She is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. She wears gloves. One goes up to her shoulder and has the fingers exposed the other goes to the wrist and is made of black netting with the fingers exposed.

Bleach0123 commented…
thats overpowered il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Sealed Appearance – Simple looking Jintachi. The wrapping around the hilt is plain brown. The ornaments within the wrapping are small golden Dragons.

Release Command – Sonzai ni raimei (Thunder into existence)
Shikai – Wakai ryū (Young dragon)

Shikai Appearance – Once released Wakai ryu remains a Jintachi, however the scabbard and hilt wrapping change colour to a more golden brown and inlaid along the blade of the sword appears a old, flaking golden dragon figure.

Shikai abilities –

Ability 1 - Ryū kyōfu (Dragon fear). My presence generates an aura of fear creatures of lesser willpower then I am, are dominated by this effect and cannot move against me. However if a creatures willpower is sufficient enough this will not affect them.

Ability 2 – Ryūho (Dragon fire). A great blast of fire blooms from the tip of my sword. It lasts approximately 5 seconds, but is dependent on the amount of Reiatsu I wish to expend. At maximum output I can keep it up for 3 times as long.

Bankai release command – Okyakusama no ōsama no mae ni yumi (Bow before your king).

Bankai – Ryū no ōsama (King of Dragons)

Bankai Appearance – Upon entering Bankai the scabbard becomes golden in colour, so too does the hilt wrappings. The dragon inlay upon the blade appears as if brand new. A tabard appears over the wielders uniform, upon the left breast of the tabard is a shield. The sigil on the shield is a crown above a golden dragon upon a field of purple.

Bankai abilities –

Ability 1 – Ōritsu sonzai (Royal presence). Much like the dragon fear ability however this is several times more effective. It takes a great deal of will power to break the hold this power contains. Only captain level and above will be able to break its hold.

Ability 2 – Kodai ryūho (Ancient dragons fire). This is a powered up version of Ryuho. Instead of being a standard flame as Ryuho is it is a blue flame and can burn through most anything. As before the time limits are the same.

Ability 3 - Ryūō no ikari (Rage of the dragon king). For about 5 seconds the wielder loses all humanity and becomes, effectively, a dragon. Their skin becomes impenetrable to all but the most powerful of attacks. Their speed is increased by 2x.
il y a plus d’un an Bleach0123 said…

There's actually a facebook page for this.
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blackpanther666 commented…
That link doesn't work... I just tried to view it and it a dit it was broken. il y a plus d’un an
Bleach0123 commented…
Really? il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
Heh, yeah, that one worked. Thanks. XD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Ryuuikari said…
Hey guys, I'm willing to review any Zanpakutō you create for a while :)
Lucky_dragon232 commented…
While I already have one review of Sabun Jujika, I'd appreciate it if you'd look over it as well... And if toi like it, I have a few plus that toi can look at as well. il y a plus d’un an
Ryuuikari commented…
What other ones do toi have ? il y a plus d’un an
Lucky_dragon232 commented…
All right then... I'll post one soon. il y a plus d’un an
AceM150 commented…
salut just posté mine , I'd l’amour some feedback! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an megajack87 said…
my name is Ayumu I was once a captain of squad 9 but i was framed for something i didn't do. I have 2 zanpakutos the one i hold in my left hand is called koorogi (means cricket) and the 1 i hold in my right is called keiteki (whistle) keiteki is stronger an d slightly bigger than koorogi it's ability lets it mess with my enemys mind like huge black walls apear and no one can see me or who i'm fighting can't teel what i do from that piont no ever lived when i use this abilitie. now koorogi's abilitie is to drain energy like if you shoot a blast no matter what it is I can block it with kootogi and absorb the power but not the blast the blast can still hurt me but the power i absorbed from the blast i can use it and shoot a blast of equel poker and i can mix in my own power to make it stronger. SHIKAI: my release comands are zetsumei keiteki (death whistle) and zetsumei koorogi but my shikai is nothing speicail the blades just get a foot longer but now with my zetsumei koorogi im able to absorb whole blast and use that power as my own and with zetsumei keiteki i can make clones of my self but they only have half the strength i do and they only have 1 zanpakuto with weaker abilities and i can only make 1 clone per minute. i've never used my bank but only 3 times with koorogi and once with keiteki and trust me you don't want to be the next person i use them on.
il y a plus d’un an aradffomisabjr said…
My Zanpakuto...
I own four zanpakutos. If my opponent is strong, then I will release my other form which made me have four arms to use four zanpakutos at same time.
First one...
shishi "lion"
command release - surikizu (scratch)

dookan "Ditto"
command release - sagashimasu (search)

ookugi (spike head)
Command release - bottakurimasu (rip someone off)

tenshi-akuma (angel-devil)
Command release - naorimasu (heal) or nagaremasu (drain)

hantai chiku (negative zone)

Lion Ability : when release, lion claw is top of the sword. it can move by itself if stab

Ditto Ability: first style - more like tousen's first style. but blood come out because i cut them.
second style - i search and copy opponent's zanpakuto. my opponent can tell if i am copying by hearing noise. (I can't copy their bankai)

Spike head ability: more like hisagi's zanpakuto. like yo-yo. but just one sword.

Angel-Devil ability: (angel ability) same as hanoutur (4th squad 7th seat) i heal myself then i blast it off.
devil ability - opposite of angel ability. when i cut, i drain their Reiatsu. when it is full, serious blast-off.

Bankai...Negative Zone. It is same as Tousen's bankai. you don't lose your senses
When you are in my negative zone. You are done. You will lose all of your Reiatsu. Your bankai and shikai will be back to normal. normal sword. You will be slow down. very slow. You will actually hear...
"T...H...I...S..........i....s......­.m.­..y­...­...­...­b..­..a­...­.n.­...­k..­.a.­..i­&qu­ot; I actually said "This is my bankai" as normal speaking. You will be slow and react slowly. like mauryi did to 8th espada. Only way to escape this hell is to run away. Also, when I cut, your damage will be 13x. It is overkill.

I also have hollow mask. Vizard. I don't usually use my hollow mask. If your too strong, then you leave me no choice. to go max power.
First level: one sword.
Second level: four arms (use only if you are strong)
Third level: Bankai (rare. use only if to finish battle quick)
Fourth level: hollow mask (very rare. use only if very tough opponent)
If I you beat my fourth level, i am dead because you are shocking strong.

I also have crazy mind that i can see the future. only four minutes later. I can change the future by seeing what happen in four minutes later. That mean i can know your moves. I have illusion power like aizen.

It is over, you can't beat me. Don't worry, I am not going to be bad guy. I am lazy like Starrk but I am powerful than Kenpachi with bankai.
AceM150 commented…
Frankly, the fact that toi can't be beaten sucks. The beauty of making a good character is in making him able to overcome anything, but still at the risk of his own life and against incredible odds. Yes your guy is unbeatable, and that makes for a boring story. No bad guy poses any real threat because toi can just beat them down, as a good guy there is no emotional attatchment to him because he's too good, there's never a risk ou a tough decision for him. Also, remember to have your characters fit in the Bleach World, Genryusai is the strongest Soul reaper ever, and has been for over a thousand years until Aizen and Ichigo came along. Even He had to sacrifice his arm in battle, which built a connection with the audience. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
I agree with you, this Zanpakuto is frankly too much, really. Plus, Visored characters are pretty overrated, really - It doesn't make them that strong... il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Lucky_dragon232 said…
Nisemono Koneko (偽物子猫)
Kido Zanpakutō (斬魄刀)
A single katana with a shiny blade and a hilt covered with fur. No formal tsuba, instead it has a basket hilt.
Shikai: Mirror, Mirror (写す, 偽物子猫) (Utsusu, Nisemono Koneko) (Duplicate, Counterfeit Kitten)
Nisemono Koneko can turn into an exact copy of the wielder or another Shikai and has the exact same powers, though only up to the wielder’s level of power.
Bankai: Kagami Fukusei Tora (卍解: 鏡複製虎) (Final Release: Mirror Clone Tiger)
Nisemono Koneko splits apart, turning into 25 katana, one of which can become an exact copy of the wielder, another person, a Shikai, or a Bankai, though only up to the wielder’s level of power. The other katana can only become copies of a Shikai or the wielder.
Kagami Fukusei Tora’s Techniques
Kagami no Kataku (鏡の家宅) (House of Mirrors)
All of the katana turn into copies of the wielder and run around the enemy, attacking them in a whirlwind of bodies.
Akuma no Futago (悪魔の双子) (Evil Twin)
One katana turns into a copy of the opponent, and then fights them with their own attacks, acting as if they actually were that person. As the katana turns into an exact copy of the person along with all of the items that they have on them at the moment, by using this technique the wielder can copy a person and their Bankai for a short while.

I actually weakened this one quite a bit from its original design in which it had a hundred swords each of which could copy a Bankai. One problem with Nisemono Koneko is that the copied Bankai can't use anything except the techniques that the wielder knows about. E.G. If the wielder of Nisemono Koneko were to copy Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and only knew about the Gokui technique, they would not be able to use Shukei Hakuteiken. As well, they cannot create knew techniques for the Bankai, the same thing applies to copied Shikai.
il y a plus d’un an Ryuuikari said…

Nisemono Koneko

Interesting design, I like the fur covering the hilt, never seen that before. I've made a zanpakuto with similar power mimicry abilities before and it is quite difficult to prevent making those types of zanpakuto overpowered. In shikai I think it's fine but in bankai Kagami Fukusei Tora is still quite overpowered.
I mean, if your opponent has to combat both their own bankai as well as 24 copies of their shikai all at the same time, then they stand no chance of winning unless the user of Kagami Fukusei Tora is pathetically weak. But apart from that it's a good zan :)

Also just a random question about your bankai:
What do the 25 katana do when they aren't in use ? Do they float behind the wielder or are they stored in the wielder's body or what ?
Lucky_dragon232 commented…
I always think of it as floating behind them because it just looks glacière in my opinion. il y a plus d’un an
Lucky_dragon232 commented…
As well, yeah, it is quite overpowered still, but thanks. Now I can improve on future designs further. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an AceM150 said…
yeah, I Reposted this one to get a review, but is ok, is mine

A quick bio is required to understand why the powers and the names of my Zanpakuto are such as they are. Worry not! I'll be brief!

Roaan Metzger was a German Quincy who died as a teenager after fleeing to Japan during WWI. His time in Soul society brought him quickly to the soul reaper academy as he had somehow maintained his Quincy Reiatsu in death. Even so, his reiatsu was fairly low upon his graduation, and he was assigned to squad 12. After regaining his memory of his life (it had previously been too vague), he began a research on how his two powers could mesh. When the authorities found out, Roaan and his brother were exiled to Hueco Mundo (the current war between Quincies and Soul Reapers made both Soul society and the Human world even worse).

Zanpakuto Name: Seelenjäger (Soul Hunter) [German]
Release command: Hashiru! (run)
Bankai: N/A

Description: Reflecting his originally low Reiatsu, it is a rather average looking bowie knife, about 16 inches overall, with a matching scabbard.

Shikai appearance: about the same as the sealed, but with the typical black blade, white edge look. Scabbard is solid black and usually rests in his back pocket.

Shikai abilities: Roaan's own strength and speed multiply to account for the diminutive size of the blade.
Seelenfeur: a bolt much like the one from a Quincy bow can be fired from the scabbard held like a pistol. (can also be fired from the blade dual style).
Quincy Cross: When sheathed, the Zanpkuto can act as a Quincy trinket and produce a bow, the final shot can fire the Zanpakuto itself much like Seele Schnieder,
Blitzkrieg: Combines a rapid-fire Seelenfeur with a succession of Shunpo to attack a target or group from all angles at once for a few seconds. (actually a technique developed by Zell, not specific to the blade)

Other abilities: During their time in Hueco Mundo, Roaan and his brother, Zell,developed an improvised kidou with combat techniques like the blitzkrieg to help with hollow combat.
Though Roaan's current Spiritual pressure is well shy of captain class, he learned to focus it such that he can make one person or thing believe that his Reiatsu could rival that of the Captain General.

So what do you think? too out there? Zell also has a Zanpakuto that is very different from Roaan's if y'all like this one.
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blackpanther666 commented…
I'll do the review in a couple of days, just when I have time to. :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an AceM150 said…
Just had a fun idea, MARVEL Bleach Mashup

Hotoke Goben, (deadpool)
Dual type zan, does not change much in shikai, only Gives the wielder High speed regenerative powers and strength boosts.

wielded by a talkative idiot that works as a mercenary. he also carries a pair of kidou guns that he uses in conjunction with the Zanpakuto

Kuzuri: (Wolverine)
The wielder sustained horrible injuries in combat, his Zanpakuto saved him by fusing with his mangled skeleton and giving him regenerative powers. It extends from his hands as claws now.

Beikoku: (America)
A shield, nearly impenetrable, can be thrown to attack. May be used in conjunction with a kido gun

Assai-ki: (Crusher, translated from Mjolnir)
A hammer, complete with throwing ability, spinning rock spray attack, and, you guessed it, Thunder powers.
The Wielder ran off after his first assignment and spent time in a gigai, summoning lightning and being worshiped as a god.

Arashi: (Storm) [Arashi no inazuma; Bankai]
Blade inscribed with lighning bolts, Basic weather control powers, Hybrid Ice, water, and lightning abilities.

Sakuryaku: (Gambit)
A staff with the ability to imbue large amounts of energy into an object and augment attacks with energy bursts. The wielder is particularly fond of imbuing playing cards with high energy, turning them into explosive projectiles.
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blackpanther666 commented…
Hmmm, this is a pretty cool idea, actually. I quite like it! Plus, Marvel is awesome. XD il y a plus d’un an
AceM150 commented…
Based on how he uses his power, I could really see Gambit as a fullbringer instead of a soulreaper. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
Yeah, perhaps it would work. I haven't really done much in the way of Fullbrings, but it is an interesting idea. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@AceM150. I did a review of the other one a while back (for Zell) and I will still do one for Roaan, if you would like me to. XD
AceM150 commented…
Ya that'd be sweet! I missed the one about zell, I'll go look, Thanks! il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
It should be on the précédant page, dude. Anyway, no problem. It was a pretty cool idea! XD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an AceM150 said…
Another crossover Idea.
Quirky former member of Squad 12, known only as Hakase, is now a master of the precipice world and uses his odd vessel to cross not only between worlds, but through time and space.
His Zanpakuto:
Onpa: (Sound Wave or Sonic)
Reflecting Hakase's pacifist disposition, his Zanpakuto is a nonweapon type, Adopting an appearance akin to a slender flashlight.
has the ability to control complex technology and computers with relative ease by simply pointing at the device. also very handy for locks of all sorts, and for putting up a bunch of cabinets in a hurry.
AceM150 commented…
Hakase translates as "Doctor" il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an OdinsSong said…
Sandabado (Thunderbird)

Dual katana worn on my back, with the hilts over my right shoulder. When sealed, it has dark blue grips with four white diamonds woven vertically into it. The guard is a simple silver rectangle with the edges curved in a bit.

Shikai release command- Sora o torikowasu, Sandabado (Tear down the sky)

The blades melt into my hands, becoming skin tight black metal gauntlets that reach up to my elbows, with clawed fingertips, like talons.

Ability 1- I can generate bluish white katakana in my hands forged from my spiritual pressure. These blades vary in strength depending on my will, and how exhausted I am. When rested and confident, they can easily carve through the blades of lower level shinigami, and even seated officers if I'm pumped up enough. When my spiritual pressure is low and I'm wavering, Captains can easily shatter my blades, and seated officers can with a bit of effort. They can take the shape of any weapon I wish, but since I'm used to dual wielding katana, that's my go to choice.

Ability 2- I can throw my spiritual pressure blades and detonate them near the enemy, dealing damage dependent on how much spiritual pressure I used when forging the swords. The shockwave is enough to knock down and disorient most opponents. I can then generate new ones to fight with or throw again.

Ability 3- I can create a shockwave directly from the palm of my hand that has the force of an Espada's cero oscuras at close range, but the effective range diminishes rapidly. Anybody more than 6 feet away would be relatively unaffected by it, with the exception of their hearing, given the loud crack my shockwave attacks produce.


The metal gauntlets extend all the way up my arms, covering my chest, back and legs and part of my face. From my eyes to the back of my neck is all still exposed, but the rest of my body is armored well enough that anybody below Ichigo level would be hard pressed to break through. I also form razor sharp Archangel like wings that can be used for slashing mid ranged attacks. My talons elongate a bit. I retain all of my shikai abilities, with the extra oomph that a bankai typically brings.

Ability 1- High speed flight. My guy is a shunpo master, since he prefers close range combat. The high speed flight, however, gives him considerably more speed, allowing him to close with the enemy rapidly and catch them off guard, or even torpedo straight into them, dealing some massive hack and slash damage with my talons.

Ability 2- Can generate a field of energy in a ten foot radius that draws enemies in, before emitting a shockwave from my entire body that deals a fair amount of damage and sends the enemies caught in it flying.

Ability 3- Can fire directional shock waves from any armored portion of my body, including my wings. They're as powerful as the shock waves from my palms, but with far greater range, often tearing up the ground as the fly, creating debri shrapnel on top of their own force.

Some of my attacks can be pretty powerful! but since my guy's strengths are shunpo, sword fighting and hakudo, many of my shikai and bankai attacks are used less to deal damage and more to control the flow of battle, catch the enemy off guard or to distract them while I close the distance to overwhelm them from inside the range they're used to fighting at.

Despite having learned my bankai at an early age, and gained a decade of experience with it, I'm just the third seat in the ninth division, below Kensei and Hisagi. My guy had no desire to make lieutenant because there's more paperwork and usually less fighting.
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AceM150 commented…
great concept, I like that toi made very clear the reiatsu cost of each ability. Makes for a character that can reach his limit, which makes for a good storyline. One thing is that your Zan's name is in katakana, basically the japanese pronunciation of an english word. I'd suggest Rainotori, 雷の鳥. I do like your squad and siège as well. combat squad, but your kido/indirect type means not squad 11. your choice reflects Ikkaku's so it's not unheard of, but toi have different reasons. all in all great potential for a real character :D il y a plus d’un an
OdinsSong commented…
Thanks for the tip on the name! My Japanese is remedial at best. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an OdinsSong said…
I had another zanpakuto idea,

Doryoku (effort)-

I haven't bothered to think of what it looks like, but in its shikai it can become any sort of weapon it (Doryoku) wants to. Typically it's the least convenient weapon possible. Some examples would be turning into brass knuckles to fight a long range opponent, slow, heavy two handed sword to fight a fast opponent or even becoming a bow with just one arrow to fight a group of several hollows. It's temperament seems uncooperative, but that's only because it wants its master to push themselves to be stronger, faster, better at kido and smarter in combat. It can also release on its own if its master tries to cheat by just using it as a katana. It refuses to teach its master its bankai form, stating that it would make battles much too easy, but claiming that it will teach it to them if they work hard enough. In combat, if its master is getting their ass whooped, it can and has morphed into far more useful weapons to help save its masters life, but often won't speak to them or even release for days afterwards as punishment for nearly losing the battle.
il y a plus d’un an Unknown_Count said…
Shikai Name: Naki Shojo.

Shikai Call: Protect those who are closest to me.

Shikai Type: Kido/Defense.

Shikai Description: Upon calling out the zanpakuto, the entirety sword becomes engulfed in a lavender light while the soft muffled sounds of a woman crying trails across the breeze from the resulting release of purple reiatsu. Once the light dims and soft mourns settles, Naki Shojo remains with the same black and lavender crisscross grip, but in reverse color placement. The actual blade itself now has three layers however: the first is the same metal cutting edge of a katana; the middle layer however is now similar to a stained glass window from the hilt to the tip, ranging from a dark violet at the base, then slowly becoming lighter lavender at the tip; the third layer of the sword is a thin ebony layer of metal from base to tip. While released, an eleven link chain dangles from the hilt, a small glass cube connecting every three links.

Shikai Abilities:

Menimawe(目には目を,"Eye for an Eye") - This allows the user to copy and absorb the force used against Naki Shojo. When an opponent clashes swords with Naki Shojo, that amount of force is added to user's next strike, and if the opponent strikes user's sword multiple times before user actually makes a swing, the force is added together and unleashed all at once when user finally makes his move, even if it be a mere flick of his blade.

Mamoru(守る,"Protect") - This ability creates a 10 foot high, 10 foot wide, glass wall within a 20 foot radius of user in whichever location he decides; this see through wall is capable of absorbing any reiatsu/reiryoku type blast whether it be Kido, energy or elemental Zanpakuto attack, Bala, Cero, etc. User can only create one wall at a time, but can absorb an infinite amount of attacks into that wall. If the wall is attacked physically, it shatters into shards of lavender reiryoku that dissipate into the air.

Naku(泣く,"Cry") - This ability fires all the attacks absorbed by Mamoru back at, or redirected at, an opponent.

Enhanced Speed - While in his Shikai, user's speed is increased.
Enhanced Reflexes - While in Shikai, user's reflexes are increased.
Enhanced Kido - While in Shikai, user's ability to perform kido is increased, allowing him to use it more often, faster and powerful.
Enhanced Spiritual Pressure - While in his Shikai, user's spiritual pressure is increased by average amount.

- Bankai -

Bankai Description: To release a bankai, user must drop the zanpakuto straight down, allowing it to pass through the ground, just like Kuchiki Byakuya's Senbonzakura. Upon releasing it, a lavender energy would spurt from the point where the zanpakuto had passed the ground, it would then completely surround user's body for a short period of time after what it would vanish, revealing user's revamped form. His body would appear to be made of lavender colored glass, his eyes somewhat replaced with a flame-like lavender energy and his zanpakuto would appear to be directly linked with his right hand.

Menimawe is replaced with Chisei(治世,"Reign") - This ability unlike the one it was upgraded from Menimawe, is capable of stacking the force it recives. In other words, user's physical-zanpakuto attacks are empowered further each time he manages to block/intervene another incoming attack.

Mamoru/ Naku - These two abilities are slightly different from what they used to be during shikai form. User no longer creates the glass walls he used to absorb/redirect incoming reiatsu/reiryoku attacks. In bankai, his body serves the purpose of absorbing attacks and firing them back. He may also absorb those attacks that are not directed at him, to serve its protective purposes.
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blackpanther666 commented…
This is actually a really interesting idea! It kind of reminds me of a Zanpakuto I made about a an ago, except with a somewhat different concept and slightly glacière than mine. XD il y a plus d’un an
Malran32 commented…
I just wanna say. the enhances are kinda implied with both the Shikai's and Bankai's il y a plus d’un an
Unknown_Count commented…
Haha~ Well, i tried. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Malran32 said…
My Zanpakuto

Shikai-Chizazetsubou (Blood of Despair)
release command-Sougishiki (Awaken)

Shikai description-guard becomes the shape of a Pentagram. The blade edge becomes serrated and both the guard and blade become crimson in color. Every second or so a drop of what looks like blood falls off of the blade and turns to mist when it touches anything. all Shikai abilities are passive.

Shikai ability 1-Kihaku tsu (Soul Steal) every time the user clashes blades against his enemy or cuts his enemy, Chizashouten steals some spirit energy from the enemy's Zanpakuto or from the enemy itself depending if the attack was parried or cut the enemy. if the enemy was cut, the amount of spirit energy stolen will depend on how much damage was delt.

Shikai ability 2-Toko Ojike (Endless Fear) The drops coming off the blade that turn to mist are important here. when inhaled the mist that is released causes fear in all except for the wielder, effects last up to 10 minutes after they start to breath clean air.

Bankai-Tsubasa Chizazetsubou (Blood Wings of Despair)

Bankai description-Zanpakuto itself retains it's shikai form. Wielder gains giant Crimson demonic wings about the size of Toshiro Hitsugaya's Bankai wings with spike on the tips, a long demon crimson tail. drops no longer fall from the blade but instead a barely visible mist constantly radiates from the blade, wing, and tail.

Bankai ability 1- same as shikai ability 2 only now it's the radiating mist and causes feeling of impending doom and hopelessness to all except wielder regardless of how great the spiritual pressure.

Bankai ability 2- same as shikai ability 1 but no longer passive: when this ability is used a large black wave is shot from the blade (looks like bankai getsuga tensho) when this attack hit's the enemy, however much spirit energy they used to block the attack, is absorbed into the wielder of Tsubasa Chizazetsubou. Can also be used to absorb the spirit energy from any type of enemy attack. if the ability is kept on the blade (similar to what ichigo did with getsuga tensho against ulquiorra) it can be used in the same manner as the shikai passive version.

Bankai ability 3- Zetsubou Houyou (Despair's Embrace) all of the mist released densifies around the enemy in a pure black surrounding and making their feelings of impending doom pushing them to go completely insane. even those with the strongest of wills will be pushed to the brink of madness, and while in this state, the wielder of this zanpakuto can easily finish off his opponent. Typicaly this ability is only used against those who truly deserve a horrible death.
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il y a plus d’un an Lucky_dragon232 said…
Here's a zanpakuto that I found on another forum site, I'd say that it's quite powerful, however its power that allows it to evolve appears to take a large amount of time to take effect. It did get all of the evolutions below from a single fight against three enemies, two of whom appear to have been vastly more powerful and just playing around.

Mugenkai (無限解) (Infinite Releases)
A katana with a straight blade and a hiltguard decorated with images of wild predators in the form of an oval. Its blade is around 80 centimetres in length.
Shikai: Long Blade (進化する, 無限解) (Shinka Suru, Mugenkai) (Evolve, Infinite Releases)
Mugenkai grows in length making its blade approximately 120 centimetres in length.
Bankai: Mugenjin Geijutsu (無限刃芸術) (Infinite Blade Art)
A metallic eye appears in the center of the blade and the wielder becomes stronger and faster. As well, the blade continues to evolve to become more adapted to its opponent.
Mugenkai’s Evolutions
Ta Ōda (多殴打) (Multi-Strike)
Mugenkai’s strikes hit not just one spot, but several with a single swing
Kairyō Taikaku (改良体格) (Increasing Speed and Strength)
Mugenkai’s wielder continuously grows stronger and faster while in combat
Kinzoku Nage Ya (金属投げ矢) (Metallic Darts)
The darts shoot out of the eye in the center of the blade at a targeted enemy
Kinzoku no Me (金属の目) (Metallic Eyes)
The metallic eyes increase both defensive and offensive power as they block enemy attacks and lengthen the distance that the Zanpakutō can strike from. As well, the metallic eyes can fire off blasts from the Reishi Fire evolution
Nijūba (二重刃) (Double-Bladed)
Mugenkai can create a copy of itself so that its wielder can attack even harder and faster than before
Kinzoku Chi (金属血) (Metallic Blood)
Mugenkai causes its wielder’s blood to gain the property of metals and can control it for defensive and offensive techniques
Reishi Hi (霊芝火) (Reishi Fire)
Mugenkai can set itself alight with the raw power of its wielder’s reishi and unleash the power for powerful attacks and defenses
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Zanpakuto-Ryuu no tamashi( soul dragon)
shikai ability-drains the soul of anything it kills to get stronger ( dorein)
shikai move 1-kasai no tamashi( fire soul) this move gives the owner amour of white flame aura around him/her for more power.
shikai move 2-mane no tamashi( soul copy) this makes a clone of the owner to help them fight.
shikai move 3-ryuu no tsume (dragon claws) gives the owners cat-like claws for close combat.
Bankai-Kami ryuu no tamashi(divine dragon soul)
bankai ability-same as shikai (dorein).
bankai move 1 -ryu no tsubasa- (wings of the dragon) give the owner wings which gives them more speed.
bankai move 2 -doragon surasshu(dragon soul slash) makes a white aura on the owners sword and when they slash a blast comes out forming into a dragon of souls.
bankai move 3-mukei(intangible) makes the owner un effected by anything , but can only be used twice for 5 mins in bankai.
bankai move 4-tamashi no jokyo( soul removal) similar to dorein but this move can be used when your enemy is still alive.this move kills the enemy if hes weaker than you in one hit.( must come in contact with the enemy).
Final Tech-Ryu seishin no henkan( dragon spirit transformation) this move turns the owner into a dragon of souls and gives the owner 3 times power/ defense and speed than it had before.
Final Tech move- baku-fuu ( soul blast ) fires a purple white colored blast of souls that kills any living thing in comes in contact with!

That is my zanpakuto!
Xsaber300 commented…
This zanpakuto was made so it would.t need bankai to beat an enemy par kill somethign it gains there power thus having limitless power in shikai and it was also made to fight the quincys! il y a plus d’un an
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link this is how my bankai will look il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an SodenoZangetsu said…
big smile

I'm new here, and saw this so I thought I'd share some of my ideas.

I have a Zanpaktou that I'm having trouble naming/making attacks for and need some ideas.

Appearance/Basic attack

32" H x 4" W Blade 10" hilt

Blade Appearance:

With its tall length, it has small, rectangle shapped blades that extend out from each side of the blade, and hang down at a 75 degree angle. Use Renji's Zanpaktou as a reference point for this particular idea. (Note: NOT where I got the idea). These scale down the blade up until about 10" left on the blade length and are about 5"x Wide by 6" long

My issue, is that the basic attack of the blade, is to repel attacks at x2 the strength while in defense. A good example of this would be.

I take 5 hits in defense, the attack power given back by my offensive blow is now 2x5 the strength in the attacks taken. However, when I deal a blow, the counter resets. The more times I DEFEND, the STRONGER my attacks get.

I also have a strong will to protect anyone. Sort of like helping those in need. I can't stand to see bullying and stuff like that.

However, this is as far as I have gotten, and can't figure out a name for it or any more styles of attack for Shikai OR Bankai.

I thought of the command as something like:

Reflect my will to protect, ___________!

The name and any more attacks for Shikai and Bankai are where I am struggling. Any sort of help is welcomed! link


blackpanther666 commented…
So, this would be like a defensive Zanpakuto, correct? I could probably help toi think of some ideas... il y a plus d’un an
SodenoZangetsu commented…
Yes, thats correct. However, like I said, still a little confused as to how to get a proper sounding name for it. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an KidoWizard said…
Zanpakuto Name: Watashi o yurushite (Forgive Me)
Release: The Final Sin. (Note it turns into a katana with a large central ring with a hourglass in it)
Bankai Name: Yurushi gatai tsumi (Unforgivable Sin) ( It becomes a large scythe with a eye on the end of the blade connecting to the handle)

The use of my Zanpakuto is literally banned by the soul society and is so horrendous in nature in Bankai it actually sentences the user to the underworld if it is ever used. Its Shikai's use alone if beyond the second ability is enough to have a sentencing close to Aizens.

First Ability: Seal number 1-3: Each Seal created consumes a Small amount of spiritual energy and then with use allows for upgraded Kido about 2x.
Second Ability: Seal number 4-6: Same as 1-3 only the next three steps up and actually allows for the creation of physical beings from the energy per seal 3x power increase on Kido.

Third Ability: Seal 7: The final seal that is highly illegal and is even said to be feared in hell it consumes a hudge amount of matter and power to create a sources of superhuman powers for the user that nearly equals that of Ichigo full Hollow (note this consumes the blood of the user over time and hereby limits him to a total of 1 minutes in this form anything longer risks death or complete psychosis)

With use of this it is considered to be a blasphemy to the spirit king himself and warrants execution by the spirit kings highest ranking official. The crime so grave that it actually sentences one to a eternity in the underworld. It causes a solar eclipse and the waters literally turn to blood red reishi and are consumed by the sickle like a farmer reaps corn. Underneath the user it hollows out a large amount of earth (recorded by his one who witnessed his father use this technique as what could only be described as a hollow hole being drawn in the earth itself) and the sun itself is said to be up to a visible half inch smaller in diameter with the sheer energy consumed. After which it is all condensed into about 1 ml tear that is then shed by the user that is then converted into a glowing blue ash that upon contact with any matter explodes with all the force of a 400 megaton nuclear blast (that is responsible for turning heuco mundo into nothing but glass and intern sand). It is noted that after its use the user can never return to his original state and is regarded as emotionless and in constant expression of pain and in some cases develops split personality disorder.
KidoWizard commented…
Half inch was a typo I mean milimetre il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Liquidz-Flamez said…
This is a dual Zampakuto :P

Zanpakuto's name:Taiyō o Bunkatsu (Dividing Suns)
Second Zanpakuto's Name:Wakare mūn (Parting Moons)
release command:
"Burn Away the pain of grief and wipe away the tear of sorrow, Taiyō o Bunkatsu Shine the dim lights of Strife to strike down the enemies,Wakare mūn"

Description:Both Taiyō o Bunkatsu and Wakare mūn start off as two basic katanas. When the release command is said, they both shine and are encased in light. Taiyō o Bunkatsu in a flame red light. Wakare mūn in a blue light. When the light dims, they both appear as a Rapier, both of equal length and size.

Bankai name-Odayakana Taiyō No Nenshō Mūn (A rough translation of Calm Sun, Burning Moon.)
Description:The wielder holds both of the Rapiers upside down to his sides. He drops both of them. Taiyō o Bunkatsu ignites in flames and disappears before it hits the ground, while Wakare mūn shatters and disappears before it hits the ground. New blades appear in his hand. Taiyō o Bunkatsu turns into a scorched Tachi. Its appearance fits well with "Calm Sun." Its flames are so hot, that it seems to be resembling dark ice. Wakare mūn turns into a Tachi as well. It is a pure silver color, and looks mostly like a normal Tachi. But dont let its appearance fool you. It is said to be a zanpakuto that can reach a temperature 10 times colder than the poles of the earth and had a blade so cold, when it cuts an enemy, it leaves scorch marks.

Shikai Abilities-

Shakunetsu Hidora (Scorching Hydra): When using this technique, the wielder points Wakare mūn at the sky, the swirls it in a counter clockwise motion. A surge of what appears as hydro water appears above it and when the wielder makes a slashing motion, it turns into three heads of a dragon that sprout into ice at impact.

Tōketsu sōshō bānā (Freezing Wound Burner): Taiyō o Bunkatsu is used in this technique. The wielder points his blade to the left and swirls it in a clockwise motion. A diagonal slashing motion is made and a power shockwave is sent flying at the enemy.

Bankai Abilities-

Jigoku shinseina Ringu (Sacred Ring of Hell): This is strongest attack that the wielder can use by far. The wielder uses the atmosphere to Wakare mūn's advantage. a Cylinder of Water appears around the enemy and turns into ice. After that, a flaming vortex appears above it and balls of flame and spiritual pressure fall from it and into the cylinder of ice, causing an explosion. The wielder can use this technique once every three weeks unless he/she strains their bodies and pushes their spiritual pressure past the limits, which would harm the user as well.

il y a plus d’un an Unknown_Count said…
Shikai Name: Yūdoku Hidora (Poisonous Hydra)

Shikai Call: Dispose, Yūdoku Hidora !

Shikai Type: Poison.

Shikai Description: Upon calling out the zanpakuto, the blade simply becomes green and is covered with strange green goo that pours out from the tip of the sword, sliding alongside the blade all the way to it's guard.

In overall, this shikai is extremely dangerous, especially when the user is using his zanjutsu skills efficiently as a minor cut may have major consequences, such as the part of the body becoming numb, poison spreading around the body. If a cut is big enough and if antidote is not found then the victim will die in next 24 hours although it depends how strong opponent is, a mere un-ranked soul reaper would die in several minutes.

Must have permission to use in Soul Society.

Antidote: There is an antidote against this poison although it would be very difficult to find out not to mention reciving it as it is the user's own blood that can cure victim from his suffering.

Shikai Abilities:

Hidora (ヒドラ, Hydra) - The sole ability apart from the poisonous blade, that is known for it's sure-to-kill usage, this very ability may be mistaken for a bankai. Whiping with the sword and calling the techniques name will send a wave of poison out zanpakuto's tip, that will form itself into a large green-purple hydra. It's size is tremendous, comparable with Abarai Renji's Bankai, this is also the true form of the zanpakuto. This hydra consists of dangerous poisons and acids that will leave nothing behind upon going through something or someone and because of that it may also serve for defensive purposes, it is controlled by user's will.

- Bankai -

Bankai Name: Seikyo Hidora (Doomed Hydra)

Bankai Description: The zanpakuto itself does not change, although upon releasing bankai the amounts of poison that pours out of the blade's tip suddenly increases, as poison covers its user, creating a large green-purple golem around user's body.

This bankai is forbidden to be used in Soul Society and Earth although may be used with permission and is allowed in Hueco Mundo, due its vast danger not only to those who oppose the user but also the allies and everything around him.

Bankai Abilities:

Golem (Passive Ability) - Covered in large amounts of poison and acid, user has complete defense against physical attacks as well as ultimate offense. Those who are to interact with golem's surface layer will most probably melt due acid or suffer to vast poisonous effects.

Hidora (ヒドラ, Hydra) - Instead of one, creates two more Hydras.

Hōshasen (放射線, Radiation) - Although the Hidora alone appeared as the ultimate move and whole bankai itself, it cannot be compared to this ultimate move. The user compresses all the poison inside of his body, turning himself into a living radiation that will affect anyone around him. This ability lasts only for ten seconds. Using this ability will shorten user's life-span by half, may kill if user had already reached near to his death, if not the user will suffer to a poisonous disease for the rest of his life.
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Unknown_Count commented…
Decided to make a BADASS zanpakuto of my own, this would be used par someone important. Such likes Captain Commander, Squad Zero ou some Aizen wannabe. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an SodenoZangetsu said…
Hello all,

With some help from blackpanther666, I got it all figured out.

Sealed form - regular katana.

Released Appearance

32" H x 4" W Blade 10" hilt

Blade Appearance:

With its tall length, it has small, rectangle shapped blades that extend out from each side of the blade, and hang down at a 75 degree angle. Use Renji's Zanpaktou as a reference point for this particular idea. (Note: NOT where I got the idea). These scale down the blade up until about 10" left on the blade length and are about 5"x Wide by 6" long

Hogozei (Protective Duty)

Reflect my will to protect, Hogozei!

Skill 1: Hogozei (happens when sword releases)
The ability to repel all attacks thrown at the user (physical OR Kidou) at 5 x the strength. Physical has an exception of being multiplied by the amount of times hit. When I strike back, the energy is released at the attacker. Kidou attacks are sent back by slashing downward at the attacker.

Skill 2: Baria (Barrier)
The ability to throw a protective barrier only breakable by 70’s level Kidou or higher around anyone I can think of, and picture in my mind. I must call out their name for this barrier to take effect.

Skill 3: Kagami zo (Mirror Image)
My only somewhat offensive capability. I can duplicate myself with my sword, to fight for me while I go rescue anyone who needs medical attention, or has any other ailment that he/she cannot get up from. It isn’t a perfect copy, but gets the job done.

Bankai: Gisei - Tekina Hogozei (Sacrificial Protective Duty)
My Katana changes ever so slighty, but it does change. The hilt guard changes shape, to now resemble a shield, covered in blood. This resembles the sacrifices made on battlefields all the time. All of which have been done protecting something.

Skill 1: Kanzen Hogozei (Full Protective Duty)
Now the ability has increased by double the attacking power, from 5x to 10x the strength repeled (physical or Kidou)

Skill 2: Kanzen Baria (Full barrier)
Now the shield cannot be broken by anyone except myself. No kidou or physical attacks can break its seal.

Skill 3: Kanzen’na Kagami zo (Complete Mirror Image)

The copy before can only fight with a part of my skills, however, it can now fight with an exact copy of my reiatsu, as well as Bankai skill. Litterally, all my skills are a perfect copy of myself.

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il y a plus d’un an SodenoZangetsu said…
I also thought of this idea by myself.

Release the Tide! Tsunami!

Sealed form: Regular Katana.

Released form: 25.5” Blade. 13” Hilt. The blade is rather curved, like a Scythe. The only difference, is rather than horizontal, it’s vertical. It looks like a Tidal wave, or Tsunami (same thing) in Japanese. The hilt is blue wrap, with the typical diamond shape weave. The blade has an ocean blue color to it.

Ability one: Storm Surge (Takashio)
The ability to fire highly pressurized water at my opponent in a controlled stream, very similar to a Water Cannon.

Ability 2: Waves of Destruction (Hakai no name)
The direction, and force that I swing the sword in, brings in waves that can flood the area and destroy most of what is in its path, depending on the strength in which I swing.

Bankai: Tidal Wave of the Hurricane. (Hariken no Takanami)

Ability 1: Wind of the Stormy Sea (Arashinoumi no Kaze)
While in a Bankai state, the Waves in which I control are not only strong, but I can throw them around in the wind as well. While flooding the area, I can also force the waves to create Tornadoes, and various other wind structures to stop my opponent’s movements. This ability is only gained through use of Bankai.

Ability 2: Moon’s Gravity, Storm Surge (Tsuki no Juryoku, Takashio)
An extension of Storm Surge. Along with stronger shots, I can also control where the waves go I can force them to go in any direction and speed at my opponent. The Moon controls waves, so I thought it was fitting.

Ability 3: Gale Force Waves of Destruction (Hakai no Geirufosu no Nami)
An extension of Waves of Destruction. However, I can also choose to envelope my opponent in a ball of water of which I can slash them with my blade 3 times. Then the wind surrounding the ball throws them 3 meters away from me.
il y a plus d’un an joshua0701 said…
this is my first post lol ( i would put it on deven art but im no good at drawing 8P )

zanpakuto/shikai: yami no kami " god of darkness
release command:
Bankai: shi "death"

description: this zanpaktou has been feared by the head captain himself. this zanpaktou is rated as a forbiden release meaning the user is not allowed to release it unless he is faced with a zanpaktou with equal or greater power.

description: The form of the katana: a pure black hilt with no decoration, a silver guard so bright it could blind you, the blade has no scratch and no dust for the spritual pressure destroys it before it could hope to get near. the shikai form: an execution axe about 6 ft 5 in which can grow to 6 miles 120 meters. the blade is pure black and the hilt is the normal colour of wood. Bankai: the axe stays the same but the user gets a long ripped cape his lower arms , legs and feet all get Armour that looks like bones the head gets part of a hollow mask put on them while the torso is unprotected the user throws away all defense for the ultimate attack

shikai abilities:

>Yami: a pure blast, slash or strike of darkness powerful enough to destroy aizen's full hykeoku form in one blow ( pretty much same as muzegtsu but with more width and power

bankai abilities:

>Shi: an enormousness amout of spritual froce is realised ripping a part every know particle until nothing is left also it crates a black hole afterwards with enough power to destroy the entire soul society or las noches.
Ryuuikari commented…
This has extremely overpowered written all over it... I mean it can destroy Hogyoku Final Form Aizen in shikai? A word of advice: tone the power down a lot and try to make its techniques plus original. It's not all bad though, the design of the zanpakuto is quite good! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an PurifyingLight said…
Well here is my zanpakuto

By the way is any role play going on?

Character name: Arianna Draganov.
Zanpakuto name: Light bringer. Defensive type zanpakuto
Appearance. The blade is akin to a scimitar. About four foot in length with a slight curved blade, and blue hilt with a sapphire embedded into the pommel. Its guard shaped like wings extend outward like a bird spreading its wings. This protects her hand from enemy zanpakuto.

Shikai release: Cast off your fear and follow me into the darkness.
Shikai ability: an Aura surrounds Arianna, her allies and enemies. For her and her allies wounds begin to heal, poisons removed. Her allies are filled with hope, and all their fears are cast onto Arianna strengthening her allies reiatsu by two fold. This makes all attacks that use reiatsu, kido, shunpo, or zanpkuto attacks double in strength, power and speed. Her enemies are weakened by the same amount as her allies are strengthened. And instead of being filled with hope they are filled with dread and fear making it hard for them to fight. Any who’s will is weaker then Arianna flee.

Shikai appearance. Light bringer changes dramatically into a narrow claymore with a blue tinted and glow blade with her motto engraved into the blade. The length is equal to a clay more, but as light as a katana so can be used with one hand. The cross guard changes into a cross that extends to five inches on either side with the handle wrapped formed from ivory. And in her other hand a large silvery colord triangular shield that glows much like the sword that is as large as her torso. The shield is strong enough to block most attacks and can absorb vibration so she can even block a punch from a menos grande hollow and not be hurt. And the closer her enemies and allies get the stronger the aura grows.

Bankai name: Piercing light

Bankai appearance: a white glowing thin armor enshrouds Arianna. The armor’s strength and durability is akin to the strongest of Hierros. Yet it doesn’t hinder her movement. The armor looks much like Kain’s dragoon armor from final fantasy 4 except with a large cape that can also protect her.

Her sword’s length extends to the length of Ichigo’s Bankai sword just more curved and narrow like a rapier. The once glow of the blade engulfs into a blue flame as does the shield which changes into a large circular shield that can be thrown. The sheath of the sword is solid white with intricate carvings on the sheath. The handle of the sword changes to take on that of a dragon with its maw holding the circular sapphire gem in its teeth. And where its tail would be is where the blade begins.

The shikai ability remains the same except poisons, wounds etc heal over time as long as she is near her allies. her own wounds heal as long as she has reiatus. but nothing like an instant heal. the flames burn the enemies reiatsu when struck. and if her sword is blocked, the flames will flick off and onto her enemy. so its not wise to block her sword. and her shield can be thrown like captain America's in a boomerang fashion.

Bankai ability one: Rebuke. With either her sword or shield she can block or strike an attack redirect it back to her opponent with double the speed and power of the original.

Bankai attack two: Burning hope. This ability can work one of two ways. It can revive one recently fallen person from death. Mend that persons wounds completely even regenerating a wound. However the wounds she instantly heals for her ally then are inflicted on her. If a wound is fatal for an ally while it wouldn’t kill her due to her bankai ability it would screw her up. Or like Tsunade Senjus he can heal all of her wounds and instantly restore her reiatsu. Increase her strength and speed by thrice. However using this means she cant go into bankai for a week. And injures her greatly so it’s a double edged sword.

Bankai 3: Valour. This attack really isn’t attack when used, all enemies including her are reverted to their first/normal form. So an arrancar is forced back into its normal hollow form, or if it’s a quincy they would essentially be rendered utterly useless as this attack seals all abilities away. Forcing the combatants to fight with their own skill and power. One can still use reiatsu to increase their strength etc, but that is it. No ceros, no kido, nothing.

Her regular abilities being she is a master of kido of all sorts including healing, and shunko. She is a Shunpo and Hakuda master and she is deceptively strong. She could give karamura a run for his money. I hope I didn’t make it too winded or powerful. And no one hit kill attacks. No copying or jesus I cant win. She focuses on defence, and her zanpakuto demands a strict code. It can only be used against evil. Anyone who is neutral or good she has to fight with hakuda, and kido. Much like a paladin.

so I hope you enjoy. I tried to be original and create something nobody has made yet, well I hope at least. and like above is any role play going on?
il y a plus d’un an PurifyingLight said…
and my other character

Character name: Terra Brandford.

Zanpakuto name: Wild wolf

Appearance: a bastard sword, with a green hilt, with a long chord attached to the hilt. With a green blade.
Shikai release: Feel how sharp my claws and fangs are.

Shikai appearance: Hungry wolf two twin scimitars with a deep green hue to the edges. ( think drizz’t do urden twinkle and icing death)

Special ability. Each cut releases a gust of wind to slam into the enemy and knock them away. The force is like being hit by a wrecking ball. With each a light howl echoes out.

Shikai ability one: cutting wind. A blade of wind flies as fast as a bullet from a sniper rifle cutting into the enemy and knocking them away.

Shikai ability two: Wind wall: sonic boom. With the swipe of both blades a condensed blast of wind is thrown at the enemy or object. Upon impact it explodes like a sonic boom, dealing both concussive damage, and disorients the enemy. It has a teen foot radius so it doesn’t have to directly hit to work.

Shikai three. Vanishing wind: Terra like the wind vanishes, think of a predator invisibility cloak. She cannot attack though when using this ability. She can also cloak others by expending reiatsu.

Bankai name: Legendary wild wolf.

Banka appearance. She drops her weapons which form twin ghostly wolves that are about hip height and can attack and so the same bankai ability one and two as her or, they can howl sending out a powerful blast of wind. Similar to grimmjows roar

Well I’ll do my best to explain her appearance. I can send a link too. A white ethereal piece of cloth covers her legs like a lava lava. Her upper torso is covered by the same material around her bust which extends to her left arm leaving her right arm bare except for a leather fingerless glove, and gold bangle on her bicep. Just under bust is a maroon leather strap wrapping around her.

Her left hand is covered just by a leather wrap. A gold and crimson head band is the last of her ensemble with a maroon belt around her waist with a gold chain dangling from the belt. Across her stomach and uncovered arm and thighs are red tribal tattoos. And lastly a pair of roman sandals adorning her feet.
Bankai special ability: she can now control the winds sending out typhoon/tornado like gusts. And since her bankai is sheer taijutsu, her fingers with the wind can now cut like an animals claws or send out blades of wind.

Bankai one: hurricane upper. She either upper cuts her enemy encompassing them in a violent tornado. Or she can launch a small five foot tornado that what it hits, be an attack or someone explodes into a tornado. The strength of the tornado depends how much energy she uses. She can curve the tornado, but once launched it cannot stop and suddenly change direction so it can be avoided.

Bankai two.: hurricane kick. Encompassing herself into a tornado she races forward extremely fast. The enemy can be sucked into the attack where they are whipped in a circle as she pummels them with punches and kicks. The winds rip the flesh before the hurricane explodes sending the opponent spiralling away.

Bankai three: Mark of the wolf: either of the wolves latch onto the enemy pinning them down. she rushes in and pummels the enemy with a flurry of kicks, claw swipes, punches and knees before wrapping grabbing the enemy and tossing both her and them into the air. A tornado encompasses them as they rise. Once she reaches pinnacle height she and her opponent are sent crashing down when the wind explodes like a moab bomb as her enemy is carved into the ground. This is similar to rock lees primary lotus, and Zangiefs super where the throws the enemy into the air, catches them and suplexes them back down. this attack reverts her to shikai and also hurts her as well.

This character I love more as I took inspiration from terry bogard, joe higashi and rock lee. hopefully this one is more suited if so and you don't mind me joining your role play lemme know
il y a plus d’un an BleachCraft8 said…
Shikai - Akuma no muchi(demon whip)
release - Bogenwohaku(lash out)

Description - it's hilt is blue with black designs. in it's sealed form its guard is circular with a design similair to nine claws, but upon release they disapear. the blade is replaced with nine whips made of steel covered with blades shaped like tiny axes lining the sides with three pronged claws on top. on the bottom of the hilt two spiked flail maces sprout from the end.

Ability one - rashingu-en(lashing flames) - the whips envelop themselves in flame(similair to ryujin jakka). then upon swinging the blade releases blasts of fire in the shape of dragon heads.

Ability two - supaikureza(spike lasers) - the balls on the hilt detach themselves from their chains and fire lasers from the multiple spikes.

Bankai - ryu-ju oni no muchi(dragon beast demon whip)

Description - the bankai creates a beast that is a cross between a dragon and a hydra. the blade remains the same except its weight is reduced by half so it can be wielded with one hand more easily. unlike kuroutsuchi's bankai mine is controlled by my free hand so i can still fight close range.

Bankai ability one - ryu taiho(dragon cannon) fires blasts of energy from each head(similair to hikotsu taiho)

Bankai ability two - ryu jigoku no hi(dragon hell fire) dives to the ground and upon impact dives underground. the nine heads shoot up around the opponent and blast them with intense blue fire.

Bankai final ability - doragon ryusei(dragon meteor) hydra/dragon envelops it self with imensely thick and hot flames, then flys high up into the air, then comes crashing down onto the opponent. a last ditch move that destroys the bankai state and makes it unusable for half a week.
Ryuuikari commented…
This zanpakuto seems overpowered but toi aren't really specific with just how powerful each technique, and your blade overall, is. Assuming your zanpakuto is elemental-type, would Akuma no Muchi be as powerful as a zanpakuto like Ryujin Jakka ou Hyorinmaru ou would it's power depend entirely on the person wielding it ? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Lucky_dragon232 said…
Here's another Zanpakutō that I thought of for people to peruse and comment on as they desire. I made it for use by a vice-captain class character if it was to ever be used in a roleplay.

Yōyū Yuri (溶融百合) (Melting Lily)
Elemental Zanpakutō
A katana whose hiltguard is formed to look like a lily’s petals that are drooping, possibly melting and its hilt has a tassel made from sickly green threads
Shikai: Acid Test (流れ込む, 溶融百合) (Nagarekomu, Yōyū Yuri) (Flow, Melting Lily)
Yōyū Yuri begins to generate acid along the edge of its blade, controlling it so as not to harm Hinata
Bankai: Yuri no Kaika (卍解: 百合の開花) (Final Release: Flowering Lily)
Hinata drops Yōyū Yuri to the ground as it turns into pure acid around her, swirling around her protectively
Yōyū Yuri’s Techniques
Yōyūkiba (溶融牙) (Melting Fang)
Yōyū Yuri lets loose an arc of acid, allowing it to fly towards a chosen target. The arc can eat through most substances given enough time (a couple minutes to hours dependant upon the material. E.G. Platinum would take closer to hours whereas a small tree might take a few seconds) and is several times more potent when used in Bankai
Ekitai Hanabira (液体花びら) (Liquid Petals)
Yōyū Yuri can fire off several blasts of acid in the form of petals at a target; these blasts can melt through most substances (half the potency of Yōyūkiba) and are very difficult to remove. When used in Bankai, Yuri no Kaika fires off hundreds of blasts in a single attack
Kaisoku (快速) (Celerity)
(Automatic): While using Yōyū Yuri in Shikai, Hinata can move extremely quickly often moving several thousands of meters in a single second
Sokuseki Binsoku (即席敏速) (Instant Agility)
(Bankai Only, Automatic): While using Yuri no Kaika, Hinata’s reflexes become so fast that most enemies cannot strike her as their attacks miss without any hope of striking. Sokuseki Binsoku can be neutralized by either surrounding Hinata from all sides or by attacking from a blind spot
Akuryō no Tate (悪霊の盾) (Shield of Demons)
(Bankai Only, Automatic): As soon as Yuri no Kaika enters Bankai, it surrounds Hinata and protects her from harm by melting anything that comes near her that she cannot dodge
Sōdai Shōmetsu (壮大消滅) (Magnificent Annihilation)
(Bankai Only): While it takes a long time to set up for, around two to three hours (based on the amount of concentration that Hinata puts into its use), Sōdai Shōmetsu is Yuri no Kaika’s finishing move, surrounding its target with pure acid, then rising up to engulf them in such quantities of acid that they are melted into being a part of the Zanpakutō itself.
il y a plus d’un an imawesome3 said…
Zanpaktou-doragon o henku (changing dragon)
release command-change(lost the release command when first changed to shikai)
Bankai- Burakku kōi doragon(black changing dragon)
Has two other forms but not allowed to say

Shikai ability 1-can change to any shikai in the whole bleach universe and use their abilities
Shikai ability 2- getsuga renshou (my own one gold coloured)
Shikai ability3- doragon senpu (makes a huge whirlwind with a dragon like body)

Bankai ability-doragonzu hakai(makes a huge black explosion that eats hearts and flesh to fill a black filter in the tsuba)
Bankai ability 2-doragonzu shi(once it is full will release a horde of fire and dragons on the opponent(never use more than once on a single day causes a lot of strain into the body and blood system

Appearence- pale with a sorta muscular build has blonde hair. 2nd seat in 1st division and 4 seat in the 4 division. Everybody thinks im weak, but everybody in my squads fears for my anger and power. Wishes to fight ichigo in a match. Has a 2nd zanpaktou but keeps hidden
Ryuuikari commented…
Overpowered and unoriginal. Also toi didn't bother to mention what your zanpakuto looks like... smh. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
I agree with Ryuu. This Zanpakuto is boring, unoriginal and somewhat overpowered... Plus, Ryuu was right, toi didn't bother to mention what your Zanpakuto looks like, yet toi described your character...? This is the Make Your Own 'ZANPAKUTO' forum... Not the Describe Your Character Too forum il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an blackpanther666 said…
Name: Bushi Katagi ('Samurai Spirit')

Release Command: Penetrate (Kantsuu)

Bankai Name: Bushikatagi Za No Gekido ('Rage of the Samurai Spirit')

Normal appearance is of a simple katana, with a black handle, golden guard that has three sides, like a scalene triangle and a blade with a length of about 1.15 meters.

Shikai Appearance: When Shikai is released, the original katana disappears completely, replaced by a longer katana (1.25 meters), with the same general attributes as before, except that the blade is black, with a red line travelling down the middle and a serrated sharp edge. Two other blades also appear, a nodachi, that is approximately 1.4 meters long, with a silver/chromed blade, a silver triangular (isoceles) guard and a black and blue handle, with a short chain hanging from the end, which is silver, like the blade. The final blade is a wakizashi, that is approximately 75 centimeters long and has a silver blade, with a black and red handle, with a guard that is golden and also has three sides like the rest, but is in the shape of an equilateral triangle.

Demon Rage: The katana is known as Akuma Mouretsu, or Demon Rage. This blade is cursed and brings bad luck upon that one wields it, as well as those that come into contact with it. Touching this blade causes the wielder to lose sync with the Shikai, five minutes after the blade has been touched. It will also leave a mark in the spot where the wielder touched the blade, for five days. For those five days, the wielder will experience bad dreams, as well as minor aches and pains. If the opponent is cut by this blade, their blood turns black and will remain so for five days. For those five days, they will experience aches and pains, sometimes to the point where they may be screaming in agony. This blade is relatively unuseful in a battle and generally is only used for Two Sword Style: Double Quick Draw, or any powerful attacks affiliated with this style. Because this sword has the highest reiatsu of the three components of the Shikai, it is the best to add to a powerful attack.

Cutting Magma: The nodachi is called Maguma Katto, or Cutting Magma. This blade is incorporated with the substance of magma and gives off large amounts of heat, particularly when the wielder is using more of their reiatsu - This blade works in conjunction with the wielder, the higher their reiatsu level is, the more heat is given off. This can give off heat from anywhere around 600 degrees Celsius, to around 50,000 degrees. It has the second largest reiatsu of the three blades making up the Shikai. This blade is also very effective for defense, as it can completely block attacks, as the magma creates a mini-shield, if the user wills it and supplies enough reiatsu. This actually caused by the reiatsu disrupting the equilibrium of the magma and causing it spill out of the sword and create a mini-shield, as it is being super-cooled by the cooler air around it.

Black Snake: The wakizashi is called Karasuhebi, or Black Snake. This blade has the lowest reiatsu of the three blades, but can inflict a terrible bite to the opponent. Because of the venom in the blade, this can cause the opponent's skin to melt away at a slow rate, while causing them terrible pain. The effectiveness of this poison also depends on the strength of the user's reiatsu - the higher they raise it, the more damage will be done by this blade. The venom from this can only kill if the opponent is much weaker than the wielder of this Zanpakuto. For example, if the wielder was Captain-class, this blade would probably kill an unseated Shinigami, or majorly wound a Seated officer to around 5th Seat.

Bankai Appearance: No change to appearance.

Bankai ability: Bankai ability incorporates the several styles that this Zanpakuto is good with, utilising a quickdraw style, whether it is one or two blades being used. The Bankai also increases the the spirit of the wielder, allowing their reiatsu more potency, their speed is doubled and their stamina and willpower is also affected. The three blades stay the same in Bankai, retaining each of their unique and individual attributes. The styles are:

Ittoryuu (Single Sword Style): Quickdraw technique, where any of the three blades can be used, and the speed of this technique is terrifying, taking a split second to draw, cut and resheath the blade.

Niitoryuu (Double Sword Style): Double Quickdraw technique for two of the blades, where either can be used. The speed of this technique is the same as with the Single Sword Style.

Final Attack, The Three Blades Unite: This is the final and most powerful attack, where the reiatsu from all three blades is combined. The magma, poison and curse all form one massive physical based attack, but also retains enough reiatsu to cause damage too, one that forms the shape of a katana's blade and is fired a half the rate of a Quickdraw technique, taking mere seconds to fire the attack. This also requires plenty of stamina from the wielder, as well as a good chunk of their spiritual energy. This attack can only be used twice each time Bankai is entered and, if the wielder has too little reiatsu in Bankai and tries to use this attack, they will lose their spirit energy and fall unconscious from the shock of trying to use such a powerful without the right amount of reiatsu.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Finally a proper zanpakuto ! Powerful but not overpowered, original and detailed to give a clear picture. Need I say plus ? il y a plus d’un an
whiteflame55 commented…
Always a pleasure to read yours, BP. Looks great. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
Yeah, I know what toi mean. I've had a hard time écriture anything other than fan-fictions lately and I still haven't quite decided what magic to do on that forum on animé Creators. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Unknown_Count said…
Zanpakuto Name: Kuroenmu ("Blackmist")

Release Command: "Bestow upon my soul, Kuroenmu"

Sealed Appearance: Unlike other standard zanpakuto it appears as a longsword, with a silver guard and a black handle handle. Its sheath appears to be a glacial pedestal that is hidden in a shrine, located somewhere in Soul Society, high in the mountains.

Released Description: Unlike all the other zanpakutos, this one does not have shikai or bankai, its immense powers can be claimed once lifted from its glacial pedestal, thus it does not belong to anyone and then again it belongs to everyone who claims it. Upon claiming the sword and releasing it via command a pair of white energy, angel look-a-like wings appear on user's back, zanpakuto form will remain the same but appear to be made out of same white energy as the wings. The user will be also granted with a cloak, that will also appear as a white energy.

Zanpakuto Abilities:

Beginning - Kuroenmu gifts the user of this zanpakuto with godlike physical attributes. To be exact, user of this zanpakuto will be able to outmatch everyone in speed or power although these power measures are constant and cannot be evolved further. This granted power is comparable with Kurosaki Ichigo's, Vasto Lorde-alike transformation although not so vile and rather controllable.

Culmination - The second phase of this zanpakuto vast abilities are based off reiatsu attacks. Kuroenmu absorbs every physical attribute it gave away during the first phase and replaces it to reiatsu boost. During this phase, user's kido power is far beyond everyone else, it would be known as "God Kido", he would be also able to launch energy based attacks which are similar to kido but random in forms.

Ending - The finale of Kuroenmu's vast powers, during this phase Kuroenmu takes all granted attributes away and replaces them with ability to resurrect and heal those who have fallen in battle, including the user himself. If user was to die before reaching this phase, it would trigger itself before or during Culmination. Upon utilizing this phase, Kuroenmu will vanish and return to its sealed state.

Gift Of Truesight - This ability appears to be constant since the release of zanpakuto, it grants user the ability to see trough illusions or any visual distractions that may distrub user's sight. It also grants reflexes that beyond of anyone else.

Special Description: Just like all other zanpakuto releases, this one does not last forever although it does last long for about a week. It will seal itself after being forced to use "Ending" phase, after what it will place itself back into its glacial pedestal, where it will rest for another one hundred years before being used again.

A quote of one of my soul reaper i used during a roleplay, who was explaining to some human friends about his past, "I found this strange sword, it kept whispering me to come. I took it out of its glacial pedestal and became the strongest soul reaper, for a week...."
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blackpanther666 commented…
This is actually an interesting design for a blade... Particularly the idea of it being a Zanpakuto that never belongs to one person, but many. It is very powerful, maybe even a little too much so, but it would work for the way toi have designed it. il y a plus d’un an
Unknown_Count commented…
Based off excalibur and some other stuff i've seen, this one is still far away from being completed, but thanks for reply ^_^ il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
^ No problem. It's nice to see some new, refreshing ideas here! XD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Ryuuikari said…
Name: Ryūsei Hayabusa (Meteor Falcon)
Sealed appearance: It resembles a regular katana but it also has a small metal ball connected to the base of the hilt by a 16cm metal chain. It has a reddish brown hilt-wrapping and sheathe.
Release command: First the wielder whirls Ryūsei Hayabusa by its chain connected metal ball and then releases by the command “Smash it away

Shikai appearance: Ryūsei Hayabusa now resembles a meteor hammer crossed with rope dart. The hammer is a black metal ball the size of a regular football (soccer ball) and is connected by seven metres of black metal chain to the dart, which is golden and has an extremely sharp tip. There is thick red tassel where the chain attaches to the hammer and dart.

Shikai special abilities: Ryūsei Hayabusa is used mainly for mid-to-long ranged melee combat by functioning as either a meteor hammer or a rope dart, or both simultaneously. The hammer is used for bludgeoning, crushing damage and the dart for pinpoint impaling, stabbing damage. The hammer is quite heavy but to the wielder it is effortless to carry and hurl. The metal chain can be extended very far by the wielder’s force of will.

Shikai technique:
Sensui Hayabusa (Diving Falcon): A technique that triples (quintuples in bankai) the momentum of the hammer/dart after being thrown. A falcon-shaped aura surrounds the hammer/dart while this technique is active. It can be used in both shikai and bankai and can be used in conjunction with other techniques.

Bankai name: Ginga Hayabusa (Galactic Falcon)
Bankai release: The wielder wraps the metal chain around their body and holds each chain end in each hand; then they initiate bankai
Bankai appearance: Ginga Hayabusa now takes the form of a double-headed meteor hammer. The black metal hammers at each end of the ten metre long black chain now heavily resemble oversized spiked balls with one spike (directly opposite where the chain is attached to the hammer) being larger than the others and resembling the dart in its shikai form. There is a tassel where the chain attaches to each hammer; one hammer has a crimson tassel while the other has a light blue tassel. (see below for the image, which Kevy kindly sketched)

Bankai special abilities: Like in shikai Ginga Hayabusa is used mainly in mid-to-long ranged melee combat and is best used for breaking down sturdy defences by utilizing its heavy weight and the high momentum it can produce. Also when the wielder charges spiritual energy into Ginga Hayabusa, the spikes on the hammers become volatile, causing them to release the pent-up energy explosively on striking contact with a surface. Like in shikai the metal chain can be extended very far by the wielder’s force of will.

Bankai techniques:
Moeru Ryūseigun (Blazing Meteor Shower): Ginga Hayabusa absorbs some of the wielder’s spiritual energy and focuses it into the hammer with the crimson tassel, causing the hammer to set ablaze with intense fire; the wielder then violently hurls it at a target. The blazing hammer releases the pent-up flaming energy on striking contact along with an explosive burst of intense fire and heat.

Hyōketsu Ryūseigun (Freezing Meteor Shower): Ginga Hayabusa absorbs some of the wielder’s spiritual energy and focuses it into the hammer with the light blue tassel, causing the hammer to become infused with cold energy and surrounded by sub-zero vapour; the wielder then violently hurls it at a target. The icy hammer releases the pent-up freezing energy on striking contact along with an explosive burst of intense frozen vapour and cold.
 Name: Ryūsei Hayabusa ([i]Meteor Falcon[/i]) Sealed appearance: It resembles a regular katana but i
OdinsSong commented…
Cool zanpakuto! I like how toi can increase the velocity of it to keep the enemy from timing their dodge. il y a plus d’un an
blackpanther666 commented…
This is a really interesting idea! I'm glad to see that people are posting interesting Zanpakutous again. Great job, Ryuu! il y a plus d’un an
topgun342 commented…
awesome zanapkuto if toi fight me with it I can just copy it with any form of hissori maindo. So watch out of toi want to fight my zanpakuto il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an OdinsSong said…
Ok, I've got a rough idea for a character, and I'm going to try to make it up as I go along.

Character- Ryu

Zanpakuto- Kōun (Good Fortune)

Sealed form- a double edged tanto, about a foot long, with a white hilt that has a violet rope coiled around it. The rope extends another two inches beyond the base of the hilt, ending at a silver, ornate ring with a pattern of interwoven chains on it. The radius of the ring is just long enough to fit a finger into it. There is no guard, instead the hilt tapers into a point about an inch up the length of the blade itself.

Shikai release- The index finger of the sword hand is slid through the ring, with the blade held in the off hand. The rope between the ring and sword is pulled tight, while saying the release command, "Guide my hand". The rope extends and morphs into a silver chain, about four feet long initially, while the ring changes into a white kunai attached to the chain. The tanto in the off hand remains unchanged, and is used largely to block and stab when very close. For the most part, though, it is a mid to long ranged kido type zanpakuto.

Ability 1- The chain can extend and collapse to spin the kunai on the chain and then hurl it at the enemy as either an attack, or to wrap around the opponent.

Ability 2- Unmei no pasu (passive)- Kōun's real power is probability manipulation. It sees the most beneficial path for its wielder to take, and passively guides him along it, making him more likely to dodge an attack he didn't see coming, or to disrupt an opponent at an opportune moment, such as knocking them off balance with an attack just as they're casting a kido spell, causing it to miss.

Ability 3- Unmei no pasu (active)- Ryu can actively initiate Unmei no pasu to momentarily freeze time (including himself). So he can't move or attack, but he can observe the battlefield, and see the chains of destiny, much like spirit ribbons, floating in the air, but with an appearance more like chains of fate. He can then tell the outcomes of various potential paths, going forward about five minutes in time. When the ability is released, time continues as if nothing had happened, but Ryu has new knowledge about potential futures. It's not a great ability to activate in battle, though, as Ryu is still inexperienced with it, and it disrupts the flow of battle for him.

Bankai (Not achieved)- Kōun no henka (Change of luck)

Ryu has not learned his bankai yet, but when/if he does, Kōun's fortune bringing properties will extend across the battlefield, bringing good fortune to his allies by forcing them into paths with beneficial outcomes, while also brining terrible luck to his and his friend's opponents.

Manifestation- unlike most male shinigami, Ryu's zanpakuto is female. She is a slender, blind woman in a white kimono with silver chain patterning woven into it. Her eyes have no pupils or irisis, but she has a pretty face, pail skin and long, flowing violet hair. In her right hand she caries a long eitherial chain that splits into several more chains at the end.

Ryu- He's a very young shinigami, having joined the Gotei 13 shortly after Ichigo's first excursion into the Seireitei. He immediately won the fifth seat of the 13th division. He has a deep respect for Ukitake, but his real idol is Kyōraku who he sees as the ultimate ladies man. He's even read the Captain's book three times, and has an autographed copy. Ryu himself is terrible with women. Despite being a handsome man, he has trouble thinking of what to say around them, so his attempts at flattery are often terribly worded, and occasionally downright confusing.

Ryu is very good natured, and well liked. Even amongst the ladies he tries (poorly) to hit on. Once a week he organizes a drinking party with all of his friends, and makes it a point to introduce himself to and invite a new person every week. He never drinks more than that one time per week, though, because he tends to pass out after just a few drinks, and is left with a crippling hangover in the morning. He's an avid gambler, who makes prop bets constantly, and loves games of chance. Despite the fact that he always loses. In fact, his luck is actually quite terrible. If he were to make a joke about a lieutenant, without fail, it would be just as that lieutenant walks up behind him. Byakuya scares the crap out of him, but other than that, there's nobody he won't at least try to talk to. He has even hit on Suì-Fēng on several occasions. Fortunately for him, she has never realized he was hitting on her.

Well, that's all I've got for now. If you made it to this sentence, then thanks for reading this way too long post.
Unknown_Count commented…
Very cool idea of zanpakuto and character, like it very much. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an mrchrisb914 said…
i was almost done with typing mine and my computer crashed so i lost it and couldnt remember any of it sadly :( also i cant come up with any good ideas cuz the only zanpakuto id want to have is zangetsu
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il y a plus d’un an SodenoZangetsu said…
Tenjin (Heavenly Blade)
Sealed Form – Regular Katana
Release Comand – Slice!

A very long blade, 34” in length with a trapezoidal bend in the blade (see picture). Full length is 44”

/ |
| |
\ \
| |
| |
/ /
| |
| |

Ability 1 – Blade of Light (Hikari no ha)
The user swings the blade down from a 90 degree angle to a 180 degree angle. When this has been done, a shot of light now comes out of the tip of the blade, which has a good amount of destructive capability. The effect is similar to an arrow.

Bankai Ability/ies

Hikari no Tenjin (Heavenly Blade of Light)

Ability 2: Anger of the Soul (Tamashi no Ikari)
This is an interesting ability. The users anger towards the individual he/she is facing increases their reiatsu. When this ability is active, the user can now control their anger and amplify any other ability that the Zanpakuto can use. This is limited to double the strength.

Ability 3 - Heaven’s Judgment (Ten’nosobaki)
The bend in the blade has its use, as it’s not just for show. The tip of the katana, can reform its self into a now somewhat circular shape, and is now used to grab a hold of another blade and draw it in to the user. This allows the user to strike a final blow if needed. As the name suggests, it’s like delivering a judgmental blow to atone for ones sins.
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blackpanther666 commented…
Interesting. I like this, though I think it could use a little plus work. It seems like a few plus explanations would be handy, anyway. Still, an interesting light-based Zanpakuto. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an topgun342 said…
My zanpakuto is very unique
it is unlike any other in the fact it has three shikai release commands and two some what different names.

unreleased zanpakuto description: it is just a handle and guard with no blade at all and a small knife attached to a ten meter chain hidden in sleeve.
(knife is only needed for some releases.)

release commands: speak, sync, and reverse

zanpakuto names silent tongue
hissori kouzetsu
silent mind
hissori maindo
depending on which release command and name combination gives a different form but all have similar abilities. i can also use other forms without using name but i must think of the form i want to use or say the release command at least.

speak hissori koutzetsu abilities:

send out echoing sonic waves pushing enemies back and repelling all attacks

copy abilities of enemy zanpakuto abilities but not appearance (repeat motion and and release command)
(can not copy bankai)

sync hissori maindo abilities:

can use any zanpakuto abilities imagined or seen with in certain restrictions. recite command in order to use ability
predict enemies next attack

reverse hisori koutzetsu abilities:

can force zanpakuto to go backwards in release and seal for short duration. Ex. Bankai -> shikai
only goes back one stage.

can copy zanpakuto abilities

reverse control of enemy zanpakuto for short duration.

Bankai hissori ningen
silent being

description: appears back in sheath but is fused with my blood and thinly covers my skin though i still look like myself because the metal covering my skin is thin liquid metal.

allows me to disguise myself as anyone. (liquid metal)
and has abilities of all shikai and form extra limbs
since it is fused with my blood i can use liquid metal to shoot small objects and create pillars where ever my blood is. my bloods is silver.

My character is also a secret vizard but i always wear my mask with a large bandana with a metal shard over my right eye and covers most of my mask on the right side, this is because i can manipulate the matking on my mask in order to diguise myself but can not alter the mask itself. Only reason no soul reaper ever found out is because i entered the soul society with it on. I always hold back on my speed and over whelming power to better hide my vizard side. I am only a third seat member of squad six. My captain is close to finding out my true identity but i stump him along the way.every now an again. He still is ever so close to finding out though it is close to becoming inevitable. My nick name is the man of a thousand zanpakutos. Also I don't have a name but everyone calls me Sil because I don't talk so much. Also I am very secretive in fact no one know the my real zanpakuto's name but only variations of my zanpakuto. The reason I earned my nickname is because I always used different zanpakutos I spent an extra few years in the academy. I figured out how to use bankai in the free time I had at the academy. Once I achieved bankai in my original zanpakuto I unlocked bankai in any of my zanpakutos i use or used. I unlocked my original zanpakuto because i would sneak out at night into the forest and work on using and unlocking bankai original zanpakuto.

i got this idea from a fellow fanpop memeber thank you very much man.


capability to fight with shikai or unreleased zanpakuto.
This is a bit of a bad picture but it is what hissori ... (rest of name) looks like
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 My zanpakuto is very unique it is unlike any other in the fact it has three shikai release commands