Betty Boop Helen kane the original Boop Boop a doop gir;

BoopBoopadoop posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 02:51AM
Betty boop was originally meant as a carticure of helen kane but ended up becoming more populer, grim natwick used a photograph of helen kane & then created betty boop in dizzy dishes 1930

Betty Boop did become alot slimmer when she became human but she never lost helen kanes hairstyle, singing style, Booping, & rosebud shaped face

out of the total songs that helen kane had sang betty boop had sang four

helen kanes lawsuit against betty boop lost becuse little known african american singer baby esther had booped before helen kane & baby esthers manager stated that helen kane was their at the cotton club on the night where baby esther preformed

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