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posted by bwevin
This couple is extremely cute and everyone knows that it'll happen (well pretty much). Due to the romance I think it makes the montrer so much better. The romance is cute and fluffy and makes me want to view plus of Ben 10 alien force. It adds another genre to the whole thing so plus viewers can enjoy it, unlike in Ben 10. I keep watching over and over again Kevin and Gwen moments. It's so exciting ^^ I know this montrer is mostly adventure but still, I think the writers of this montrer made the right choice of having Kevin become a good guy and fall in l’amour with Gwen.

I know I'm obsessing and I apologize for it, but it's just so sweet:) Everytime I seen a Bwevin moment, I just get so excited that I just got to see it again.

Anyway, that's a little rant, sorry about that ^^'
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Its not made par me, but its about Ben and Kevin wanting to fix thier mistakes to get back with Gwen and Julie.
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Bored of your own mouth? Now toi can go hero with the brand new link. Use the special touch-screen Omnitrix to choose one of 8 different characters, place the iPhone over your mouth and start to speak (or roar!) and the microphone picks up your voice and the mouth will animate!

PLEASE NOTE: Ben 10 MouthOff is designed for the iPhone. It also works with 2nd generation iPod Touch but toi MUST have headphones with a built in microphone. Ben 10 MouthOff will NOT work at all with 1st generation iPod Touch.

Click on this link to download the app but make sure toi get your parents permission.
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