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posted by Lord-Voldemort
BellaTheNutcase said:
Actually, hre it says toi ARE a fan of be, but thats beside the point.

I came here to talk to toi peafully and everything.

So, first, what do toi think should happen??

lol, im not sure how to start a conversation w/ toi guys but anyways yah we should talk.

you guys seem pretty pissed at me for some reason, so yeah why i guess?

Lord-Voldemort: We're pissed because toi speak of inappriate, unrelated things and you're rude to EVERYONE on the Bella Lestrange Spot. We've asked toi countless times to stop and toi NEVER listen. I've approached toi many times asking toi to chose...
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posted by slytherin360
1. Refer to other people as "filty mudbloods"

2. Throw away your comb, toi won't need it.

3. Practice making your laugh as insane as possible

4. Be prepared to spend your life in Azkaban

5. Get a dark mark tatooed on your arm

6. Constantly explain to people theories about why toi think that Voldemort is actually not dead

7. Actually go searching for Voldemort

8. Scream Crucio at numerous muggles and demand information on the whereabouts of voldemort

9. Constantly change the conversation topic to voldemort

10. Insist that people call toi "Bella"

11. Stay out of the sun. The paler your skin is, the better...
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