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This Avatar, La Légende de Korra fan-art contains vitrail. There might also be fente, un bandit armé, slot, un bandit manchot, anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Ok before I say my reason to why I hate Asami. This is my own opinion. This way be hurtful to Asami fans but I'm not saying it to attack Asami fans. I'm typing this because I read a commentaire that pumpkinqueen a dit I only hate Asami for her looks. And that is not true. I have many reasons why I don't like her.

When Asami had first came on in ep 4. When she was riding on her motor thing. I thought she was one of the evil characters. But than she wasn't. But when she started to talk to Mako and rendez-vous amoureux, date him. I was all angry. I always been a fan of Korra and Mako together. But that's not the only reason...
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So quite a few people here seemed to hate season 4 episode 8. Whilst I agree that it wasn't the best, Bryke gave us a pretty good reason for that on their offical tumblr;

In a couple hours the eighth chapter of Korra Book 4 will be released online, and I suppose, if toi are none the wiser, a few minutes into it toi will feel duped and yell at your screen, “Hey! This is a crummy clips episode!” And that is (almost) exactly what it is––except we all worked really hard to make sure at the very least it isn’t crummy. I’m here to explain why we ended up having to do one. Sometime around...
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