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Republic city

Mako and Bolin saw Korra giving people their bending back from a distance.

"I can't believe so many people got their bending taken away from Amon",Mako a dit to Bolin while looking at his girlfriend as people bowed and thanked her.

"yeah, what I can't believe is that korra is giving all their bending back",Bolin said."

"Finally she's done",Mako a dit as he and Bolin walked to her.

"Ready to go?",Korra a dit happy that its all over.

"Yes",Mako and Bolin a dit at the same time ready to go to air temple island.

"Did toi almost forget about me,avatar",a person behind them said.

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Another anon tumblr prompt; Ming Hua sees a new mother with a baby and does some reflecting. It was a fun prompt to work with.

Ming Hua was never really the motherly type. To be honest she didn’t really even want a kind. But somehow, she found that every time she saw a mother carrying a squirming infant, that a knot would from in her throat.

It simply just wasn’t fair.

She’d never have that.

Sure, she could always carry a newborn of her own using her liquid arms. But that just wasn’t the same, she’d never actually feel the smoothness of the baby’s soft skin. ou the warmth of its...
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The suivant morning, Korra spent her time with Pema and cleaning the house while her Friends went into city. Korra didn't even acknowledge Mako at breakfast. Mako left with a guilty look on his face. Not only has he been lying to his girlfriend about his feelings for Korra and the kiss, he's been causing Korra pain and now has pushed her away. He just didn't know what to do. He fell for both girls. Each is special in their own way. Either one he chose he wouldn't be happy because there would be someone getting hurt, and Mako didn't want that.

Korra still has that stone look on her face. Pema has...
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Well, why do people hate Korra I just don't understand it. This is a site about Avatar: Legend of Korra fans, not some people that say bad words about her. I l’amour Korra and there are a lot of fans that l’amour her too. Why do people say bad words about her here.Don't say bad words about it just stop watching it.If toi don't like it don't watch it.And some say that the characters aren't developed good.If I don't like something I would say that the characters aren't developed. Just give me a reason to hate her.
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