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5. Opal

To be honest I'm not a huge Opal fan however I don think she's a pretty girl. She's only at 5 though because I think she's plus cute than pretty. I think her eyes are really pretty, a nice shade of green. And I l’amour her hair, I like short hair.

4. Eska

Much like I a dit in my haut, retour au début 5 prettiest Avatar girls; I have a thing for the darker plus gothique look. I l’amour Eska's eyes, they are a very pretty shade of blue. I also l’amour her blue makeup, blue is a great color. :3 Believe it ou not I actually do really like how her makeup is styled in the above image, even though it's the product...
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Vocals and Lyrics par Adriana Figueroa (Youtube username: Adrisaurus) piano par pianomusiclovr. Enjoy ;)
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They had found Korra. She was on Naga. Tenzin and Lin wanted to talk to her how she got away but Mako stop them.

"Give her some space!" Mako called out as he picked Korra up.

"I was so worried. Are toi alright?" Mako asked with a very worried look on his face.

"I'm fine. I'm glad your here" Korra a dit with a smile. Mako also smiled. Mako put her on Oggi.

"Your save now" Mako a dit as he brush her face with one of his hands. Meanwhile Korra was in her bedroom sleeping. She didn't look too good. She had some scraches on her body. Mako was in her bedroom. He sat in a chair suivant to her. He hold...
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