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 Art par firedragon2009
Art by firedragon2009
Kataang ou Zutara, we’re all here because we like one ou another. I myself, am on the Kataang side. So I decided to share why in one neat little article. Some parts are taken from my other article.

Why I Like Kataang

First and foremost, I like goofy, light hearted romance plus than I do a serious and mature one. I like things that will make me laugh, something that isn’t full of angst and melancholy. Aang and Katara have plus of a cute and fun relationship. Don’t get me wrong Kataang has it’s mature moments; such as the moments mentioned in the paragraph below. I don’t think a ship...
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So as a multi-shipper who ships my favori character with pretty much everyone I felt like typing up a thing about it. This is not in any particular order (I didn't order it favori to least favori nor the reverse). That said;


I can actually get on bored with this one. I sort of have this zanhar's rules of shipping and one of those things are; if they're Friends it's shippable. This one is in fact less of a crack ship to me. Like I can actually take it seriously. I can't exactly explain why though. I think it's centered around the whole betray thing--fics where the two of them work...
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posted by zanhar1
First and foremost, I am not par any means a professional (I think that's a donné though) this is simply my sort of speculation and opinion as to what she'd be diagnosed with based on what knowledge I have of psychology. A lot of the following citations and information will be pulled from my abnormal psyc textbook and will be cited in MLA format (because I'm a dork like that and I'm used to it).


There are actually a few disorders I could see her having some less so than others. But above all I would diagnose her with schizophrenia...above all the paranoid type. "People with paranoid...
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Okay, a lot of people make these, so I thought I would make one. TLOK WILL be included. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, some respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article!

5. June
I think June is absolutely gorgeous. I think her hair is definitely her most gorgeous feature, it's absolutely flawless, in my opinion. Although, I wish she would wear it completely down, instead of having part of her hair up. She has lips, which I like. Few Avatar and TLOK characters have lips, and I really wish that plus of them did, but of course, that's what makes the people...
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