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Well first of all i have nothing over Kataang! And actually it was obvious from the beginning that Aang was going to end with katara but,lemme just say what i think about that!

1-Zuko & Katara has a lot of thing in common like they both Lost their mother..

2-If toi watched The Crossroads Of Destiny..Zuko allowed Katara to touch his scar and she's the first person in the entire series to touch it but,when anybody touched his scar he refused including Mai (who's actually Zuko's current girlfriend) Song & Jin....

3-In season 3 when Zuko first joined Team Avatar he didn't really care for...
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The Avatar Returns: When Aang first comes out of the water in the Avatar state, the Arrow on his head is not glowing.

The King of Omashu: When Bumi throws the meat at Aang and Aang catches it using his airbending, there appears to be a piece of meat on his plate. But when he stops airbending the meat, it lands on an empty plate.

The jour of Black Sun Part 2: When Azula taunts Sokka to the point that he ran towards her, Toph pinned her left hand to the mur at her left side, however when suivant seen she has both hands pinned to the mur above her head.

The jour of Black Sun Part 1: It is interesting...
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On your rendez-vous amoureux, date of birth. toi have a étoile, star Sign, Birthstone, Compatiable Sign and Flower. But did toi know toi also have an Element. I'll help toi find your Element.

Aries (Birthday between March 21-April 20)
Saggittarus (Birthday between November 23-December 21)(That's Me!)
Leo (Birthday between June 24-August 23)

Scorpio (Birthday between October 24-November 22)
Cancer (Birthday between June 22-July 23)
Pisces (Birthday between February 20-Mar 20)

Taurus (Birthday between April 21-May 21)
Capricorn (Birthday between December 22-January 20)
Virgo (Birthday between August 24-September 23)

Libra (Birthday between September 24-October 23)
Gemini (Birthday between May 22-Jun21)
Aquaris (Birthday between January 21-February 19)

Hope toi satisfied on the Element toi are
First of all, I'd like to warn anyone who doesn't like Kataang to kindly leave. Second, I would like to announce that I'M BACK, and I'll be coming back on a regular basis. So, enjoy my first story since a an an a half ago:

Aang sat on his bed, trying to read under the dim light of a single candle. He couldn’t. Not because of the dim light, but because he couldn’t stop thinking about Katara and the Kiss he and she shared on the balcony of Iroh’s teashop earlier that evening. Eventually, he got frustrated and put his scroll down. He sat there, letting his mind take him away.

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