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posted by sicelyarien
Ok I hope its good. This is going to be a bit different. Im not going to be like, they are just k with their feelings, their is going to be confusion, and tears and its not just going to be all focused on sexual activities(but their be some hee hee *drools* oh sorry). And if toi dont like yaoi u dont have to read it.

Narutos pov:( I-im alive? than that means he is dead, my best freind has bin killed par my hand. Their is no way we both have mad it threw, i killed him) I open my eyes to the bright room of the hospital. I feel the soft sheets, and the bandages on my skin, I also feel these tears that begin their way down my face.
I hear the door open, quickly i wipe my face and turn my head to see who has enterd. It is sakura she seems happy to see me, youd think since i killed Sasuke she would be angry. She walks quickly to my side. "Naruto your awake, how do toi feel?" I grab her wrist " Sasuke he's-" "sleeping right now." (she a dit he's sleeping?!?)
She leavs the room he is alive, and i am happy but yet i am terrified i find a kunai and hide it under the sheets because we both are alive and for this reason I am scared.

Why do we fear death, but also fear things in life?

Sasukes pov: (im in the kohona hospital? that must mean I killed Naruto..... I truly wanted him to kill me i know could never kill him but i guess I did, i mustn't worrie, I know they are just keeping me here until they have time to kill me, atleast i will see Naruto again no i will go to hell and Naruto wont be their)
I hear the hospital dorr open and see sakura walk in, (oh saukura toi have grown but for some reason even thoe toi have michured I stil am not attracted to toi but i am sorry) She walks over to my bad slowly and sets a tray of nourriture on the table, she takes a veiw steps back "well it looks like your awake to, Naruto just woke up a veiw minutes ago. (he's Alive) this news so sudden i couldnt keep it inside, the first time in years i begin to cry. The tears roll down my face and my body begins to shake, i cover my face so sakura would not see but she does. "Sasuke are toi alright!" her voice nervous "thank God he's alive"
"yes..hes just fine" she leavs the room and i start to sob. (how will he ever forgive me.)

Why do humans only really want somthing when they think they cant have it.

Narutos pov: Its bin a week and Sasuke hasnt killed me, that means he dosent want to......(i want to see him) I get out of lit and hold the lit side table, tableau the rooms spins because of the drugs to kill the pain. I slowly walk to the door and exit the room. when the world stops spinning i run down, i had heard the nurses say he was in room c26.....i stoped i turned my head to the left their it is sasukes room.
I opend the door-
Sasukes lies on the lit and i can see tears run dowm his face he sees me and quickly gets out of lit wiping is face. We stand their both are face as if stone then somthing shocking accurs, Sasuke dropps to the ground shaking and sobbing. "Naruto i-i-I am soooo sorryI know toi can never forgive me but i am soo sorry" I sink to my knees and pull his hands away from his face he looks at me and i cant stand it any plus rapp my arms around his neck " no sasuke Im sorry i should of tried harder to make toi stay.

Ok i hop toi like it dont worrie if i right plus i promis it will get plus juicy
so should i write more?
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posted by GVentola
Note: Since this review of my favori animé series is so long, I decided to divisé, split it up.


Note: For those really special series, those I just had to have for myself, I will note that they are in my personal collection for multiple viewings, either bought par myself ou bought as gifts off of my amazone, amazon wish list. Most animé series I have seen on TV ou through Netflix rentals.

Spoilers may be present.

AD Police: This one I watched off an on demand channel on cable. It wasn’t the greatest of series, especially when I felt it had...
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posted by GVentola
QUICK animé REVIEWS—reviews in one ou two sentences

Cowboy Bebop: It goes out with a bang.

Death Note: That’s right, Matsuda, avenge L… I mean, all those countless people.

s-CRY-ed: Neither good nor evil shall prevail.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Hey, Dad, meet my new friend—your worst enemy.

Trigun: Is Wolfwood still dead?

Buso Renkin: Kazuki’s such a perfect guy—except for that porn habit I keep forgetting about.

Heat Guy J: par the end, everyone’s friends!

Weiss Kreuz: Angst here, get your angst here! Oh, and four cute guys.

GetBackers: Aw, they wuvs each other.

Full Metal Panic (various): C’mon, Kaname and Sousuke, get together! Stop teasing me!

Aria: Do not disturb these peaceful waters!

Samurai Champloo: Let the blood and laughter flow!

Chance Pop Session: Just how many people are related in this show?

Cyberteam in Akihabara: Pedophile panty shots and ginormous boobs.
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