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posted by tomhamm
 Kari poses for her fans!
Kari poses for her fans!
In her campaign for Animal rights Kari Charles taught animal abuser Alsu Ivanchenko a lesson. On her "catfight for a dog's life" Kari stood up to and confronted the horrible witch and taught her a thing ou two about cruelty and justice!

Way to go Kari!!!! So few are willing to gp so far to make a stand against such activity. Relentless on her arguments and petitions Alsu snapped at Kari provoking the catfight for a dog's life forum.

That was for a time a place where the two had some verbal catfights that could make anyone want to buy tickets to see them have at each other!

Alsu eventually dropped out of the forum and quit talking, likely due to legal advice. But with a two an sentence over her head she got off way to easy. Its a shame Kari did not have the chance to tear her apart.....yet any how! They may traverser, croix paths!

But I think its sûr, sans danger to say we have a winner!
posted by haha_price
Hello. I am Haley. And I for one am aginst animal abuse. People are hurting them when they did nothing wrong. Are toi aginst animal abuse too? I hope that toi are. The poor animaux cant say anything. And have toi seen the comercials for animal abuse? We humans are very cruel people. But not all of us are. If toi are a person who is aginst animal abuse and want to stop it just rejoindre this club, maybe we could all make a difference in what is ahppening. Maybe if we can get enough people to rejoindre this club we could get sponcers to help. Thankyou for lire this.
posted by tayfan13
once on a paper that was sent to my house had a dog on it with only 1 eye because the family were treating him so bad. It a dit that he had to get it removed because they were poking it in the eye. Isnt that horrible.:[ it a dit to help this dog donate some money. i donated like 20 bucks. i feel so bad for the puppy. i later found out that hes in a good home. isnt that horrible what they did. i feel so bad fo the puppy.:[ im glad we have this fan club cause i l’amour animals. also people r killing animaux for their fur. i think that this is wrong.
Why dos this have to happen...

toi hit me,
toi coup de poing me,
toi kick me,
toi lunge me.
Now I’m dead,
I’m passed,
I’m gone,
All because of you,
I didn’t live long,
I was still small,
Still little,
Still bitty,
I wanted to be your friend,
But all toi did was hit me,
Now I’m not here,
Now I’m gone,
Do toi now feel my pain,
That I felt for so long,
I just wanted love,
I just wanted a friend,
But because of you,
It is my end.

This poem is about animal abuse, and how people hurt their animals, who just want love. If toi care about animaux who are abused.
A gorilla family is trying to hide from poachers in this animated video. Gorillas are mistreated animaux because man threatens their habitat in a number of ways--poaching, deforestation, pollution, etc.
mistreated animaux
threats to habitat
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The orca, a mistreated sea animal, is the focus of this animated video. Marine zoological parks use orcas as performers for the entertainment of their customers.
mistreated animal
marine animal exploitation
killer whales
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animal cruelty
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animal cruelty
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droits des animaux
animal cruelty
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Animal Rights and Libertarianism: My Reasoning

“Animals are mans instruments”
                 -- Kant

    Nothing is plus disheartening to the animal lover than that of private property, the corner stone of libertarian ideology. To view life through the eyes of property can be depressing when that property feels pain. Is there a common ground? Is there a way to blend liberty with animal life? It is this particular vegetarians argument that libertarianism is the only route to that harmony, yet...
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