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I didn't put the real video cause like he a dit in the video. If toi have [b]any[/b] respect for animaux toi shouldn't watch it.
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chiot mills are cruel places for female chiens and their pups to be at. Female chiens are breed OVER AND OVER again just for money. They are not fed as much nourriture as toi usually give your dog. The pups are sold to unknown owners for the money. Who knows what the owners will do to the pups? The female chiens grow weak and forced to have plus pups until their death. The pups déplacer on to a different home. This is how Animal Abuse may start at:
Unknown people come in, buy pups and the people who breed them put the pups for a price. Then, the unknown owners make a price to agree on and the pup goes to the...
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A lot of people want to stop chiot mills, but they don't know how. But if toi follow these 8 steps correctly, toi and everybody else who did this will be one step closer to ending chiot mills, for good.

Do Not Buy Your chiot From a Pet Store

That chiot who Charmed toi through the pet boutique window has most likely come from a large-scale, substandard commercial breeding facility, commonly known as a chiot mill. In these facilities, parent chiens are caged and bred as often as possible, and give birth to chiots who could have costly medical problems toi might not become aware of until after toi bring...
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Many chronically lame, poorly trained, unsuccessful ou simply unwanted horses, among them ex-racehorses, adopted wild horses, and chevaux from riding schools, camps, dude ranches and backyards, do not live out their final days in peace and comfort. When they become a financial burden ou an inconvenience, they are sold at auction ou directly to a “killer buyer” and end up at the slaughterhouse, destined for foreign meat markets.

Some buyers for the slaughter market do not tell the owner where the horse is actually going, and some chevaux are stolen and sold to slaughter. After horse slaughter...
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This is not a wide known problem, which makes it so much plus of a problem. The Japanese claim its 'research'. But they are actually making protucts from the blubber of the whales, and somehow disposing of the rest of the whale. They catch and kill the baleine par going in huge tarpoon boats. When they see a large whale, they send a huge spear into the side of the whale, and drag it up a huge ramp, into the boat. Watching this is a horrible sight. Please, to find out plus information, watch 'Whale Wars' on animal planet, ou go to AnimalPlanet.com and type in baleine Wars.