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Patrick-Star54 posted on Sep 23, 2012 at 02:04PM
Red (Also called The Red Bird) - Does nothing but does make various battle cries when tapped and does great at popping pigs.
The Blues: Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim (Also called the Blue Bird(s)) - Splits into three smaller birds. Works best against glass.
Chuck (Also called the Yellow Bird) - Picks up speed and distance when tapped. Best against wood.
Bomb (Also called the Black Bird) - Explodes when tapped or shortly upon inpact. Best against stone.
Matilda (Also called the White Bird) - Drops an egg bomb that explodes on impact when tapped and does great on wood.
Al (Also called the Boomerang Bird or Green Bird) - Comes back like a boomerang when tapped and does great on wood and glass.
Terence (Also called the Big Brother Bird) - No special abilities when tapped, but destroys materials with ease.
Bubbles (Also called the Orange Bird) - Inflates to huge size like a balloon when tapped or upon impact, then deflates a little later. Best against wood.
Stella (Also called the Pink Bird) - When tapped makes a bubble around her, and lifts up objects like blocks and pigs. The bubbles last for about 3 seconds.
Mighty Eagle (Also known as Mighty) - You first launch sardines and when it hits the ground, the Mighty Eagle will come down, destroy everything in his path hit the ground and cause an earthquake, popping all pigs he missed, then come back up, while also destroying everything in his path; kind of like a V but wider. He must be purchased in-game for 99 cents to use him. He has unlimited use, except for Angry Birds Friends.
 Red (Also called The Red Bird) - Does nothing but does make various battle cries when tapped and does

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il y a plus d’un an redplanet said…
Missing the pink bird, which basically creates bubbles around itself to later rise along with them and finally burst, letting the bubbled objects plummet.