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 jake and rose
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This American Dragon: Jake Long photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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The citations that the characters will nver say.

Jake: Ugh! Hip-hop sucks! Rose sucks too!
Rose; I am the hottest chick on Earth. Danika's hideous!
Trixie: LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!
Spud: I'm horrible at hacking into computers!
Lao Shi: Dragon Training is cancelled forever.
Fu: I hate being an animal guardian.
Huntsman: I am like, in l’amour with magical creatures.
#88: What the hell are we waiting for? Die stupid dragons!
#89: Let's go kill every magical creature we see.
Rotwood: salut Jake, wanna' make out?
Haley: I wanna' get in trouble, I wanna' start a fight!
Jonathan: What?! I'm gonna' hit toi so hard, it will make your ancestors dizzy.
Susan: Jake, I hate you! I wish Brad was my son instead of you!
Sun: War, guns, adrenaline, violence, oh yeah!
Brad: Damn it, Rose! Get away from me toi bitch!
Stacey: Oh Spud, I l’amour you!
Nigel: Jake, let's be BFFs!
Danika: Jake is an ugly piece of crap!
Chang: I want toi Lao Shi.
Dark Dragon: Humans rock my socks!
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jake long
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