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These are all just guesses and aren’t actually confirmed, let me know what toi think.
Humphrey - 22
it’s obvious that he is young
Kate - 20
it think she is younger than Humphrey because when they are kids she sounds less mature
Lilly - 18
Lilly is defiantly a few years younger than Kate
Garth - 20
due to an arranged marriage I would guess Garth is the same age as Kate.
Marcel - 47
I would assume Marcel is middle aged
Paddy - 40
Paddy is also probably middle aged
Winston - 54
Winston is Kate and Lilly’s father so he would have to be at least 40.
Tony - 64
Tony is Garth father so would also have to be at least 40, however he seems to have back problems something that old people get a lot
Eve - 47
Yet again Eve would have to be at least 40, but I think she’s probably slightly younger than Winston.
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There are a ton of references in the timeline mainly because with the inclusion of dates, I could slip a lot of fun stuff in there. Right off the bat, any time September 17th is mentioned, that’s a reference to the first movie because that’s the rendez-vous amoureux, date it came out.

First off, we have two fictional character birthdays, August 1st, and December 9th, which are the birthdays of The Joker and Oliver Queen (a.k.a The Green Arrow) respectively. suivant is March 15th, 1975 which is the jour that Terror of Mechagodzilla came out in Japan.

The suivant rendez-vous amoureux, date is another movie release date. Arnold’s birthday,...
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posted by PurpleDragon02
This was something that I did for my écriture class last an and it ended up being a bit different from the original Missing Parents so I decided to share it.

It was a calm jour at Jasper Park in the Western Pack. The pack of loups were going about their day, but in the tanière, den of the leader, there was much excitement. It was Father’s jour and Kate and her husband, Humphrey, were busy getting ready for her parents to arrive. Kate’s sister, Lilly, and her husband, Garth, had come to help as well. Humphrey was busy keeping their three pups, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt out of trouble.

It wasn’t...
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I’m putting chapter seven into its own section here just because of how incredibly long it is, considering this is when Humphrey tells his story of what happened to him during the seventeen years he was gone.

My original plan was to have Steven find a naturally occurring lean-to when the group settles down with Gerald, but then I realized how incredibly unlikely that would be, so I went back to A Hero’s Past and had Viggo’s tent break in the storm, so then he would be forced to make a lean-to and that could be the one they use in The Final War.

I spent a lot of time dreading this chapter...
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Having Viggo’s redemption take place on Kate and Humphrey’s twenty-fifth anniversary was completely intentional, which consequently gave me the time needed for Lydia to have her pup, which I named Josh, after myself. Why? I just thought it would be kinda cool. And it also helped the story because when Humphrey tries to kill Viggo upon seeing him, that means that for the past half year, he’s still held onto this hate for what Viggo did.

I kinda had to have Kate and Humphrey leave at night, ou else it never would’ve been just them that went after Viggo since everyone else would’ve tagged...
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The very first thing that I knew would happen when I first started thinking up ideas for The Final War was that I was going to bring as many characters back as I could and get everyone together to fight Viggo. This was the grand finale and although cliché, I knew it was going to be awesome. So, I made a liste of all the packs and individual allies from both the films and my stories, so I made sure that I got them all. And there was one character in particular I was excited to bring back, plus on that later.

The Lone Survivors are not my creation. For the last six months ou so of écriture The...
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Explaining how Viggo can understand the loups is something I felt I had to do since it was something that we’d never seen before. If toi think about it, the explanation I give makes sense. All animaux communicate in some way be it through sound, body language, ou a combination of the two and the bee thing is totally true. And it’s completely plausible that if toi studied and watched closely enough, toi might get a very basic understanding of what an animal may be trying to “say”. Dolphins use clicks and whistles, all are slightly different from each other.

The fantaisie aspect of the...
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(Quick note: Today marks three years since I first got the idea to write Missing Parents)

Not long after finishing The Legend of the Peaceful Warrior, I got a ton of ideas for details about what happened to Humphrey in the woods after he was taken from his parents. I had told myself that Legend was the last sequel, so it would be okay to do one prequel that went into plus detail about Humphrey’s puphood, but I told myself that this was the last one. No exceptions. Guess we all know how that worked out.

Thinking of a story for this new prequel was actually quite easy because I already knew what...
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When I decided to do Newest Additions, I told myself that I wouldn’t worry about making sure there were a certain number of words in each “chapter”, because that was part of the reason why I scrapped it at first. I had a decent number of ideas, but there was no way I would’ve been able to make the chapters long enough. But now, I dropped that way of thinking and told myself that I would make it as long as it needed to be, whether that was short ou long, it didn’t matter. I would put in what ideas I had and connect it with all the necessary things and nothing more.

I started par looking...
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This is something I made for myself at first, to help make sure I didn't create any plot holes while écriture my stories, but now I've decided to share it.

BM=Before Marriage

AM=After Marriage

Note: loups and humans age the same in this universe, which is why the dates of birth make no logical sense. The truth is, it was much easier to figure out the chronology and age of characters this way. However, some minor inconsistencies were unavoidable. I also hid the release rendez-vous amoureux, date of the original movie in here a couple times, mainly for important events. Watch for September 17th.

Pre-A Hero’s Past (84...
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