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 Taylor played par Beth Ehlers
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Monday January 24:

Annie demands that JR set a divorce date.

Damon decides to officially leave Pine Valley.

Opal talks to Tad about Colby and Damon.

[Tuesday January 25:

Cara’s hidden past finally comes to light.

Scott works hard to transform himself into a better person.

Colby tries to patch things up with Damon.

Wednesday January 26:

Annie spins a story for JR.

Asher discovers that Liza and Damon slept together.

Cara admits to Tad and Jake that she had leukemia as a child.

Thursday January 27:

JR realizes he must take action regarding Annie’s downward spiral.

Ryan and Greenlee inform Madison of...
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Monday January 17:

Colby and Damon face their future as a couple.

Greenlee encourages Ryan to forgive himself for Zach’s death.

David could wake from his coma.

Liza drops the charges.

Bianca and Kendall question Erica's wedding guest list.

Griffin offers Kendall some advice.

Tuesday January 18:

Natalia and Brot’s relationship continues to flourish and they decide to go public.

Amanda admits to Griffin that she pretended to be Cara.

Erica tries to cover for Kendall.

David remembers that Kendall shot him.

Griffin warns Cara about objectivity.

Jack is unhappy with Erica's reliance on Caleb.

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Monday January 10:

Greenlee visits Scott in prison and says she can help him.

Kendall offers Madison a job at Fusion.

Damon and Liza get closer than they ever could imagine.

Damon confides in Tad.

Ryan becomes suspicious.

Scott reaches out to Madison.

Tuesday January 11:

Madison overhears Ryan’s suspicion that Zach was murdered.

Greenlee tries to use Scott to keep Madison away from Ryan.

Griffin tries to separate Cara and Jake.

Ryan gets a mysterious call.

Greenlee offers Scott a job.

Colby wants Tad to figure out who Damon slept with.

Wednesday January 12:

Annie knocks Marissa out cold when she...
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Monday December 27:

Kendall opens a gift from Zack.

Annie’s insecurity over JR’s relationship with Marissa continues to escalate.

Madison slips and hits her head.

Tuesday December 28:

Kendall forgives Greenlee.

Madison needs Greenlee's help.

Kendall feels Zack’s spirit guiding her.

Greenlee gets Madison to the hospital.

Father Clarence counsels Erica and Kendall.

Caleb apologizes to Asher.

Wednesday December 29:

JR gets upset when Marissa expresses her concern for Scott.

Annie confides in Amanda that she doesn’t trust Marissa’s intentions.

Natalia and Brot’s relationship continues to...
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Monday November 22:

The verdict is read.

Angie finds out the sex of her baby.

Word about a plane crash spreads through Pine Valley.

Tuesday November 23:

The courtroom is shocked.

Marissa gets some news.

Kendall lashes out.

Wednesday November 24:

Griffin shows up looking for Zach.

Liza says she will continue to do her job.

Marissa leans on Krystal for support.

Thursday November 25:

An encore of the September 3, 2010 episode will air.

Friday November 26:

Full Network pre-emption
Monday November 15:

Colby tells JR to stop using Asher to get back at Caleb.

Caleb holds important information back from Asher.

Zach helps Greenlee and Ryan get to the island where Nick Pearson is staying.

Annie and JR kiss.

Caleb tries to reconcile with Asher.

Kendall and Bianca enjoy a girls night.

Asher agrees to déplacer into the mansion.

Tuesday November 16:

Tad takes Opal to the hospital when she experiences chest pains.

Amanda gets to know Griffin, the new doctor at the hospital.

The jury has reached a verdict in David’s murder case.

Jake tells Angie about the Doctors Without Borders offer....
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Monday November 8:

JR taunts Caleb about his relationship with Asher.

Colby finds Asher conscious.

Ryan concludes that David tried to set him up for murder and must chercher for evidence.

Asher learns Caleb knows the truth.

Tuesday November 9:

Asher tells Caleb he wants to make his life hell.

Ryan agrees to let Greenlee come with him to find Pearson.

Liza gives Jackson a warning.

Wednesday November 10:

Erica tells Caleb not to give up hope on Asher.

Asher accuses JR of using him.

Erica makes an offer to Ryan and Greenlee.

Thursday November 11:

Passion builds between Ryan and Greenlee.

Madison accepts a...
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Monday November 1:

Caleb and Krystal realize AJ is missing.

Erica discovers an important file.

Jackson tells Erica he fears calling Greenlee to the stand.

Madison confronts Greenlee.

JR is blamed.

Colby realizes Caleb is Asher's father.

Tuesday November 2:

JR claims he’s been awarded temporary custody of AJ.

Erica tells Caleb life changing news.

Asher is taken to the hospital.

Wednesday November 3:

Greenlee has Jackson promise he has no plus tricks up his sleeve.

JR and Caleb continue to butt heads.

Colby sits par Asher’s bedside.

Thursday November 4:

Jesse and Angie get good news about their...
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