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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
July 26, 2531 on the military calendar.

On HQ of Jasper park Canada.

Project Sly dog is another genic engineered loup was created par ONI and has made him as super wolf. In seven hours the facility finally succeeded put the special powers as Alisha but plus power versions this time. as minuets pass the loup is ready to go outside and face the real world and facility has released him and they named the loup sly. Sly was slowly walking into the forest and quickly runs off then out of sight. (doors closes shut and locks down)

As hours pass sly made to the pond and took a drink from it and went exploring...
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October 29th 2018
On the military calendar of HQ.

The first few hours of work of generally engineered loup the silver mountain pack. She was born with natural powers of any kind of loup that the world never had seen it. We have not yet named the loup but we have stabilized her to stay in normal state. She quickly gained strength and durability and she started to walk on her own without any problems with her legs.

As we discussed in the room and we observe her behavior of this time. I have been watching her to understand that shows that she is ready to take her first walk outside of our facility....
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