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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally saw Justin and Hannah. She cried and ran back to her dorm.

Justin: Hannah, what the heck?
Hannah: Oh nothing.
Justin: Did toi hear that?
Hannah: Hear what?
Justin: Like crying, wait was it Ally?
Hannah: Um no!

Justin ran out

Ally: KIM!
Kim: Ally? Whats wrong? It looks like you've been crying.
Ally: I saw Hannah and Justin, kissing.
Kim:He is a jerk
Ally:I hate him for doing that!
Then Hannah walked Near them
Ally:How r toi And Justin Doing
Hannah:Good It was like a WaterFall landing on Betty White
Kim:Well tell Justin We hate him...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally: OH MY GOSH!!! KIM!!!!
Kim: ALLY!!!!!! I saw toi on tv! It's so cool to know someone from tv.
Ally: Yeah i know. And your NEVER gonna guess who I met yesterday!
Kim: WHO????!!!!
Ally: Selena Gomez! She was on the show.
Kim: OH MY GOSH!!!!! I l’amour HER!!!!! IS SHE STILL HERE????
Ally: Yep!
Kim: Can i go see her, PLEASE???!!!
Ally: Fine!
Kim: I'll go in like 5 min.
Ally: K. So are toi sure Molly doesn't know a thing?
Kim: Positive! Molly doesn't even know toi are on this show. It's so funny!
Ally: Haha that is funny!

Ally and Kim hugged then Kim went to look for Selena. Then, Macy, came in.

Macy: salut Ally....
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally was lire her journal. She wondered why did Britnay take it? It didn't seem like her. Oh well. She took her journal to Justin. As Ally went out into the hall, she saw...

Selena: Hi?
Ally: I'm a HUGE fan!
Selena: Can toi keep it down? I just came here because I'm chant at suivant chant étoile, star tomorrow.
Ally: NO WAY! Im in suivant Sing Star!
Selena: Cool, and toi are...
Ally: Ally!
Selena: Well, dont tell anyone im here, ok?
Ally: Ok!

Jenna: Yeah, can we give it a rest?
Hannah: Give what a rest?
Jenna: Ally, maybe if we do nothing, she'll get out...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Hannah: Ok, what's the big new toi had to bother me for?
Melissa: I was gonna say hi to Ally. I peeked in Allys doors peep hole and i saw her and justin.
Hannah: NO WAY!
Melissa: Way! and Ally was chant a song she wrote. And she had a journal full of them!
Hannah: Hmmmmm....

Hannah:(slams door on melissa)

Hannah:Jenna did u hear that!
Hannah:you know what we have to do right.
Jenna:yah, steal Allys song journal!
Hannah:JENNA! quiet someone might hear you

Meanwhile Britney went to the elevater and went down to floor 3 to hang out with Macy. Then she heard Jenna scream. She quickly ran over...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally was happy she made it. Hopefully she wins. But she doubts it. I mean, come on, she thought. Who would vote for a 12 an old? Britney is amazing! She desevers it! But I need it! I dont want to deal with Molly again. What should I do?

Ally and Britney went up to their dorm. Ally flopped onto her bed. She layed down for a good five minutes.

Britney: So, we are still in.
Ally: Yeah.
Britney: toi are good.
Ally: Yeah, but your better. Im gonna lose.
Britney: Dont think that! toi are great!
Ally: Okayyy
Britney: Im gonna go to Macy's. Wanna come?
Ally: Nah, im good.
Britney: Okay. Have fun!
Ally: You...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules

Molly: Where's Ally?
Courtney: I dont know.
Lindsey: I dont care.

Molly went outside to look for her and checked her mailboz while she was there and found a letter.

Dear Molly,
Your foster daughter, Alyssa Jones, is no longer in your foster care. If toi have any questions
dial 813-243-0055.

Molly didnt have questions, she just had one. WHERE'S ALLY!!!!!???????????????

***- back at hannah's and jenna's dorm

Jenna: what do toi mean?
Hannah: I cant believe im saying this but toi were right, She is a good singer!
Jenna: So what do we do?
Hannah: Wait, what songs does she sing?
Jenna: She likes to sing...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally was really sad that she left Kim. She Was Hoping Kim would visite sometime soon. Until then she had to make the best of it.

Sudenlly, a girl came up to her and sat down suivant to her on the plane.

Jenna: Hello
Ally: Hi?
Jenna: I'm Jenna and toi are...
Ally: Ally
Jenna: That's an awesome name!
Ally: Thanks?
Jenna: How bout toi sing for me?
Ally: Here? on the plane?
Jenna: Yeah!

Ally starts to sing A moment like this. Jenna thought she was great, too great. She tried not to montrer her reaction.

Jenna: How old are you?
Ally: 12

Jenna was blown away.

Jenna: Do toi take choiur?
Ally: No
Jenna: chant lessons?
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Oh No, thought Ally. What am I gonna do? I should go to Kim and see what she thinks. So Ally gets back in the tronc and gets home. As Molly, Courtney, and Lindsey get out, she waits till they are completely gone before she sneaks up front. She quickly sneaked to the back so Ally could make it before they did. Right when she slams the door of the house her mom sees her.

Molly: What are toi doing?
Ally: I was playing outside.
Molly: Well stop, toi have to babysit the kids.
Ally: fine!

Ally was SO relieved she didnt notice a thing.

Ally: Mom can i go to Kims. Ill walk
Molly: Fine

Ally Walked to Kim's...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
So Molly drove Courtney and Lindsey to the audition, Ally jumped to the tronc and made sure not to make a peep. It was hard, but she did it.

Ally thought: ok im not gonna audition. Im just gonna watch my sisters make a fool of themselfs.

of course Ally was right. They were so terrible, the judges had to put on headphones.

Ally couldnt here anything. She thought the audition was over. So she walked back. But she tripped over the curtans and fell on to the stage where the judges were

Judge: Name?
Ally: Ally
Judge: Ok Ally sing a song any song.
Ally: Ok

She gulpped. Shes NEVER preformed in front of people....
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally walks into school. Everyone is picking at her. She doesnt care though. Shes used to it. As time goes by, she finally gets to go home!

As she walks by, her best friend Kim, shows up.
Kim: ALLY!!!
Ally: what?
Ally: WHAT!!!!
Kim: The suivant chant Star, the show, is back on!
Ally: And ur tell me because...
Kim: Because toi have a great voice.
Ally: No i dont
Kim: yes u do
Ally: Well i got to go my moms waiting for me.
Kim: K bye!

Ally arrives at accueil with her 13 foster siblings. Makes dinner. Wonders why can't Courtney ou Lindsey do it. She Finishes dinner.

Ally: dinners ready
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