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salut guys its AlexSelenaRules. My computer broke sooo i am using my WII. i cannot chat on the IM till my computer is fixed, ou if i use MileySelena12`s computer. i am at her house on wednesdays. if toi have a wii, give me your wii number please. That way we can message that way. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR WII NUMBER!!!! cuz im soooooooooooooooooooooooo boredddddddddddddddddd! sorry that i wont be chatting for a while. I will miss talking to everyone. :(

Thanks for the support

posted by AlexSelenaRules
i am now leaving fanpop. Why toi may ask, well here are my reasons...

1. I spend too much time on here
2. People pick fights on fanpop alot.
3. The mail when someone adds me is annoying me
4. Everybody wants to talk to me. I like to talk to people, but it gets over welming. And sometimes annoying.
5. Its boring.
6. The people i want on are never on.
7. This site is kinda ticking me off.

Dont take anything personally! I just want some space. And this site doesnt have it. Well this is my FINAL goodbye.


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Today Me and MileySelena12 are going to have a montrer called The Brianna Show!!!!! Please watch and subscribe. We are making the video today so if toi have any ideas let me know!!!!! We want to hear ways to make the montrer a success!!!!! Thank toi for all the support. I am asking one plus thing.

Any ideas????????

Please we need ideas. We are stuck. We would be very thankful for ideas!!!!!

BTW MileySelena12- good luck on your tourament!!!! I know random. I dont care though. LOL


-AlexSelenaRules & MileySelena12
posted by AlexSelenaRules
Armer: WHAT!!!!!!!
Queen Bri: I caught a girl!
Armer: REALLY?!?!?!?!?!
Queen Bri: Yeah! She's standing right here!
Armer: REALLY?!?!?!?!?!
Queen Bri: Oh toi shut up!
Armer: Yes mam!
Queen Bri: Armer toi are dumb!
Armer: I know I am but what are you?
Queen Bri: Huh?
Armer: Wait that's not right.

Nicole was under Bri's spell. She had to do everything Queen Bri said.

Queen Bri: Slave!!!
Nicole: Yes master.
Queen Bri: Pick a bunch a fleurs and bring them here!
Nicole: I will do that master.
Queen Bri: Good!

Nicole went down the foins, hay stack. She went over to the fleur garden and picked flowers. fleurs that said...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
The wind blew harder and harder. Nicole went running out of the barn. She ran screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Queen Bri laughed. She knew what to do. Armer grabbed a wand and fixed her hair. Uhhh, she thought. I have casque hair!, she though.

Armer: Can I take off the hat?
Queen Bri: NO!!!!! The children are almost here!!!!
Armer: Gosh, your bossy.
Queen Bri: Shut up!!!
Armer: toi see!
Queen Bri: toi do realize i have a magic wand on me.
Armer: Yeah. SO??!!
Queen Bri: Gosh your dumb!!!!!
Armer: That's not nice!
Armer: I don't follow.
Queen Bri: UHHHH!!!!!!
Armer: I will...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
It all began when Ashley and Nicole Richard visted their Uncle Jim's house. Ashley and Nicole are identical twins.

Mary: Are toi ready girls?
Ashley: I am Mom! Of course Nicole isnt.

Nicole always took forever. Always trying to be better than their cousin, Jasmine, Ashley thought. Sometimes, Nicole is kinda competitive.

Nicole: Ready mom!
Mary: Ok, lets go.

They drove to Uncle Jim's house.

Nicole: A citrouille PATCH!!!!
Ashley: Awesome!!!
Jim: salut kids! Like the citrouille patch? It looks great, don't it?

Jim's citrouille patch was a famous patch. Everybody around the rue went there everyday. Of couse, Ashley...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules
I wanna give a thanks to all the supporters and all my friends! God bless you. toi guys are amazing!


toi are such a sweetheart. I wanna thank toi for helping out with my stories. toi have such good ideas!


I l’amour toi girl! toi are soo nice. toi are an AMAZING friend and toi are a great supporter!! <3

BTW im sorry toi were suspended! Its ok!


Gosh, what to say. Well, toi are my BFF in REAl life... so yeah. Thanks for helping out with my stories!

-MileySelen12, DixieChicksfan, and SoccerChick12

My cousins... I l’amour toi guys soo much! :)

and a big special thanks to...

All of my Friends and all of toi that rejoindre this club. If i thanked everyone on here, it would take me ALL week. l’amour toi guys!

the biggest thanks of all


Thank toi SO much for the club. We've gone through a lot! We have been mixed up a lot, but it doesnt matter

Thanks to all
posted by AlexSelenaRules
Ally was soooo happy! I cant believe im in the finals, she thought. She jumped up and down and all around. But then she saw... Gracie

Gracie: Wow, toi came this far?
Ally: Yep.
Gracie: We all know whos gonna win though.
Ally: I have a pretty Good idea.

Suddenly, Brandy, the judge, came to the lobby.

Brandy: Girls?
Ally & Gracie: Yeah?
Brandy: Since there is only toi two, toi girls are gonna share a manision to live in this week.
Ally & Gracie: WHAT!!!!!!!!
Brandy: Deal with it ok?
Ally: Ok.
Brandy: Too bad.

Ally and...
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Ok, Ally thought. How come i never noticed Gracie before. Well, now, im gonna hope Jenna backs off.

Ally walked to Jenna's room.

Ally: JENNA!!!
Jenna: What?
Ally: Please, and i mean PLEASE!!! Stay out of the fight between me and Gracie.
Jenna: Why, im trying to help you?!
Ally: Yeah, but Gracie, is, Gracie.
Jenna: Fine, ill try to stay out of it.

Umm, how rude, thought Jenna. After all shes been through she would be greatful someone was sticking up for her.

Ally and Jenna walked down too the lobby for dinner. They ate lobster. It tasted great! Then came along Gracie.

Gracie: Oh look, its Ally and her...
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Ally hugged Jenna. Three weeks till the finale. I hope we both are in, thought Ally. Jenna is great, but to be honest, I can beat her. Hopefully I make it that far. I hope... I hope...

Ally started to practicing her new song

even though
its just the beginning
i feel like
i havent even started yet
people judge me
and mistreat me
because im different
from everybody else

but i dont care
what they say
im gonna go
all the way
even if
it takes all year
i will not stop
till i reach
the top

till then...

every déplacer that i make
every step that i take
i know ill go far
every déplacer that i make
every step that i take
i know...
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posted by AlexSelenaRules

Ally hit the door. Macy Came to get her out.

Ally: Thanks Macy!
Macy: Look, we need to talk

Macy took Ally to Allys dorm.

Ally: So toi are leaving?
Macy: Yep!
Ally: WHY??!!!???!!!???!!!
Macy: Because I atacked Hannah to stand up for you.
Ally: Thanks for doing that, sorry your out!
Macy: It was worth it!

Then one of the judges came in.

Brandy: Im looking for a Alyssa Jones!
Ally: Right here!
Brandy: Someones downstairs to see you.
Ally: Okk....

Oh no, thought Ally. What if it's Molly! Then again, it could be Justin. I'll have to find out.

Ally: Hello...?
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Ally cried and ran up to her room. She cried, and cried, and cried, and cried. Melissa walked in her room.

Ally: GET OUT!!!!
Melissa: ok ok!

Melissa ran down to Hannah and Jenna's room.

Melissa: Shes crying!
Hannah: YEAH! I got her right where I want her.
Melissa: Yep...
Hannah: Thanks again for the journal!
Melissa: Any time, anytime!
Jenna: Hannah, your taking this WAY to far!
Hannah: Shut up!

Jenna rolled her eyes. Then Macy went up to Ally's room.

Macy: Knock Knock!
Ally: Come in!
Macy: toi ok?
Ally: NO!
Macy: toi know what.
Ally: What?
Macy: I bet Hannah did this!
Ally: That may explan why Justin a dit "I...
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Ally : Courtney ?!? Lindsey ?!? Mom (molly) ?!?
Molly : Your game is over Ally . Pack your bags right now !!
Ally : But but please i have worked really hard and .......
Courtney : No buts !!! We have to go accueil SOON !!
Ally : Leave me alone and i will ask selena gomez to....
Lindsey : OMG !! Did u just say selena gomez ?!??
Ally : (calmly) Well yes i did .
Courtney : I will do all of your chores if u make her to meet me !!
Lindsey : No way !!! Selena is so meeting me !!!
(catfight between Courtney and Lindsey)

Molly : Shut up girls !!! Your not getting any pocket money if toi behave like this !!
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