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posted by NagisaNoCherry
As of today the investigation is officially over. They found that no members were involved in the whole Maho case. So they're basically calling a victim a lair. Thank goodness MOST fans and the general public are not falling for this. How stupid do toi take us. Maho went online to vent after management FAILED to do their job and investigate for over a month. She cried after being neglected and showed that there is favoritism when it comes to girls who come from a wealthier standing and plus powerful company.
We all are expecting Maho to graduate in the suivant couple of weeks. They already tried to paint her as a mentally ill woman. So yeah FUCK THE MEN. FUCK NGT. FUCK ASK. FUCK NIIGATA POLICE DEPATEMENT. AND FUCK THE INVESTIGATORS.

toi all failed the person who was the victim in all this, Yamaguchi Maho. As of right now some fans might have forgiven toi but we won't and par looks of it neither is the Japanese general public.
 Don't forget her face. Don't forget her voice. Don't forget her story. Don't forget Yamaguchi Maho!
Don't forget her face. Don't forget her voice. Don't forget her story. Don't forget Yamaguchi Maho!
posted by usernameinvalid
0795. suivant Heaven (no3b)
0795. Sekai no Namida (French Kiss)
0795. Sukoshi nigai jinsei soudan (NMB48 Team N)
0795. Antenna (SKE48 Team S)
0795. Kayoubi no yoru, suiyoubi no asa (SKE48 Team S)
0795. Koi no keikou to taisaku (SKE48 Team S)
0795. Boku no uchiage hanabi (AKB48 Team K)
0795. Ibitsu na shinju (AKB48 Team A)
0795. Ano koro no Sneaker (AKB48 Team A)
0795. JK Nemurihime (AKB48 Team A)
0795. Koko ni ita koto (AKB48)
0795. Boku ni dekiru koto (AKB48)
0795. Kiss made 100 Mile (AKB48)
0795. l’amour Jump (AKB48)
0777. Black Boy (SDN48)
0777. Makeoshimi Congratulation (SDN48)
0777. Ai yo ugokanaide...
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Mae e susume! (Got it!)
Tachidomaru na! (Got it!)
Mezasu wa hi ga noboru basho
Kibou no michi wo aruke!
Yukute habamu river! River! River!
Yokotawaru river!
Unmei no river! River! River!
Tamesareru river!
Mayoi wa suterun da!
Konjou wo misero yo!
Tamerau na!
Ima sugu
Ippo fumidase yo! Believe yourself!
Mae e mae e!
Massugu susume!
Kawa wo watare!! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Itsu datte yume wa
Tooku ni mieru
Todokanai kurai kyori kanjiru
Ashimoto no ishi wo
Hitotsu hirotte
Gamushara ni natte
Nagete miro!
Kimi no me no mae ni
Kawa ga nagareru
Hiroku ookina kawa da
Kuraku fukakute mo
Nagare hayakute mo
Obienakute ii
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posted by KawaeiRicchan
'And Cut!' the staff applaud to the young actress standing on stage. She bowed to the director and crew and thanked them for their hard work. In return she was donné a bouquet of flowers. She smiled and thanked them once again as she slowly walked off the stage and out of the building.
She walked towards the van her manager was in, 'You did a grate job today' he a dit as she slowly made her way inside. The driver looked back at her as she shut the door and sat suivant to her joyful manager and then looks vers l'avant, vers l’avant to start the vehicle. 'They will no doubt l’amour the commercials once they are edited...
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posted by usernameinvalid
 Translation par new-ship.tumblr.com
Translation by new-ship.tumblr.com
It’s me. Akb48 Team B’s Watanabe Mayu.

This year, regarding my speech on senbatsu sousenkyo two year’s il y a that I told that I want to be the first, I’ve made a bet.

However, This an that dream come true.

That time to become the first, was a an full of hard work. Earnestly I were really serious to work hard, put all my effort, I were thinking that no other thing over it.

At once, to think of giving up my dream, such thing was ever been in my mind. However, that time, toi are all the fans encouraged me up.

"The suivant time, definitely, toi will dance on the first position"

hearing those...
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The sky changes its
Over the spring-coloured
street corner
But I’m still oblivious
To the scents of fleurs and love
A part of my cœur, coeur is missing
And I have no confidence
So when I’m blown in the wind
I get anxious
In the gaps between the trees of
Creates a shadow
Please choose my love
Just one
Of your classmates
Yeah, will be your girlfriend
Please choose my love
All the girls are cute
And all the girls have great
I’m probably outside your range
The one area
Where I can win
Is that I l’amour you
More than anyone else does
A douche starts
Without an umbrella
Kept looking
For a...
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 Takamina: Sweet leader ou Dark Lord
Takamina: Sweet leader or Dark Lord
Yes the titre seem crazy but please here me out on this. So if toi ever watched any of the Harry Potter films toi know that students get placed into separate houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Voldemort was in Slytherin and so would Takamina.
I know what toi may be asking, how could Takamina be in Slytherin when she's obviously a Gryffindor? Well here are some of the characteristics of a Slytherin; values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.
Values ambition, Takamina was one of the most ambitious Akb48 member to date. Her dream was to perform in Tokyo Dome...
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 Translation par theloneliestavocado
Translation by theloneliestavocado
Surpassing our 1st-3rd gen senpai is difficult. But, I feel like I was able to tear down some “walls” this year.

It’s your first time in the “Kami 7”, congratulations.

Thank toi very much! I ranked even higher than I imagined so I was shocked.

How were toi feeling in the days leading up to the general election?
Last year, I was worried if I’d be able to make it into senbatsu, but this year, I didn’t care about my ranking as much and was feeling plus comfortable. Although I was thinking “I hope I can rank higher than last year”, I didn’t feel too pressured and I was able to stay...
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HKT48 Theater manager, first post on G+ about what happened at the handshake event.

What happened it’s a very sad thing.

This act of terror can’t be allowed at all.

We’ll face it without shrinking.

We pray with our hears in order to make Iriyama’s, Kawaei’s and the staff member’s wounds heal even just one jour earlier.
posted by Sasshi
✩;Group Member
✮;Graduated Member
✖;Sister Group/Rival Group





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posted by usernameinvalid
10. Sakura no hanabiratachi

Center: Takahashi Minami
Release Date: 2006.02.01

AKB48 first released this indie single back in 2006 with the original Team A as Senbatsu. With Takahashi Minami as center the song begins with the Japanese school cloche, bell ringing. The song then begins to describe the last days of the spring calendar,which in Japon is when students graduate from school, and the blossoming of cerise blossoms. They also describe their classmates as looking like adults in their school uniform. Remembering both amer and fun times they recall these days as feeling nostalgic. The song ends...
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 Watanabe Mayu comes out Victorious at this years sousenkyo
Watanabe Mayu comes out victorious at this years sousenkyo
Congratulations to everyone who managed to rank. Also to the girls who worked hard this an but did not manage to rank.


01    Watanabe Mayu    159,854    AKB48
02    Sashihara Rino    141,954    HKT48
03    Kashiwagi Yuki    104,364    AKB48
04    Matsui Jurina    90,910    SKE48
05    Matsui Rena    69,790    SKE48...
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I want you!
I need you!
I l’amour you!
The blaring music
Playing in my head
Is on heavy rotation
The words “I l’amour you” dance
Like popcorn
Just thinking
Of your face and voice
Makes me go crazy
I’m so lucky
To get to feel like this
I want you!
I need you!
I l’amour you!
I got to meet you
As the distance between us shrinks
I’m in high spirits to the max
I want you!
I need you!
I l’amour you!
The l’amour that’s constantly
In my heart
Is on heavy rotation
How many times
Does each person fall in love
In their life?
If I can have
Just one unforgettable love
I’ll be satisfied
Does everyone burst into bloom...
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posted by usernameinvalid
#80: ambulance (AKB48 38th Single Coupling Song) (Yuri-Gumi)
#79: Bara No Kajitsu (AKB48 31st Single Cloupling Song)
#78: First Rabbit (AKB48 4th Album Song)
#77: Ima, Happy (AKB48 38th Single Coupling Song) (Bara-Gumi)
#76: Matsumurabu (Kaori Matsumura 1st Single)
#75: ONEW no Uwbaki (NMB48 Team N 3rd Stage) (Miru Shiroma, Miori Ichikawa, Rina Kondo)
#74: Team KIV Oshi (HKT48 Team KIV 1st Stage) (Ota Team KIV)
#73: Me ga Itai Kurai Hareta Sora (SKE48 9th Single Coupling Song) (SKE48 5th Generation)
#72: Arashi no Yoru ni wa (AKB48 Team B 5th Stage) (Miho Miyazaki, Mariya Suzuki, Yuiri Murayama, Tsuchiyasu...
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posted by usernameinvalid
CENTER Matsui Jurina (SKE48 Team S / Akb48 Team K)
Uno Mizuki (NMB48 Kenkyuusei)
Tano Yuka (AKB48 Team A)
Furuhata Nao (SKE48 Team E / Akb48 Team K)
Abe Maria (AKB48 Team K)
Kitahara Rie (AKB48 Team K)
Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (AKB48 Kenkyuusei)
Hirata Rina (AKB48 Team K)
Kamieda Emika (NMB48 Team BII)
Fujie Reina (AKB48 Team B)
Kikuchi Ayaka (AKB48 Team A)
Sasaki Yukari (AKB48 Team A)
Natori Wakana (AKB48 Team B)
Yumoto Ami (AKB48 Kenkyuusei)
Oba Mina (AKB48 Team B / SKE48 Team KII)
Oya Shizuka (AKB48 Team B)
AKB48's 5th Album [Tsugi no Ashiato] will be released on the 22nd January 2014. There will be 4 types of this album, a Type A Limited Edition 2CD+DVD, Type A and B Regular Edition 2CD and a Theatre Edition 1CD. The first CD is identical on all types but the Theatre Edition has an exclusive track. The Theatre Edition sales are now over but included 2-shot photo tickets with a member of your choice, so was very popular.

Type A Limited Edition

01. Koisuru Fortune Cookie
02. l’amour Shugyou - (Sayonara Crawl)
03. Sayonara Crawl
04. Tsuyoi Hana - (So long !)
05. Ano Hi no Fuurin - (Gingham Check)
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Title: Unknown

Release date: 21/5/2014



Team A: Iriyama Anna, Kawaei Rina, Takahashi Juri, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui, Watanabe Mayu,
Team K: Kitahara Rie
Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Rena, Shimazaki Haruka, Kojima Haruna, Oba Mina (SKE48 Team KII kennin), Ichikawa Miori (NMB48 Team N kennin)
Team 4: Minegishi Minami, Okada Nana, Kojima Mako, Nishino Miki,
Kenkyuusei: Owada Nana

Team S: Kizaki Yuria, Matsui Jurina,
Team KII: Suda Akari
Team E: Matsui Rena, Kimoto Kanon, Furuhata Nao
Kenkyuusei: Kitagawa Ryoha

Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki
Team M: Yagura Fuuko,
Team BII: Yabushita Shu
Kenkyuusei: Shibuya Nagisa

Sashihara Rino, Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio, Miyawaki Sakura, Kodama Haruka, Ota Aika
Kojima Haruna and Kashiwagi Yuki are centers for the 39th single of AKB48.

Senbatsu Members:


Team A: Shimazaki Haruka, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna

Team K: Yokoyama Yui, Kojima Mako

Team B: Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki

Team 4: Kizaki Yuria


Team S: Matsui Jurina

Team E: Matsui Rena


Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka


Team H: Sashihara Rino

Team KIV: Miyawaki Sakura


Nogizaka46: Ikoma Rina
posted by usernameinvalid
200: Yume No Kawa (Acchan's Graduation Song)
199: Omoidasenai Hana (French Kiss 6th Single)
198: Pinocchio Gun (SKE48) (Gomen ne, SUMMER' Coupling Song)
197: Minasan mo go issho ni (AKB48 Team B 4th Stage)
196: Finland Miracle (SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage) (Yakata Miki (C), Yamada Mizuho, Furukawa Airi)
195: Hozhinora no Caravan (NMB48 Kenji Kitagawa Coupling)
195: RIVER (AKB48 14th Single)
193: Nando mo nerae! (Team N 3rd stage)
192: RESET (AKB48 Team K 6th Stage)
191: Sunahama de Pistol (NMB48 Single 'Virginity' Coupling)
189: Pioneer (AKB48 Team A 6th Stage) (Takahashi Team A)
189: Oshiete Mommy (AKB48...
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Team NII Chen Jiaying:

Team NII Xu Yanyu:
*reblogged Jiaying* “please…”

Team NII He Xiaoyu:
“Although we don’t know why that person behaved this way, they did something despicable par seriously harming people. I pray the members and the staff member don’t have serious injuries.”

Team NII Lin Siyi:
“I hope our seniors are okay. If toi really l’amour 48…please don’t harm people…”

Team NII Huang TingTing:
“How can this be?? [shocked] I hope our seniors are okay.”

Team NII Yi Jiaai:
“*reblogged Jiaying* T_T T_T”

Former 1st Generation Wang Feisi:
“When I saw the news, I was immediately speechless… Not to mention the problem isn’t that a man did it, but if toi l’amour and support idols, what kind of person are toi to injure these girls!! I hope everybody is okay.”

Former 1st Generation Zhang Xinfang:
*reblogged Feisi* “I’m very disgusted par the actions of that person. The girls are innocent.”