conseil I met an aggressive and unpredictable Colombian woman

roland07 posted on Oct 03, 2018 at 08:41AM
So I got to this pub while I was in Colombia for a week-long vacation. While I was there, there was this group of Colombian women who were also in the same pub as I was. Then an unexpected scene happened. I somehow won a date with one of those Colombianas there. I mean not to brag but it was quite easy to win a date with her. We met up at this restaurant she liked and we ate dinner and talked. Apparently, it ended up unexpectedly. She was all okay for the first hours but then went all agressive on me for not giving her my coat. Okay, this sounds crazy that I was even shocked myself but yes, she got all mad and aggressive with her words just because of that little incident that I did not offered her my coat. I mean, how could I know she was cold? She dared to wear backless so I thought she’d be okay. Do you think I did it wrong?

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