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Chapter 3: Meeting Wilson

It was one cold afternoon Randy and Jamie were looking for an apartment with Tim.

"Come on guys this place doesn't look that bad"

"Dad water is coming out of the walls and you're telling me this isn't bad"

"I never knew toi need a plumber for the walls, maybe a little accueil improvement par me"

"Please Mr. Taylor I think we should leave."

"Jamie I'm not living here" a dit Randy

"We don't have enough money"

"I'll rebuilt it," a dit Tim

After all hours for looking for an apartment Randy and Jamie decide to live in the one that Tim a dit we would repair for them. Tim went upstairs and...
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This story is NOT mine! Credit goes to it's rightful owner!

Chapter 1: the visit

Tim was watching football in the house. Mark was walking round listening to Good Charlotte. Jill was looking at paper from her clients. Brad went to
college to become a football player. Randy was still in Costa Rica. In Detroit's airport Randy was there with his girlfriend Jamie

"I'm very scared about this," a dit Jamie

"Don't worry I hope my parent takes this well" a dit Randy

"I hope so, can we see my dad and my stepmom"

"Do they like jokes?"

"Not really"

"Well this will be great"

At accueil Jill came in the living looking at...
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Chapter 13: Talk About Our Love

Five years later, Jamie and Landon have been married for six years and Britney is now five. Jamie and Landon are having marriage problem but they
don't act like that around Britney.

One jour Jamie gets ready Britney for her first jour of school.

Britney has short brown hair and still has hazel eyes.

"Brit are toi ready for the first jour of school?" asked Jamie

"Yeah I'm excited," a dit Britney

"Do toi want to wear this fleur dress?" asked Jamie

"Yeah" a dit Britney

"Guess who coming to wish toi good luck," a dit Jamie

"Who?" asked Britney

"Grandpa" a dit Jamie

"And Grandma...
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Chapter 8: This I Swear

After arguing with his father Landon wanted to walk around. He felt bad after doing that do Jamie.

But Landon looked angry and then he saw Eric walking down the street. Eric still looked the same.

Eric walked up to him and Landon walked up to him too.

They high five each other.

They talked for a while.

"Landon Carter, toi look great," a dit Eric

"Eric Hunter...Never changed," a dit Landon

"How's Jamie?" asked Eric

"Well she 4 months pregnant" a dit Landon

"You're gonna be a dad...Congratulations" a dit Eric

"Thanks what's new with you?" asked Landon

"I'm going to college" a dit Eric...
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Le Temps d’un automne
Mandy Moore
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Randy: Y-yah sure. Come in.

Randy lets Shawn in the house and Brad sees him. Brad's face turns to >:0 and he says:

Brad: I'm glad your here Shawn cuz now I need to give toi what toi deserve.

Brad is about to coup de poing Shawn but his dad sees this and shouts:

Tim: salut salut hey!! What the hell is wrong with toi Brad?
Brad: Dad...you don't even know what he did to Jamie.
Tim: What did he do huh?
Shawn: I tried to rape her sir.
Tim: I'm sorry I didn't catch that.
Shawn: I tried to rape her...sir.
Tim: ...you know what how DARE toi try to pull something like that to a poor, sick girl and-

While saying that, the...
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**next day: 6pm**

You go to church with your grandma and she forces toi to be in the choir. toi practice for tomorrow's praise and after practicing for a few hours, toi see Randy come in to see you. He smiles and after your practice is over, toi and Randy hang out together while your grandma takes Angie back home.

Jamie: Grandma this is Randy Taylor.
Grandma: Ah so you're Randy. My granddaughters talk about toi a lot. Mostly the little one here.
Randy: *laughs* Angie?
Grandma: I think she likes ya. *laughs* Well take care of Jamie for me.
Randy: Goodbye Mrs.Sullivan.

Randy sees your grandma take Angie...
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toi walk into your new high school in Detroit, Michigan. toi take a deep breathe and toi walk in to see everyone just minding their own business. Some people look at toi cuz they never saw toi in school before. toi manage to find the main office and toi walk in to see a bunch of kids there, shoving each other to get their schedules. Finally when it's your turn, toi go and get your schedule. toi hear someone call your name, Jamie, and toi turn around to see your boyfriend, Shawn. toi run to your boyfriend and toi give him a huge hug with a big kiss.

Shawn: toi finally came here, huh?
Jamie: *smile*...
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