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aholic posted on Mar 31, 2013 at 03:24PM
Have you ever wondered how A Song of Ice and Fire will end? Where are all the point of view characters' story lines heading? How will The Seven Kingdoms defend themselves against the white walkers?

I read the 4 seasons interview with Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner, and Natalie Dormer said something that made me think about this. She said season 1 to season 3 of Game of Thrones is sort of the first act (and normally there are 3 acts). The Red Wedding is the end of first act. This made me wonder - are we only just in the middle of the second act? Or was the Red Wedding the end of the second act? I like the idea of 3 acts...and here's my idea of a composition and what will happen. I will very much like to hear some of your ideas on the ending :)

1. act: the realm is thrown into chaos while the dragons return

- the king's death
- the return of dragons
- war in Westeros = what is even holding The Seven Kingdoms together when
there are no Targaryens?

2. act: the game of thrones

- the lion defeats the direwolf and weds the rose
- Jon Cunnington and Aemon Targaryen land in Westeros
- Daenerys goes west and frees Volantis
- Daenerys realizes she can't hold Volantis and the other free cities together after having discussed with Tyrion, Varys and Illyrio (The Slaver's Bay Syndrome)
- Daenerys decides to accept a marriage proposal by one of the Greyjoys and goes to Westeros
- the Targaryens and Greyjoys form an alliance with Dorne and defeat the lion and the rose (Jon Cunnington and Aemon Targaryen helps)

3. act: ice vs. fire

- the white walkers cross the wall and defeats the Night's Watch
- Jon Snow is killed by a white walker and becomes a white walker himself, just like Benjen whom he meets in the white walker army
- Benjen tells Jon Snow the truth about his mother
- Stannis and Melisandre need help in the north when the wall falls, and the Targaryen-Greyjoy house helps defeating the white walkers (the battle of ice and fire)... perhaps Bran or Arya also help in some sort of strange way?
- The drowned god, R'hllor, the dragons and the Iron Fleet defeats the white walker army
- Aemon Targaryen dies in the battle
- the throne is sit by Daenerys and the Greyjoy she married
- the Stormlands are held by Stannis who becomes Hand
- the North is given to the rightful heir (one of the Stark children, perhaps if Rickon who has lived amongst the common people with Osha reveals himself...)
- the Iron Islands have no reason to be independent when they joined their house with the Targaryens
- the Tyrells and the Lannisters are so weak they bend their knee to the rest of the kingdoms, and even the Arryns have to bend their knees too


That's how I can imagine things will happen... BUT!!!! I'm not sure at all. I can see it go in so many directions, and I think Varys and Illyrio have other intentions than just restore the Iron Throne to the Targaryens. Perhaps Tyrion will learn this truth and kill them?

How do YOU think the story will go? Will there be an epic battle of ice and fire in the end or am I totally wrong here? I would love to see a battle of ice and fire! Just how it would happen and who would be on helping is very difficult, and Stannis, Melisandre and R'hllor is a big rock in my shoe. I don't quite see how their storyline will develop, and The Faith of The Seven definitely also has a lot of power (due to Cersei), and they will probably play a major role in this... it's all very confusing, and truth be told I have no idea how things happen. But I kinda hope it will be as I've written. :)

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il y a plus d’un an aholic said…
and another flaw in this is that I've not even mentioned Beric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart who I think will play a big role too. And I actually doubt GRR Martin will kill most of the Tyrells and Lannisters like I've said.
il y a plus d’un an bunners said…
I doubt Benjen and Jon will be doing much talking if they are both in the white walker army. I have to hope for something better for him then to be killed off at the wall.
il y a plus d’un an Popcornfan said…
all main characters seem to have up-moments (all the power) and then low-moments (power taken from them): Tyrion was hand od the king, then he fell progressively into being condemned to death and later a slave. Cercei "ruled" after Joffrey died, and then she's imprisioned and forced to walk covered in shame. Daenerys raised to a ful kahleesi, but later drogo died and she was left with a weak khalasar. She rose again, but the last we see of her, she meets khal Jaquo (or whatever) BASED ON THIS i think Danny will fall, probably to rise again later on. She will be captured by that other Khal and selmy will die trying to save her (an honourable death for him).
Popcornfan commented…
Also, Brienne may kill Jaime (and I'll cry forever). il y a plus d’un an