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Harry Potter

Did u guys like Half-Blood Prince?

17 answers | my answer: i really liked the movie, almost all of it
Harry Potter

What house are toi in?

71 answers | my answer: i got Slytherin: 82 (yay) Gryffindor: 61 (man)...
Les Simpsons

Who's your fave simpson character and why

52 answers | my answer: Bart bcuz he is super cool and funny

Can somebody tell me what "Masaka" means?

4 answers | my answer: unbelieveball

will toi please rejoindre demon city link

3 answers | my answer: of course i want to join, im just glad to make othe...

i need to find a red haired animé girl with blue eyes but i have no idea what animes have that oh and it has to be a girl please please please help me

7 answers | my answer: kallen standfield (code geass)


15 answers | my answer: Kallen standfield

Do toi have a favori animé opening?

35 answers | my answer: one of them is: neon genesis evangelion

artists block! need pics for ideas!

5 answers | my answer: i think this is cute

club for the vocaloid gakupo

2 answers | my answer: i will rejoindre 2